Stickling Mall

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[52,23] – [53,24] (bic) (statuses) (update)
Stickling Mall
Totally abandoned. No people, no power.
--VVV RPMBG 20:05, 1 May 2024 (UTC)

Stickling Mall

Shearbank [52,23] – [53,24]

a junkyard a wasteland Whippey Building (NT) St. Christopher's Church
the Bridle Museum Stickling Mall Stickling Mall a wasteland
Slatter Crescent Stickling Mall Stickling Mall Hulme Park
Lord Road the Dundas Building Owsley Crescent Police Dept MacGilvray Alley

Basic Info:

  • Malls are an excellent place to find a wide range of items; the only major items that cannot be found here are revivification syringes and fuel cans. As such, Malls are frequently used as safehouses and fortresses by survivors. Zombies often check inside (when they can get in), and organized zombie groups sometimes lay siege to them. They are listed as a Tactical Resource Point.

Stickling Mall is a four-block shopping mall in the suburb of Shearbank.

External Description: "…a large white-stone building."

Coordinates: [52, 23], [52, 24], [53, 23], [53, 24]

Barricade Policy

All sectors are to be EHB. See the Shearbank Barricade Plan for more details.

Entry points are the Bridle Museum (51,23), Owsley Crescent Police Dept (53,25), Meaker Lane Fire Station (52,26) and St. Christopher's Church (54,22). These are to be maintained at VSB.

The Whippey Building (53,22), and the Dundas Building (52,25) should be EHB and used as bases to fall back to and raid from if the Mall itself is overrun. The Whippey Building should be particularly protected as it is the nearest Necrotech Building.

Revive point at Allder Row (53,21). This has been chosen as it is only 1 AP move from the Necrotech building and also only 1AP move from an entry point.

If you need info on Entry point barricades before you start your journey, check the below article, titled 'Entry Point Barricade Status'. It provides info on the status of barricades, seeing which ones you can enter. Refer to the Tags section in that article if you don't yet know what EHB and VSB mean. But why should you take a look at that article rather than just winging it and heading out? Because it is updated daily, and you save AP by checking out the ones you can enter and heading for them. And it removes the risk of running out of AP by looking for an entry point and dying at the hands of a zombie.

Entry Point Barricade Status

     VSB (Very Strongly Barricaded)
     LB  (Lightly Barricaded)
     EHB (Extremely Heavily Barricaded; Free Running skill needed)
     VHB (Very Heavily Barricaded; Free Running skill needed)      
     HB  (Heavily Barricaded; Free Running skill needed)

Owsley Crescent Police Department is safe.

--VVV RPMBG 20:05, 1 May 2024 (UTC)

The Bridle Museum is safe.

--VVV RPMBG 20:05, 1 May 2024 (UTC)

Meaker Lane Fire Station is safe.

--VVV RPMBG 20:05, 1 May 2024 (UTC)

St. Christopher's Church is safe.

--VVV RPMBG 19:06, 2 May 2024 (UTC)

Nearby NecroTech Buildings

The Stickling Mall is one of the few malls to have a NecroTech Building in an immediately adjacent block. Should this building fall, the use of others by mall-based survivors may become necessary. The NecroTech Buildings within ten blocks of the mall, listed from nearest to farthest, are:

  1. The Whippey Building in Shearbank (53, 22; distance 0-1 E, 1-2 N)
  2. The Hawksley Building in Millen Hills (54, 19; distance 1-2 E, 4-5 N)
  3. The Nisbet Building in Shearbank (55, 28; distance 2-3 E, 4-5 S)
  4. The Turner Building in Shearbank (52, 29; distance 0-1 W, 5-6 S)
  5. The Serrell Building in Yagoton (49, 18; distance 3-4 W, 5-6 N)
  6. The Gabe Building in Shearbank (59, 21; distance 6-7 E, 2-3 N)
  7. The Muller Building in Millen Hills (55, 17; distance 2-3 E, 6-7 N)
  8. The Hellyer Building in Brooke Hills (45, 22; distance 7-8 W, 1-2 N)
  9. The Whatmore Building in Yagoton (45, 16; distance 7-8 W, 7-8 N)
  10. The Jeffrey Building in Millen Hills (56, 15; distance 3-4 E, 8-9 N)
  11. The Plowright Building in Huntley Heights (61, 23; distance 8-9 E, 0-1 N)
  12. The Saint Building in Millen Hills (55, 13; distance 2-3 E, 10-11 N)
  13. The Chudley Building in Roachtown (57, 34; distance 4-5 E, 10-11 S)

Recent and Current Events

Please place most recent news at top. Older news can be found in the archive. Please sign your posts with ~~~~.

2021 November 17 - "... Stickling Mall is down ... 12 zeds inside."

25-30 January 2017 - NW portion falls to a Zed hoard, Survivors have retreated to Whippy Building. As of 30 January 2017 the siege has ended, all Zeds killed and mall rebarricaded.

9 April 2013 - Despite a prolonged, week long, struggle by the defenders the Mall finally fell to a combined force of People Before Pulses and ferals. - D M Penfold 10:47, 10 April 2013 (BST)

SE quadrant of Mall is at Heavily Barricaded. Beachrat 02:24, 5 February 2012 (UTC)