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Abbreviation: C-i-M
Group Numbers: 7
Leadership: Cyvilian, HoserJoe
Goals: Restore order to the Vinetown area
Recruitment Policy: Like-minded Canadians in Malton

Canadianflag-sm.jpg Canadian
This user is Canadian.


Canadians-in-Malton was formed by two Canadians trapped in Malton during the quarantine. HoserJoe and Cyvilian met each other early on during the outbreak. The first place they found shelter was in a junkyard in Vinetown. From this makeshift HQ, the pair developed their survivor skills and zombie-hunting skills until they were strong enough to go out in search of other Canadians trapped in the town.

But, as their numbers grew, others began to take notice. After the infiltration and destruction of their headquarters in Penny Heights, the members of Canadians-in-Malton scattered across Malton. Still today they can be found in all areas of Malton, offering aid and assistance to fellow survivors, and blowing holes in those blasted zombies.


The main mission of C-i-M is to provide support to other survivors, especially to new and low-level players. Maintenance of buildings, particularly TRP's is essential to this mission. We also seek to reinforce the positive image of Canadians abroad by providing aid to other in the area. And of course, to get in the occasional game of street hockey.

Tips for Our Mission:

  • Kill inside buildings, not on the street. Don't waste your ammo and AP blasting zombies in the street. Instead, enter buildings that zombies have breached and headshot the ones inside so we can get the building fixed up.
  • Shed some light on the subject. Portable generators will light up a building, making it easier for survivors to find useful loot in them. If there are many TRP's without power in the area, use the first generator you find to power the factory where you found it; this will make it easier to find more generators.
  • Scout ahead. A generator can be hard to come by, so make sure the building you're supporting doesn't already have one. There may already be a powered-down generator inside that just needs fuel.
  • Grab a toolbox. Toolboxes are heavy, but if you have one (and the construction skill) you can use it to repair generators and radio transmitters, and fix the damage to ruined buildings.
  • The pen is mightier than the sword Or in this case, the spray can is mightier than the shotgun. Not all survivors read the wiki, so they might not know where revive points are or where entry points should be. Identifying these locations with graffiti tags can help keep your suburb running smoothly.

C-i-M members are encouraged to keep up communication using:

  • Mobile phone service (especially where secrecy or discretion is required)
  • Radio frequency 28.42 (see Radio section below)


We DO NOT support PKer's, Gker's, Rker's, Griefers, Spies, Zombies or anyone trying to cause harm to survivors either directly or indirectly. Canadians-in-Malton respects other survivor groups and are willing to work in conjunction with these groups to ensure a safer Malton.

Conduct We Encourage:

  • Tagging over Zombie or Anti-Survivor group tags with a Canadians-in-Malton tag
  • Slaying PKer's without mercy
  • Helping fellow survivors
  • Aiding new players
  • Reviving zombies at designated revive points
  • Maintain barricades following local barricade plans

Conduct We Discourage:

  • Player Killing anyone who is not a proven PKer
  • Generator Killing
  • Revive Point Killings
  • Any form of spying
  • Over-barricading entry points
  • Zerging


Canadians-in-Malton Communicate using the frequency 28.42. This frequency will be used for C-i-M members to keep up-to-date on the latest happenings. Use this frequency for the following reasons:

  • Reports
  • PK/RK/GK sightings
  • Danger Levels
  • Distress Calls
  • Hockey Scores
  • General Canadian Banter
know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 28.42 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: In Vinetown

All members of Canadians-in-Malton are encouraged to carry a radio tuned to 28.42Mhz

Other survivor groups wishing to contact C-i-M can use 28.42Mhz to do so.


This time line is stored in our Archives

February 12,2011

  • Who would have guessed we'd still be around after all this time? I still see signs of some of the old crew, now and again...after we scattered we don't see each other around much. Ha, stupid rookie mistake, posting our location when we didn't know who was out there reading. I won't make that mistake again here, but let it be known: The Canadians-in-Malton are still out there. You'll still hear us on 28.42Mhz once in a while...or catch a shadow as a generator mysteriously appears in the building next door...or see us wandering the street of Malton, searching in vain for a Tim Horton's. --HealerJoe



  • Cyentist
    • In the vinetown area, assisting with patrols.
  • HealerJoe
    • Malton SE
  • HammyJoe
    • Malton NW
  • Cyscout
    • Headed to Darvell heights to Assist the MFD in Holding Caiger Mall against BigBash.
  • CyDoc
    • Woken up after weeks of Zombifacation..CyDoc looks to the Nearest Hospital for Shelter