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Szift is a survivor scientist

He crash landed in the early days of February, while attending an air scan of the city with two other scientist and a military pilot. The objective of the mission was to test an air-to-ground zombie detection system that would allow to estimate how many zombies there are in the city and where is their main concentration.

After a week of wondering the streets seeking help and medical assistance he's been killed, but being on the streets for a week, he got infected with the virus, the Malton virus, he became undead and shortly after that - revived.

He learned the rules that ruled Malton every day and night since the breakout. The new objective was simple: stay alive and help others stay alive. Contain the infection in any way possible.

With that in heart, he joined the NecroTech Countermeasure Squad - a group of military and scientists, that was called into Malton shortly after the infection. The team arrived too late to stop the infection, they now fight to keep it contained.

For the community of Spicer_Hills, he built a zombie tracker, that survivors can use in order to warn each other of zombie occupied places (still working).

After a while, he split up with the NTCS and wandered the city to finally end up in North Blythville with a new group: Olney_Militia