Molly Co. Poofs and Burgers

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Molly Co. Poofs and Burgers
Abbreviation: Molly Co.
Group Numbers: 7
Leadership: Leaders? What leaders?
Goals: Eating brainz, having fun
Recruitment Policy: Shamble over to our forum!
Contact: Via our forum


Founded in late November 2007, Molly Co. Poofs and Burgers (Marrah Gambanah Brrrhz an Bargarz) was an upstart zombie horde. They were resident in the Osmondville area for almost a year before the remnants decamped across Malton to Grigg Heights, to reunite with Wolfgang Puck, and to join RGang.


These former employees of the Molly Corporation have had a reawakening as to their true purpose in death... The promotion around Malton of Poofs and Burgers (Brrrhz an Bargarz).

At a recent gathering in Club Single (Singles bars being a common haunt of many a Molly Co. employee) they came to the sudden realisation that Meat is Burger and meat is not that hard to find in Malton if you know where to look...

Current News

Feb. 21, 2013 - Ed Drool, the last of the members to retain the Molly Co. tag (and who held on to it despite the RGang merger) finally relinquishes it, renounces his feral ways, and joins People Before Pulses. All former Molly Co. members are now either inactive or elsewhere.

June 20, 2008 - Alas, there are impostors running around with Molly Co. tags in their profiles! Recently our group has noticed that a certain idiot has created at least three accounts (steelflesh1,steelflesh2, and steelflesh3) in an obvious attempt to frame one of our members (steelflesh) for cheating. Rest assured that none of us here at Molly Co have more than one character in the immediate area.

Mar. 2, 2008 - With a little help form our fiends The Axtence Building NT is now once again in ruins. There's no place like home!

Feb. 4, 2008 Along with Feral Undead, we helped bust a huge freaking hole in Joachim Mall. Frankly, the hole is bigger than the mall itself. I suppose crater would be a better term. So, uh, yeah. Joachim destroyed!

Dec. 12, 2007 - MollyCo is proud to announce itself as the sponsor for Zombie Claus at Blesley Mall for the duration of the festive season.

Dec. 6, 2007 - Today marks our first major conquest as a horde: The Axtence Building NT now lies in ruins. Let the partying begin!


Members Title
Zombieblob Babah Zambah/Administrator
steelflesh Professional Braineater/Administrator
Captain Utah Professional Braineater
Kellendil Professional Braineater
Ed Drool Professional Braineater/Salesman
Wolfgang Puck Professional Braineater/Chef/Linguist
Blood red Bread Professional Braineater

Trail of Destruction

  1. The Axtence Building (NT)- Osmondville - Dec. 6, 2007. Our first conquest. The building was defended by a staff of around 10 harmans. The siege lasted 3 days before total zombie victory as the defenders either fled or were eaten. Special thanks go to several ferals in the area who helped us out.

Group Policies

Below is a list of some policies we have agreed on:

  • Total Freedom - We have no leaders! Everyone is free to act in the way that they see fit, as long as it's in the general spirit of Barhah. We may sometimes agree on a coordinated attack time and/or on a specific target, but compliance is not mandatory and is purely voluntary.
  • Spying - Molly Co. does not condone meta-game spying. Joining the group and signing into our forums for the express purpose of gathering intel on our activities is strongly frowned upon. We don't do it, and we expect others not to do it to us as well. In-game spying (such as us scouting for targets when combat revived, or survivors clawing at us when zombified) is fine by us. We won't complain, unless multiple alts are being organized against us, that is.
  • Zerging - Molly Co. does not zerg, and does not condone it. Each player is allowed only 1 alt within the group, and all members' alts should maintain a distance of at least 10 blocks from their Molly Co. character.