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D M Penfold - (Survivor (mostly))

Member of Tikhon Medical - sticking it to Zombies since 2006.

Motto : Si vis caseus para bellum

D M loves Cheesy Poofs

Spends most of his time nowadays at Tikhon West, after Tikhon East became boring. He does occasionally travel to Tikhon North, originally for the picnics, but these now seem increasingly few and far between.

Alt : Ed Drool - Professional Zombie

Ed's currently a member of The Rogues of The RRF after being a long-time feral and wandering aimlessly unattached to any groups.

He had previously spent a few years dormant but hunger pains have got the better of him.

They had previously hung out with People Before Pulses in New Arkham

A former member of the Malton City Circus strike squad, and then of Molly Co. Poofs and Burgers.

Alt : Silas Greenback

The youngest Alt. Originally a PBP member he hung around Grigg Heights and St Wolfgang's Hospital when Wolfgang Puck and RGang were in residence but then had a deep sleep before awakening to join The Scourge in it's slow-motion rampage across Malton.

Tikhon Medical

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Octopope-Coloured.jpg Friend of the Octopope
Worship the Octopope and his mighty tentacles will guard you from evil.

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I flow into the void.
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D M Penfold is an SWA operations veteran. It participated in 10,000 combined efforts.

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