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1. Dr Doom86
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Major Battles

1. Santlerville
2. SantLUEville
3. November 5

Status of Malton

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2. Mall Status

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My Characters

Dr Doom86
Formerly a member of the Umbrella Corporation.(from April 2007 to September 2007)He served as a platoon leader there, and briefly as the Vice President, during which time Umbrella was one of the top ten groups in Urban Dead.

Currently is Commander-in-Chief of Phoenix Security Services. He co-founded Phoenix in November 2007, along with his former UC comrades, after the Umbrella forums were hijacked by an intruder known as Albert Wesker.

A freelance mercenary who is a vigilant defender of Santlerville. Has been a participant in all of the suburb's major sieges since the beginning of 2007.

Brain rotter who normally devours harmanz as a Zealot in the Militant Order of Barhah. Formerly with the Bairn strike team. (this character is currently inactive due to the present situation in Malton-he will be reactivated once the game balances out a bit.)

About Me

First off, my real name is Brandon. I have been playing Urban Dead since the beginning of 2007, so Ive been around for awhile. Ive only recently started to get involved with the wiki however. Learning coding has been a frustrating experience, and Im still not completely familiar with everything. If I make a mistake, feel free to tell me!

I am mostly pro-survivor. Gasp! Though I do play a brain-rotter in the MOB. Due to the recent situation in Malton, I have deactivated my zombie character and gone strictly into "survivor mode." I have also been more active on the suggestions page, voicing my input on things that will hopefully equal out the balance in Malton. (yes, survivors need a buff damn it!) Though I recognize most of the suggestions put forward will never actually be implemented, even if they pass, it is still kind of fun to be a part of.

Anyway, Im a friendly guy, so feel free to drop by my discussion page and say hi.


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