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Black Berets
Black Beret Group Logo
Abbreviation: BB
Group Numbers: 15+
Leadership: Strike Team Leaders
Goals: Have fun. Fight zombies wherever they appear and help fellow survivors to survive. Have fun.
Recruitment Policy: Open to all non-PKer survivors
Contact: Contact The Black Berets on their forums

Who are the Black Berets?

Who are the Black Berets? The Black Berets are a pro-survivor group, formed in January of 2006, dedicated to helping all survivors. We support the Uniform Barricading Policy, River Tactics, No Random Revivification, Sacred Ground Policy, and maintain revive points in our areas of operation, both for the public and for our own members. Our core goals are achieving survivor ascendancy and having fun; as such, we are open to working and coordinating with other survivor groups so long as they do not seek to engage in hostile actions against other survivors. The Cyrillic word on our insignia is "Spetsnaz", the title given to Russian special-forces units.

Our core group operates mainly in Houldenbank; as Team GHDU (formerly known as Galbraith Hills Defence Union) and Team HB (still commonly referred to as Groovy Campers).

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.27 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Undisclosed Locations

Berets Forum

Black Berets forum is is located here! For those who do not particularly enjoy memorising those randomly assigned addresses, we have a domain redirect :

The domain redirect seems to be working now, but just in case - the forum address is (Black Berets forums closed due to real life). Current Black Berets still active in game so your messages may not be answered right away on the forums but maybe answered in game. (To be updated later).

How do I join The Black Berets?

We want to hear from you !!!

Contact us on the Black Berets recruitment forum if you:

A. are a survivor with primarily survivor skills (unless high enough level that you spent some time as a zombie),
B. are not a PKer, and
C. want to be active in a rapidly growing, well organized survivor group.

What we offer:

  • Our own secure forum,
  • A proactive, well organized group with a choice of regularly scheduled missions
  • Team of your choice - from teams focusing on long-term defense of a suburb, to mobile teams moving from suburb to suburb.
  • A quick revive or heal - we have a lot of members with revival skills and usually revive or heal our members within a few hours of their requests on The Black Berets forums
  • All members have a voice and will be heard. While the leaders help coordinate and direct our efforts, all members are encouraged to actively participate in discussions affecting the group.

Come over and be a part of the Black Berets team. You're one step away from making a difference !

Also, if you have a user profile on this wiki post the Black Beret Template in it.

Insignia bb2.jpg Black Beret wearer
Black Berets into the mist

Goals and Guidelines

(Borrowed from the Malton Fire Department with permission from and thanks to Gilant. Adapted for the Black Berets)

As a member of the Black Berets, knocking down random zeds is not your primary mission (even though it can be a lot of fun). Saving and restoring lives, securing property and sweeping our areas of operations is. While frequently this is most expeditiously rendered by shooting big holes in the walking dead with a polished shotgun (as evidenced by our regular sweep missions), it is just as often handled by providing advice or first aid to a wounded survivor, adjusting barricade strengths in key locations as needed, making revivification runs, etc.

  • Have fun - this is very important: We are all here to have fun. We're all here on our spare time and use UrbanDead to unwind. If you're getting frustrated or feeling pissed off at something related to the game, then take a step back and remember why you first came here - because it's a nice, free, zombie game accessible via browser where you can't ever permanently die. If we make our own fun, then remember that taking part in the fun making is the first step to helping everyone enjoy the game!
  • Support each other: Render whatever assistance or support you can to other Black Berets personnel in your area.
  • Handling PKers: The Black Berets are not PKers - this includes no PKing in retaliation. If you are PKed, be sure to take a screen shot and get the link to their profile. We will add their names to the PKers list on various UD-related forums and let our bounty hunting compatriots take care of them. If push comes to shove, we'll handle anyone that messes with us through the proper channels.
  • Providing First Aid: Although you should keep one FAK for your own emergency use, you should try to keep a few kits on hand to aid survivors. This doesn't necessarily mean keeping everyone at full health, but rather curing infections, stabilizing survivors who are critically wounded (<25HP), and aiding unfortunate souls who got trapped outside to survive until they get enough AP to find shelter.
  • Providing Revivification services: Although you should keep one syringe for emergency use on fellow Black Berets, you should also try to keep a few extra syringes on hand to aid other survivors. This doesn't necessarily mean reviving every shuffling corpse you see, but rather making regular sweeps of our Public revive spots and the Public Revivification Request lists on our forums. Every revive of a survivor is one more brick in the wall against the zombie masses.
  • Checking for breaches: Check safehouses in your area to see if they have been breached. This can be a key support function! Barricade at least to Lightly and do what you can to drop the zombies. Always finish by tossing out the bodies before seeking more secure shelter.
  • Avoid staying overnight in resource buildings: If you have Free Running, do not stay overnight in a resource building unless it is absolutely unavoidable. Every extra survivor in a resource building makes it an even greater target for zed hordes, not to mention increasing the likelihood that Black Beret members will be chewed to pieces. Resource buildings include hospitals, police departments, fire departments and NecroTech buildings. To a lesser extent, they also include schools and autorepair shops.
  • Adjusting barricades: Lower barricades on buildings designated VSB safehouses that became overbarricaded, and instruct tenants why they should not overbarricade. Raise barricades on buildings where they have been dropped, with VSB safehouses getting priority.
  • Scouting: Keep an eye on the general zombie population in your area. Report sightings in the appropriate places (forums and barricade map).
  • Community service announcements: When visiting highly populated safe houses (containing survivors), let them know about our forums or wiki page, report any unusual zombie activity or numbers in the immediate area, remind them of the appropriate barricade level for that building, etc. Make sure to let them know the Black Berets are providing the helpful information.
  • Tag buildings: All empty blocks (streets, avenues etc) and non-resource buildings should have some version of our standard recruitment phrase, such as "Protected by the Black Berets (tinyurl link to our wiki)" - tinyurl is Other buildings can be tagged with useful information (barricade level, location of closest revive point, etc) and just sign the tag 'Protected by Black Berets' or something more creative as long as it is not offensive in any way.
  • Recruit: Don't be shy. Let people know you are with the Black Berets and provide the wiki url. If you aren't the talkative type, just provide the URL for the wiki and let them know people here will be happy to answer questions. The more personnel the group has at it's disposal, the more good we can do in the community!
  • Barricade plans: Barricade plans have been drawn up in general support of the Uniform Barricading Policy as well as our own Operation BranchOut for suburbs where we are present. We adapt our barricading policies to the areas we operate in, so be sure to keep an eye on the Barricade Map if you are unsure how to proceed.
  • Do not combat revive: The Black Berets are against combat reviving. If you want to quickly deal with a zombie, shoot it in the head and dump it. Just because something can be done doesn't mean that it should be done. Leave the zombies as zombies - without them, UrbanDead would become very dull, very quickly.
  • Work with our community: Black Berets personnel are encouraged to communicate with and assist any local groups whose goals are congruent with these Black Berets Goals and Guidelines. As the largest organized group of survivors in Houldenbank and one of the most active in SE Malton, we can provide the leadership to lone survivors and smaller groups by working with our communities and be far more successful in meeting our objectives than by trying to work solo. To this end, encourage potential allies and individuals to visit our wiki and forums.
  • Have fun - this is very important: Yes, I mentioned this twice. The beginning and end of everything we do on UrbanDead is for fun. Also keep in mind that others are here for the same reason, so griefing them isn't contributing something positive to the UrbanDead community. Remember that you and everyone else is here for fun, let it guide your actions, and you'll always come out smiling!


Interested in building an alliance with the Black Berets to help make a brighter future for all survivors ?

Contact us at the Black Berets alliance request section of our forums and a Black Beret diplomat will be in contact with you soon.

Current Confirmed Alliances


The Berets operate on small, tactical team-level, and thus, are led by individual team leaders, with the position of Lieutenant. These positions are earned on merit and by group vote. Lieutenants coordinate team activities, including sweep missions, member revivications, and keeping the team motivated. In turn, there are two Sergeants, that are nominated by the team Lieutenant. They help coordinate and oversee the team operations; this sometimes involves leading a small cell within their team. Apart from team leaders we have a Lieutenant in charge of diplomacy and personnel. He is mainly responsible for more administrative and advisory tasks, both public and private, such as maintaining alliances, and keeping the Berets personnel sorted out.

Past Operations and History

July 2008

The Lepers of Malton establishes an alliance with the Berets.

February 2008

The Blackhawk Nation, based in Vinetown, enters into an alliance with the Berets .

August 2007

After a spendiing two months cleaning out hordes of zombies, Houldenbank is once again in the green.

June 14 2006

Team Awesome has moved from Shackleville, after cleaning up the general area, to an undisclosed location where we feel we are more needed.

June 3 2006

Team BST has moved from the Roftwood/Tollyton areas to a new location, supporting the other teams.

May 30 2006

After being forced to leave in late april, Team GHDU returns to Galbraith Hills to retake the suburb. Resistence is light, but we dig in and prepare for the zombies that soon come.

May 10 2006

The team in Roftwood starts to slowly move into Shackleville to help our allies, still keeping a watch in and Stanbury Village, and letting team BST take over the guard in Roftwood.

May 5 2006

Newly formed Team BST struts its stuff in Roftwood, and soon takes over the guard.

April 27 2006

Facing large amounts of zombie activity, and unable to even support Galbraith Hills from other suburbs, team GHDU has been forced to retreat, and moves to Crowbank to help the area, and plan to retake GH from zombie hands.

April 25 2006

Black Berets moved a team from Tollyton to Roftwood, to help the sieged area and keep a close eye on Stanbury Village, well known for its high danger for survivors.

March 2006

Over the past month, the Black Berets have been conducting a slow expansion into Gulsonside to aid the besieged survivors in the region, fighting zombies and maintaining safehouses for the area's residents. However, several Black Berets members continue to remain in Houldenbank to maintain the safety established there by earlier Black Berets operations.

Jan 24 2006 - Operation HomeSweetHome

The Black Berets are making themselves a home in Houldenbank. 9+ members of the group joined forces in the evening hours of the 24th of January, 2006 to clear an area of operations in Houldenbank and to establish it as a well-barricaded group of safehouses for all the neighborhood's living citizens. No injuries were sustained during this operation, and the Black Berets generally consider it an overwhelming success.

News Updates

9 November 2006 - Black Berets move to a new forum

The Black Berets have a shiny new forum! If you were a member of the original forums, please re-register for the new forum as soon as possible.

22 Feb 2006 - Black Berets - Galbraith Hills Defence Union Merger

Following a period of intensive negotiations, the Black Berets merged with the Galbraith Hills Defence Union. The former Galbraith Hills Defence Union, now known simply as GHDU, operates as a Black Berets strike team within the central Malton neighborhoods. The GHDU are also proud sponsors of the Pub of Last Resort, an after-hours hangout for Malton residents.

Supported Policies

The Black Berets support the following policies, which they encourage for general adoption:

Uniform Barricading Policy

The Uniform Barricade Policy (UBP) is designed to provide as secure a barricade plan as possible that still leaves resource buildings and sufficient safe shelters accessible for less experienced survivors. It is also designed to provide a wide range of entryways for those with Free Running, so the population can spread throughout the suburb, reducing tempting targets crowded with survivors if located by zombie spies. The Free Running skill is strongly recommended as a very early skill choice for survivors.

Ubpicon1.gif Uniform Barricading Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Uniform Barricading Policy by actively maintaining barricades according to local plan or UBP standard.

River Tactics

When large hordes strike, the best defense is to get out of harm's way (sing it with me people - "A bored horde leaves!"). Lives are more important than territory.

RiverlogoS.gif Supporter of River Tactics
I flow into the void.

No Random Revivification

Random revives are the best friend of Pkers and death cultists, and if you break a syringe on a rotter, he's likely to follow you home. Only revive with a profile on hand.

This organization supports the No Random Revive Policy.

Sacred Ground

We typically revive only at our listed RPs, but do not attack zombies in cemeteries.

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.