The Hazeldine Committee

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The Hazeldine Committee
Abbreviation: THC
Group Numbers: 19
Leadership: Founders: KillswitchEngage
Goals: Defend and serve the Blythville area. Clean it of griefers and PKers. Ensure that no zombie is without a needle while standing at a revive point.
Recruitment Policy: open: see details
Contact: Our forum. or

Our history

Our committee started with but a simple conversation, and slowly developed into a union. From there, we developed further into what you might call a local family. And now from our HQ at the Hazeldine Building we now stand as a proud Group ready to help all survivors.

Roots; Our original founder, Killswitch, is the man who decided a union was in order for defense against almost constant waves of battering hands against our walls. Many of the people who have lived in the Hazeldine Building began by discussing zombie group tactics, and counter measures. This is where our union began.

Development; Our first real plan of defense took place in around February, as heavy attacks on Marven mall drew zombie hordes to take out the survivor life line. being one of four near-by necro tech buildings, we were targetted. Our first stand being against constant zombie attack. The plan worked well for a few weeks, but constant break-ins, leaked many zombies inside. And with our low numbers, and weakened armaments, we fell. However, we eventually retook our building, and reformed our group, and have stood strong since.

After retaking The Hazeldine Building, our HQ, we quickly helped to retake the top-half of the Suburb and, with lots of help from our fellow survivors, the lower-half too. This happened because of our quick response to the 'Revive Requests' and our bravery in keeping The Hazeldine Building, a crucial structure, and because of the help from other survivor groups such as E.N.D and The Blythville Gang.

As we stand; Still with few members, we continue to defend blythville, from pk'rs, gk'rs, and Zombie Hordes. Though our numbers are small, we hope to branch out, and unite the groups of South Blythville, North Blythville, and surrounding suburbs, into one union.

Recruitment policies

We are not picky on who joins our family. But please remember that is exactly what we are. Everyone is expected to respect the other members, and to talk out arguments in the form of a civil debate. As we are not a group with a specific goal such as reviving, or barricading, any skills you have are gladly accepted. However, brain rot is a skill that we cannot accept.

Members.gif Forums
This group uses a forum for communications.

What is expected of me as a THC member?

  • Forum activity is essential, as many important announcements and discussions will be held there, rather than another mean.
  • Co-operation with your other members.
  • Input on all major alterations to group forums, sites, strategies, and other important details.
  • An official "good bye" if you leave us...

Am i allowed to join? While we cannot stop you from staying at hazeldine, if you are not a member, or have been denied membership, we will still associate with you, unless the reason is just. All humans are allowed to join. Free running is the only skill you will find essential to a group member, therefore any level human player can join with the following exceptions.

We will not accept players who:

  • Are known player killers, radio or generator killers, or zombie spies.
  • have offended allied groups to the point of being unacceptable into their ranks, or our own.
  • you have brain rot
    • Having all zombie skills, or even many zombie skills, is still acceptable.
  • Have been in a pk/gk/rk'ers group.
  • Have a bounty on their head, or are on a locally recognized DNR list, such as the Blythville Gang's list.

Sign me up!

If you wish to join, simply go to our forums and post in our signup thread.


This is a list of our current members, and my knowledge on their current stance.

LeChuckBR One of our veteran members, Chuck is commonly seen supporting the Hazeldine community.

KillSwitchEngage Our leader, and founder, he went missing in action April 2nd 2007, But has returned to us after a long delay.

Dzme14 The current care taker, he(I) is often seen barking orders in hazeldine. doing all the hard work...

Jacen Dark Jacen now supports us widely, currently holding up at the 'dine. He is often seen on our forums, discussing ideas for new operations throughout the Blythville's.

pattyO furniture Another veteran member who has been with us since the beggining. He can be found lurking in the shadows of our forums, and often sleeping in hazeldine.

Xig Xig has joined us, but so far has not contacted any THC member, nor do we know his location. Xig- Sorry im late to report, ive been very busy, i also would like to say that i am now active in the game again, just give me instructions and i shall follow!

Killernurd Killernurd has spent some time at Hazeldine before our group's creation. One of the founders of the disbanded Malton Radio, we're glad to have him.

SilverEyes Another former member of Malton Radio, Silvereyes has joined THC, and is now an official part of our union.

Sherlock Hemlock Recently joined, Sherlock has been noted to visit hazeldine often in the past, but now is here to stay.

OmgMuffins Sticking around for awhile, muffins has decided to join us due to our mission in malton. We hope to keep him, and his hilarious description around for good!

eff1ngham A member of the Green Tavern Spackers, ham has decided to also hold a membership in THC, to roll with South Blythville's finest and kill zeds of course.

Imperialus Imperialus has decided to join our cause and our efforts to branch out futher through-out the Blythville's.

Bobbie McLarnon Bobbie is a former firefighter from Reganbank, after the suburb was ambushed by zeds he moved to the 'dine and has joined us since.

Pig Frog Pig Frog is our newest member but has already showed her importance during the attacks on the 'dine, we hope she'll continue to be a amazing asset.

Rekuyukai Rekuyukai has recently joined and looks to be of great value with her superior medical skills.

Nurse Sakura Nurse Sakura also intends to contribute to THC with her science skills, keeping revives and heals constant to all our members and allies.

Naabster1983 Originally a fire fighter from Germany who visited malton for a firefighter event, Naabster1983 got stuck in Malton during the early outbreaks and has since joined THC.

One Eyed Jake Despite having one eye, Jake is a fearless warrior, crushing zed after zed, looking surprisingly handsome during the whole process.

Mano'War7 His wild hair and unkept beard just gives him the escaped lunatic appaerence; however, Mano'War is willing to do anything to help and we're pround to have him at THC.


A list of our relations with individuals, and groups.


CPM_-_Communist Party of Malton. THC and CPM support a common goal amongst survivors, and now we support this group.

BQ_-_Bandit Queens. Discussions are still being made for this issue. But we still support the bandit queens in brooksville.

TLS_-_the Last Stand. After a long delay, THC and TLS have now entered peace, and are allies against the phantom menace...i mean zombie hordes!

Fortress_-_The Fortress. Working Closely together. The Hazeldine Committee supports The Fortress training regiments and leadership during their stay in South Bythville

B.A.D. - A friendly group that travels the city helping when needed.

O.M._-_Olney Militia. THC is committed to helping Olney Militia hold the North.

Olney t2.png O.M Ally
The Hazeldine Committee is an ally of the Olney Militia

E.N.D._-_E.N.D. THC supports the normadic group and works closely in creating new methods to tackle zombie invasions.

ENDlogosmall.jpg Evil Never Dies
This user supports E.N.D. in their quest to bring life and hope to Malton.


THC DNR List We also have formed our own DNR list, which includes many individuals who have caused Problems for us in the past. We view these individuals as Enemies to our cause; the List shows which of these individuals are KOS. While our list is quite small, those who personally offend us, will be denied. And those who have been deemed a hazard by the majority of the blythville area, will be listed as KOS.


L M Once a proud member of THC, during our last battle, he fled to arkham, where he met with many extinction members. Shortly after, he joined them, and bought brain rot. He is now free game, and is considered a traitor to our family. Also consistently uses his alt "lost miracle" to player kill, and other wise wreak havoc on south blythville. KOS.

Revive policies

  • We do not revive, nor attempt to revive rotters.
  • Zombie's seeking revives must post on the blythville gang's revive request for Gee Avenue
  • Rotters will be shot. Or directed to a nearby clinic.
  • We do NOT support combat revives. period.
  • Blind revivers, and combat revivers will be educated, and possibly disciplined.

Goal expansion

As stated, this is an expansion of our goals. Our immediate goal is to handle all the revives of gee avenue. While our secondary goal is to kill nuisances such as player killers, power buildings, keep enough safe houses non-free runner friendly, keep the suburb safe and clean, and to otherwise protect its citizens. While with spare time, we help with local projects, such as mall defenses, and lighting important buildings that have low fuel. In a short sentence, we want to make blythville safer, while working out of our home.

Current Projects/News

Future Goals/Projects

  • Convert pippard into a brain rot revive clinic once more, and then operate it.
  • Man isgar towers during sieges, and keep it operating.