Olney Militia

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Olney Militia
Olney t2.png
Abbreviation: O. M.
Group Numbers: Confirmed Group
Leadership: Healgood, Jake T Weber, ShortTimer
Goals: Defend North Blythville, protect our brothers, and stay healthy
Recruitment policy: Human; resident of N. Blythville with its preservation in your best interest
Contact: Forums olneymilitia@gmail.com

Olney Militia protecting North Blythville

Living out the Second Amendment, this group of neighbors has taken up arms and banded together to protect their families from the post-outbreak zombie horde.

Join Up!

O.M Recruitment Office

You want to join up? Please leave your UD Profile chronologically Below, join our forum and post in the Join the Cause

>> First, what we need from you:

  • Add "Olney Militia" to your in-game group designation under your player's profile.
  • To be Human without Brain Rot (Rogue Gallery listed Pkers need not apply)
  • A resident of North Blythville with its preservation in your best interest.
  • To follow our goals: defend North Blythville, protect our brothers and stay healthy!

If that is a yes to all of the above then welcome on board! Once vetted you can then get to fully experience what the O.M. has to offer with membership to our forum, for updated group mission information and to find out how you too can get involved.

We look forward to having you!


ShortTimer[1] (MIA)


Ray Starr[3] (MIA)


Whisker Biscuit[5]

LtSurge[6] (MIA)

Mas2215[7] (MIA)

Healgood [8]


Jake T Weber[10]

LJHalfBreed[11] (X-member)

Differantlysane[12] (MIA)


Lynn Compton[14] (MIA)

PhilipJFry[15] (MIA)

Horitoshi[16] (MIA)

Dr Lady[17] (Non-authorized by the OM)

Scott Brown [18] (MIA)

Nekron992[19] (retired)

Captain Joe[20] (MIA)

The T[21]

Callum McGregor[22] (MIA)

Michael Conners[23] (MIA)

Marcus Smythe[24] (MIA)

Black Mafia[25] (MIA)

Jason S[26] (MIA)

Pantasp[27] (MIA)

Tesch[28] (MIA)

SpaceMan Jack[29](MIA)


MikeMurphy[31] (MIA)

Lord weil [32] (retired)

albert de ponce [33] (MIA)

Manny Rosenberg [34] (retired)

Doctor Totenheim [35] (MIA)

KhSora [36]

Breaks [37] (MIA)

pdw [38] (MIA)

James Jenkem [39] (retired and now a member of Tikhon Medical)

kRaZyXGuY [40] (X-Member)

cygnet3001 [41] (MIA)

Cleo Maddox [42] (MIA)

Xydor [43] (MIA)

Unzerbrechlich [44] (MIA)


Herbert South [46] (MIA)

Zombiepatrol [47] (MIA)

Chaos Seraph [48] (MIA)

Stringo [49]

wtfonehitpwn [50] (MIA)

owiefixer [51]

Szift [52] (MIA)

Irithaen [53] (Non-authorised by the OM)

missredrum [54]

Edward Alexander [55]

alkamory [56] (Non-authorized by the OM)

Just Raymond [57] (MIA)

SargentMatt [58] (MIA)

iainsbitch [59] (Non-authorized by the OM)

Danni Nygen [60] (MIA)

bacon patrol [61]

Marie Creigt [62] (MIA)

Infinine [63] (Non-authorized by the OM) (MIA)


frody [65]

Jason Caldor [66] (MIA)

god almity [67] (MIA)

E Silverhand [68] (MIA)

jaggeddragon [69] (Non-authorized by the OM)

Dr Greenkid [70] (Suspended)

Harrykim [71] (MIA)

Romanoff [72] (MIA)

ForestSquiz [73] (MIA)

Cowering Lab Tech [74] (MIA)

AuroraOtter [75] (MIA)

SirGrimlie [76](Non-authorised by the OM)

Nauta [77]

Nythanial [78]

1nsane1 [79](Non-authorised by the OM)

Dr Galen [80]

Doran Nightingale [81]

Dr Tachy [82]

Rudon [83]

Loner Cs [84]

Beth2 [85](Non-authorised by the OM)

Doctor Freeform [86]

Dr Ragland [87] (Non-authorized by the OM)

  • New Members: Leave your name and UD profile chronologically in the above edit. To finalize your O.M membership you must please follow the directives found in Join the Cause Here
  • Inactive Members: If you find your name listed with (MIA) please contact our Forum to re-activate your account.
  • Non-authorized by the OM listed are not considered as official OM members. The player has listed him/herself as OM but has not followed the membership directive. Therefore the OM does not consider them as bona fide and can not be held responsible for their actions in-game nor on Wiki. If you find your name listed with this status and wish to correct this then contact our board asap. To finalize your O.M membership please follow the directives found in Join the Cause Here
  • Impostors Pker's are known to hide behind pro-survivors group names, below is a list of known impostors. As a guide to true OMs look at the membership list above and take as read if not listed above they're to be viewed as impostors. The OM can not be held responsible by nefarious players using our 'Name' to hide behind.

Essa Letto [88](!Has been cited as Pker, view as an impostor and hostile!)

Current Mission

Escape glyph.png Escape
On June 1, we're going to break out of Malton. What will they do, shoot us?

North Blythville terror status: MEDIUM break-ins occurring in the core of the burb --Jake T Weber 22:09, 24 May 2010 (BST)

IMPORTANT North Blythville barricading plan

We are currently running the following operations:

  • establishing look-out points for use in conjunction with binoculars to monitor the 'burb
  • revivification of Z.'s standing in designated spots (see below)
  • general barricading of buildings in accordance with the plan (see above)
  • getting generators up and running in key search spots
  • tagging inside of buildings with
Defend North Blythville, join the Olney Militia! plus cade level
  • tagging outside on O.M Revive Points
Revives Here: olneymilitia.proboards76.com
  • tagging outside of buildings with
RP compass & co-ordinates directions
Ubpicon1.gif Uniform Barricading Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Uniform Barricading Policy by actively maintaining barricades according to local plan or UBP standard.

Becoming An O.M Ally

With the stench of the undead surrounding us in what once was 'sunny North Blythville' it is time to stand together! If you think you could join with us in the fight then contact us Here

Olney t2.png O.M Ally
[name] is an ally of the Olney Militia

You can use this O.M template, once our allegiance has been sealed, by copy & paste the code below to your user page edit, at the point where you want the above badge to appear:

{{O.M Ally|Name=[name]}}

Replacing the brackets '[name]' with your character or group's name.

  • Use of this logo without proven Alliance listed below is strictly prohibited. If this logo is being used without express permission consider it a non-authorised OM Alliance. The OM will not be held responsible for any 'alleged' alliance with groups misuse of this logo in it's entirety.


FortressMAIN.jpg Working Partner
The Fortress officially recognizes this UD group as a Working Partner.


None, peace comes to North Blythville (not the hippy kind).

Short~Timer 02:10, 18 October 2006 (BST)


The O.M recognises a cease fire agreement with the Philosophe Knights drawn up by ENVY. see forum for details --Jake T Weber 17:19, 8 June 2009 (BST)

N.B. Revive Center(s)

Both the waiting to be revived dead and the N.T. skilled living should report to the below locales. All undead found on any other sectors other than the listed RPs in N.B are viewed as combatants and will be dispatched.

General residents of North Blythville are asked to make revive requests on our Forum as we don't use the DEM tool.

Olney Militia covered Revive Points:

  • a carpark: [25,64];
  • Male Boulevard: [22,64]
  • St Barnabas's Church [27,62] (indoor only if found overcaded please move to the cemetery)
  • O.M Sacred Ground Policy Area can be found at a cemetery [27,63]

See here for RP active status

O.M Sacred Ground Policy:

No undead will be harmed if found on this 27,63 sector of N.B. With the exception of Brain Rot skilled zombies who are viewed as clogging this RP and will be dispatched.