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Umbrella Civilian Center
"Our Business Is Life Itself"
Abbreviation: UCC
Group Numbers: None
Leadership: The UCC is being overseen by Thadeous Oakley
Goals: Helping and informing the Civilians of Malton
Recruitment Policy: The UCC does not recruit itself, however anyone can join the Umbrella Corporation at forums.
Contact: Right here on this page

Preserving the health of the people

"Welcome To The Umbrella Corporation. Our Business Is Life Itself."

Human and inhuman development, day by day

Currently Closed

The Civilian Center has been closed down until futher notice. Please contact us through forums in the future.

Hello and welcome to the Umbrella Civilian Center, or U.C.C for short. This "Center" has been created to strengthen the relations between the Umbrella Corporation and the Civilians of the City of Malton, so that we at Umbrella can show a more open, public face. The Umbrella Corp will give advice, statements and information about the current "situation". We also keep an up to date PK'er list for the suburb of Shearbank. On the other hand, Civilians can post questions, requests and even criticism ( Yes, we do allow that!) right here on this page.

The Umbrella Corporation considers every survivor who is not directly affiliated with the Umbrella Corp, its allies and its enemies as a Civilian

Umbrella's field of activity

Millen Hills
Raines Hills
Brooke Hills
Huntley Heights

The screen to the right shows where Umbrella concentrates its forces. We have been active in other suburbs outside this map as well, but our roots lie within Shearbank and its surrounding suburbs. Our center of operations is Shearbank, which is dark green. Important surrounding suburbs are colored green. The reason for these suburbs being important does vary; Roachtown for example, needs to be protected in order to keep the zombies from Ridleybank outside Shearbank. Less important suburbs are colored yellow. In either case, we do our best to keep those suburbs safe, usually with great success.

External Activities

Umbrella activities outside the above map are external, and will be noted here:

We are currently participating in the Northeastern Crusade and may enter Santlerville as a result of that.

The UCC Radio freq

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.29 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Undisclosed Locations

The official radio frequency for the UCC, as seen to the right, is 27.29. Broadcasts will include news and information about the suburbs and the Umbrella Corporation moves. Broadcasts of weighty importance (Such as the activity of a dangerous zombie horde) will also be heard on specific suburb/mall frequencies.

The choice for an own UCC freq was made to avoid the spam that is common on suburb/mall frequencies

Note that 27.31, the official Umbrella Corp frequency, is only for Umbrella employees (to receive and send specific orders) and for allies (that wish to contact the Umbrella Corp through a radio)

Umbrella Official Statements

Here, the Umbrella Corp will give statements about its activities, and advice to Civilians how to handle certain situations.


The Umbrella Biohazard Containment Service

The UBCS and the Umbrella Corp have this to say about the Containment Service: We consider the Containment Service as a hostile group. Its leader has shown severe mental disabilities and is an ex-member of Umbrella Corporation who was kicked out due being a traitor and a backstabber. The original and "true" Umbrella themed group in Malton remains the Umbrella Corporation and its two sub-groups (who are independent) the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service and the U.B.C.S._Merc-for-hire. If there are any questions about the Containment Service or its leader, please ask them here at the UCC


The Umbrella Corporation has released a promotional video on YouTube. Go watch it here


Rahanan Public Radio, a rogue group believed to have connections with the USIT have been spraying and broadcasting slanderous words about the Umbrella Corporation around Shearbank. Estimated numbers are between 2-5 members. Current whereabouts: Ranahan Library. Suspected of PK'ing. Low priority, yet they're being monitored.


A report on former member haliman111. Civilians are best off staying away from this individual. (this page was placed on the wiki at first but was removed due to violations. Instead a low profile link is placed here.)

Current Events


We are currently participating in the Northeastern Crusade


Stickling Mall has fallen, a lot of zombies are present. Civilians are advised to move to the east, where it is still relatively safe. Gabe and Plowright NT are still up so people looking for a revive should head there, Peppe street specifically. We will try to hold the zombies there and possibly try to retake some buildings. People who still have some ammo in their shotguns are asked to help. Though should the situation worsen, then people are best off moving further towards the safety of Huntley Heights and Santlerville.

Past Events

11-11-08 A PK'er list has been added to the UCC. Find people to put in your KOS list there.

29-08-08: The Omega platoon has returned from its mission at Fort Perryn. They did a damn fine job and we are happy to have them back at Rush. This was after recent increase in danger level around Shearbank.


The Umbrella Civilian Center is launched! Hooray!

Emergency Plan

JUST UPLOADED. Give me some time to add additional text.

Below is a visually explained emergency plan for Shearbank. Note that this is not a river tactic, we would have called it an evacuation plan if it were that. It should only be executed after massive human and building losses.

Nieuwe afbeelding (3).png

NecroTech Facility List:

NT-1: The Hawksley Building, (54,19), Millen Hills

NT-2: The Muller Building, (55,17), Millen Hills

NT-3: The Jeffrey Building, (56,15), Millen Hills

NT-4: The Saint Building, (55,13), Millen Hills

NT-5: The Gabe Building, (59,21), Shearbank

NT-6: The Plowright Building, (61,23), Huntley Heights

NT-7: The Littlehales Building, (63,30), Randallbank

NT-8: The Serrel Building, (49,18), Yagoton

List of Police Departments:

PD-1: Newbould Place PD, (49,16), Yagoton

PD-2: Retallick Walk PD, (54,15), Millen Hills

PD-3: Doe Avenue PD, (57,15), Millen Hills

PD-4: Solomon Lane PD, (61,22), Huntley Heights

PD-5: Kirby Boulevard PD, (62,29), Huntley Heights

PD-6: Matraves Crescent PD, (54,31), Roachtown

List of Hospitals:

H-1: Edmund General Hospital, (53,20), Shearbank

H-2: Josaphat General Hospital, (51,29), Shearbank

H-3: St.Helena's Hospital, (57,30), Roachtown

H-4: St.Columbanu's Hospital, (61,31), Randallbank

H-5: Simeon General Hospital, (62,31), Randallbank

H-6: Martin General Hospital, (61,33), Randallbank

In the situation that Shearbank falls due zombie invasions please follow the above plan.

PK'er List

This a new list, and therefore small. Expect constant updating

Listed below are dangerous individuals who have been found guilty of PK'ing the innocent for no reason other than their own amusement. These people should and deserve to be killed on sight (KOS). At the very least, their current positions should be made public by broadcasting in-game or by notifying us at civilian talk at the bottom of this page. Note that this list concerns PK'ers around Shearbank and its surroundings.

If you want to add some names, feel free to do so but please leave a message that you did so at civilian talk for verification. Screenshots are greatly appreciated.

While some are only temporarily placed, most people mentioned in this list can find themselves there permanently ;).

If your name does not belong in this list please contact us.

Some PK'ers are missing links to their in-game profile but their names do match.


Jack Terror-


Sister Ellisavet-

Sister Mary Elephant-

Rick Dulton-


Sage Carr-

Ezreal Desdinova-

Black Mask-


Gore Corper-

The D O C-

Pagram Librarian-

Warda Krieger-



Lord Moloch

Feminine Skin Suit-






Gert rude-



ShadowBee- (check civilian talk for confirmation)

Windows XD- (A ShadowBee Alt, check civilian talk for confirmation)


Umbrella Scout Reports

Rather then being dependent of suburb reports forwarded by outside sources, the Umbrella Corporation has it own system to stay updated of the situation on the ground. This system is the U.I.P, the Umbrella Intelligence Program. Below are updated reports that are open for public viewing. The reports concern Shearbank and its surrounding suburbs and are provided by the U.I.P.

Note that when a specific suburb report does not change in a considerble time, it does not mean the report is outdated. The suburbs are checked on a daily basis, but the reports will only change if there is significant change in suburb status

As there's a limit of ap per day, some suburbs won't have any change in an interval of 2-4 days, we will give preference to suburbs that haven't been updated. Filipe, UIP Director

For better understanding of the coordinates, I suggest you download the UD toolbar, which can be found at:


8/18/2008: Recent intel showed this: Wilmington cinema has 4 zeds outside, Childs park has 1 zed outisde, Pantling towers has 1 zed, but theres 1 survivor taking care of it, Newbould PD has 4 zeds outside, Hinks Crescent PD has 3 zeds outside, Garnsey Bdg has 1 zed outside, Whatmore building has a mob of 18 zombies

Usefull info:

PDs: Hinks Crescent Police Dept 44, 15

Moorhouse Place Police Dept 48, 11

Holsgrove Row Police Dept 42, 17

Newbould Place Police Dept 49, 16

Hospital: Catherine General Hospital 41, 16

Malls: Bale Mall 43, 10 and Bale Mall 44, 10

Auto Repair (fuel cans): Ainslie Auto Repair 47, 10

Pippen Auto Repair 43, 16

Tyson Auto Repair 41, 19

Phone towers: Workman Towers 46, 13

Millen Hills

8/18/2008: Recent intel showed this: Lazenbury bdg has 1 zed outside, Cavendish and bide bank's need repair, Odingsells needs repair and has 1 zed outside, Powlett road PD has 3 zeds outside, Ridyard Plaza has 2 zeds outside, Club Spirod needs repair,

Usefull info:

PDs:Powlett Road PD 54, 11

Pinchen Road PD 59, 11

Retallick Walk PD 54, 15

Doe Avenue PD 57, 15

Hospital:St Dionysius's Hospital 54, 10

Auto Repair (fuel cans):Restrick Auto Repair 55, 14

Cell phone tower: Smith Towers 55, 16

Raines Hills

8/19/2008 Recent intel showed this: The Jack bdg has 8 zeds utside and it's a brain rott revive clini, but needs reapair. Wasteland 64,14 has 1 zed utside. Goldsworthy bdg has 4 zeds outside and need repair. Moncrieffe cinema need reapir. a cemetary 66,13 has 1 zed, probably waiting for revival. st paul church has 1 zed outside. south hall library has 1 zed outside, but one survivor is taking care of it. sawday arms has 2 zeds outside. morgane bdg has 1 zed outside. st henry's hospital has 2 zeds outside and lights inside. harnett bdg needs reapir. Mussabini sqr has 5 zeds that need revive. st juans church has 2 zeds outside. club markey has 1 zed outside.

Usefull info:

PDs: Orders Crescent PD 67, 10

Sheehan Lane PD 60, 17

Fire Stations: Barling Boulevard FS 65, 10

Skarin Way FS 63, 11

Birt Crescent FS 69, 12

Chibbett Lane FS 66, 18

Hospitals: Abraham General Hospital 69, 10

St Henry's Hospital 62, 11

Auto Repairs (fuel cans): Brendon Auto Repair 67, 18

Ramsey Auto Repair 60, 19

Phone Tower: St Romuald's Church 65, 15

Brooke Hills

8/19/2008 Recent intel showed this: Hellyver bdg, Stodgell cinema, a warehouse [44-23] needs repair. wastelan [] has 3 zeds. Author av has 1 zed. Nicks Grove has 3 zeds. Jhonston Museum has 1 zed outside and need repair. Heathcote bdg, Dampier Museum, a factory [40,21] needs repair. Luellin Lane, Stoy bdg, Wormald bdg, Portass Museum and Parsley bdg needs reapir. Botting sqr has 3 zeds. Timewell drive PD, Twitt Row PD and Chap bdg needs reapir. Twitt row has 5 zeds outside. Griff Museum, Chafie Bank, Redpath Alley school and St Pius Church needs repair.

Usefull info:

PDs: Swallow Lane PD 40, 20

Spence Row PD 41, 20

Grandon Place PD 40, 22

Twitt Row PD 40, 26

Ryley Road PD 42, 26

Sheldon Lane PD 47, 27

Fire stations: Brent Place FS 48, 22

Cade Place FS 44, 27

Hospital: St Wulfstan's Hospital 43, 27

Phone Tower: the Norvell Building 45, 27


8/18/2008: Recent intel showed this: Many zeds scattered arround town, may need cleaning procedure on the east portion. 14 zeds scattered on the blocks surrounding the mall, up to 2 bloks of distance, have fun zombie hunters. 7 zeds arround St Luke's cathedral.

Usefull info: PDs: Farrant Crescent PD 55, 21

Lessey Lane PD 55, 23

Owsley Crescent PD 53, 25

Borrer Street PD 53, 27

Fire Stations: Nurton Walk FS 51, 20

Meaker Lane FS 52, 26

Hospitals: Edmund General Hospital 53, 20

Lazarus General Hospital 56, 25

Josaphat General Hospital 51, 29

Malls: Stickling Mall [52,23] [53,23] [52,24] [53,24]

Auto Repair (fuel cans): Abrahall Auto Repair 54, 27

Upham Auto Repair 50, 28

Phone Tower: Keedwell Plaza School 56, 24

Huntley Heights

8/18/2008: Recent intel showed this: Solomon lane PD has 1 zed outside. St Wolfeius's Church has 3 zeds outside. Roft park has 1 zed outside. a Junkyard[65,22] has 1 zed outside. Veryard Crescent has 6 zeds outside. Plowright Bdg has 2 zeds outside. Notley Walk FS and Club Aisthorpe need both repairs. Henry bdg and St Birinu's Church need's repair. Springfor av RS needs repair. Schandua Banl needs reapir.

Usefull info:

PDs: Solomon Lane PD 61, 22

Kirby Boulevard PD 62, 29

Fire Stations: Notley Walk FS 62, 22

Parry Drive FS 66, 26

Phone Tower: the Amos Building 65, 24


8/21/2008 Recent intel showed this: Edson Bank has 3 zeds outside. Getsom Drive FIre Station has 6 zeds outside. Heckworthy auto reapir has 2 zeds outside. City zoo has 14 zeds outisde. Ban burry square has 3 zeds outside. Telfer bdg has 1 zed outside. Russel bdg has 4 zeds outside. Trick museum has 3 zeds outside. Burlton Bank has 2 zeds outside. Catcott Auto Repair has 4 zeds outside. Club Mothersele has 4 zeds outside.

Usefull info:

Fire Stations: Getsom Drive Fire Station 41, 34

Riddell Way Fire Station 46, 35

Arscott Road Fire Station 49, 38

Hospital: St Eusebius's Hospital 47, 36

Auto Repair (fuel cans): Heckworthy Auto Repair 40, 35

Catcott Auto Repair 44, 37


Sorry, no intel gathered

Usefull info:

PDs: Matraves Crescent PD 54, 31

Traves Lane PD 50, 33

Sires Boulevard PD 51, 33

Veal Lane PD 59, 39

Fire Station: Pegrum Square FS 55, 37

Hospitals: St Helena's Hospital 57, 30

Cyril General Hospital 55, 34

Auto Repair (fuel cans): Furber Auto Repair 59, 35

Tar Auto Repair 53, 35

Phone Tower: Keedwell Plaza School 56, 24


Sorry, no intel gathered.

Usefull info:

PDs: Kelreher Walk PD 68, 30

Gillett Place PD 61, 34

Towner Lane PD 68, 36

Hospital: St Columbanus's Hospital 61, 31

Simeon General Hospital 62, 31

Auto Repair (fuel cans): Chiles Auto Repair 67, 30

Paterson Auto Repair 63, 34

Chaldecott Auto Repair 64, 34

Tufton Auto Repair 67, 39

Balkwill Auto Repair 68, 39

Phone Tower: Woolsett Way Railway Station 63, 36

Civilian Talk

Dont forget your signature!

Requests can only involve things in Umbrella territories!

Civilian Questions

Something not clear? Don't understand? Post any questions you have right here:

PKer list

I noticed that you have a PKer list for Shearbank area. Why don't you just report PKers to the Rogues Gallery? (and utilize the RG list?) I would think it would be more effective since PKers hardly ever hang out in only one suburb.-Lois Millard 15:38, 15 January 2009 (UTC)

Civilian Requests

Retards ShadowBee & Windows XD at Chenery Cinema, Shearbank=

3/21/09 - Greetings Umbrella, I've been hunting PK's for quite awhile now, I've toasted Waisugua (, Nonsensequiter (, and Firesparx ( on your list thus far.

I was hunting down Waisugua in Chenery Cinema when retards ShadowBee ( & Windows XD ( [likely the same person judging by their use of 'engrish'] decide to smash up the generator I installed there claiming some bogus excuse that they want to be 'safe' from PK'ers in a dark building. I explained to the idiot(s) that PK'ers use darkened buildings (esp near the mall) as staging grounds for attacks and that they were screwing EVERYONE else over by smashing generators. I also told them that if they wanted to hide in a darkened building there were plenty of darkened buildings away from Stickling Mall they could do it in. Of course ShadowBee didn't listen and smashed ANOTHER generator I installed in there even after I told him I killed a CONFIRMED PK'er, Waisuguya, in the same building a day ago.

Of course when I kill one of them to stop them from destroying yet ANOTHER generator, they put in a bogus claim that I'm a PK'er. ShadowBee's screenshot 'proving' I'm a PK'er even shows that I killed someone that destroyed a generator. (He's obviously not too bright either ><)

ShadowBee/Windows XD have smashed 4 generators within Chenery Cinema in the last 2 days wasting people's time, helping a confirmed PK'er, and endangering the residents of Shearbank. I humbly submit my request for their continued physical liquidation/DNR.

MysticPickle (


Hey guys! there's a team of PKers in the Parkinson Hotel in Shearbank. I kindly asked for a FAK, and 3 individuals had a hand in killing me. My screen name is DarkRunes. The individuals that killed me are Almighty Pickle, LOLosarus, and Lejes. I do not have a screen shot, but i did copy and paste their actions for all to see. Almighty Pickle said "Sure I'll heal you! Just let me get my first aid kits!" (14 minutes ago) LOLosaurus stabbed you with a knife for 2 damage. (11 minutes ago) Lejes stabbed you with a knife for 2 damage. (10 minutes ago) LOLosaurus stabbed you with a knife for 2 damage. (10 minutes ago) Lejes stabbed you with a knife for 2 damage. (10 minutes ago) ...and again. LOLosaurus stabbed you with a knife for 2 damage. (10 minutes ago) ...and again. Lejes stabbed you with a knife for 2 damage. (10 minutes ago) LOLosaurus stabbed you with a knife for 2 damage. (10 minutes ago) ...and again. ...and again. Lejes stabbed you with a knife for 2 damage. (10 minutes ago) LOLosaurus stabbed you with a knife for 2 damage. (10 minutes ago) You were killed by LOLosaurus. (10 minutes ago) Lejes dumped your body out onto the street. (10 minutes ago)

You are dead.

Please take care of this issue.

DarkRunes 9:46 PM Thursday, November 27

Thanks for the intel. We will add them to the list. (sorry for my late response).--Thadeous Oakley 16:18, 5 December 2008 (UTC)

Borrer Street PD=

Could you guys help me retake it? Thx--Nano312 00:06, 25 August 2008 (BST)

Sure, we here to help, thats why we got the UCC.--MisterGame 09:47, 25 August 2008 (BST)

Urgent Help in the South-West

Our safe zones in the South-West are being destroyed. Moderate zones like Mockridge, Brooksville and North Blythville have all fallen at the hands of the MOB. We need to stop them quickly before the South falls completely and a new version of the Northeastern Crusade is forced to be started. Currently the MOB are stationed at North Blythville and are likely to remain there for a few days, clearing up survivors before they storm the surrounding suburbs: South Blythville, Greentown, Tapton, Kempsterbank, Wray Heights and Tollyton. I know you guys are currently based in the North-East to help direct the crusade, but is it possible any of your allies could help us before most green zones are destroyed? Nemesis645 17:02, 30 December 2008 (UTC)

Update. In less than twelve hours, Tollyton has fallen. This is our SOS, but who is here to respond? Nemesis645 08:44, 31 December 2008 (UTC)
Sorry for the late response, but these kinds of things are better off at the forum. And we are really busy at the moment with some war. As for our allies, well most of them operate around the same space we do, so yeah, that would be the north. Sorry.--Thadeous Oakley 10:33, 2 January 2009 (UTC)

Civil(ian) talk and criticism

Got something to say to Umbrella? Whether it be thank you's or criticism, it can be put here:

Critism will only be accepted if placed in a constructive way. Umbrella holds the right to delete critism if necessary


Let me know if I can help.--Airborne88Zzz1.JPGT|Z.Quiz|PSS 22:45, 18 August 2008 (BST)

Thank you. For now, our biggest challenge is getting people around Shearbank and surroundings to actually ask for help and use this page.--MisterGame 23:31, 21 August 2008 (BST)

Civilian Talk Archives

Outdated Talk will be removed to the UCC discussion page.

Helping the Corporation

If you're interested in helping the Umbrella Corp, then here is the place.

People that frequently assisted the Umbrella Corp, will be put on a list. Being on that list means the next time I am (for example) healing/reviving random survivors and I see someone that is on the list, I will heal/revive him/her first. Yep, positive discrimination.

Things you can do:

These individuals are KOS:

Rated R Superstar

AIbert Wesker

A young black man

The Joker

More opportunities to help Umbrella follow soon.