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Bandit Queens
Abbreviation: BQ
Group Numbers: 23
Leadership: Your Mama
Goals: Take back Brooksville
Recruitment Policy: We welcome everyone, especially scientists who wear glasses. Please put Bandit Queens in the group section of your profile.
Contact: Bandit Queens

Who are the Bandit Queens?

In 2006, one group of people in Brooksville stood up and said NO! They shouted to the heavens that they would not allow themselves to be ground beneath the rotting foot of their undead neighbors! They screamed to the world that neither they, nor their allies, would ever stand alone...

They also screamed for good times and hard liquour, but that’s another story...

The Bandit Queens is a rag-tag group of survivors coming from all walks of life; whether they be confused doctors offering aid to any and all, happy party girls looking for their next buzz, crazy drunken cowboys, or seductive glam rockers .. hell, even Edwina and her boss are welcome. The Bandit Queens has made it part of their code to accept anyone willing to take a beating and still stand up for more, whatever it takes to get the job done and keep the suburb free.

Habits of the Average Bandit Queen

The typical Bandit Queen enjoys cool climates with relatively few natural predators, however, since they’re caught in a zombie infestation in the middle of summer they’ve had to adapt. You can usually find them patrolling Brooksville, patching up people and buildings alike.

Much like the Loris they contain poison in their elbows, however they are not as slow as some would have you believe.

Bandit Queens Are Mighty

Sub Species: Glam Rockers

Typically found around radio transmitters. Known, on occasion, to reference obscure lyrics. Instantly recognizable by the presence of feathered boas, platform shoes, glitter, and fishnets.

If you encounter a Glam Rocker:

  • Do NOT make any sudden movements, as this may be seen as a sexual invitation.
  • Do NOT make eye contact, as this may be seen as a sexual invitation.
  • Do NOT say "Hello" to them, as this may be heard as a sexual invitation.
  • Do NOT say "Goodbye" to them, as this may be heard as a sexual invitation.
  • When petting, gently stroke behind the head and move downwards, to avoid stubbing your fingers on any studs or sequins. NEVER pet a glam rocker on the back- it ruffles their clothing and disturbs their glamourous fashion equilibrium.
  • When feeding, all food must be on suitably fancy plates or platters, with at least two pieces of garnish, all portions not touching.


Our goals are simple:

  • Take back Brooksville from the zombie hordes.
  • Aid our fellow citizens in survival.
  • Maintain the revive point at the cemetery (34, 65).
  • Maintain barricades on key resource buildings at VS, so they are safe and accessible for those new to the suburb.

BQ Code of Ethics and Acceptable Behavior

Created with SlowLoris', DrCross', and Rupert Scarr's input. Refer to the forum topic to suggest further additions or changes

  • Have great fun, but treat other Bandit Queens with respect. No sexual harassment or unsolicited boorish behavior.
  • Treat other survivors like you would a fellow Bandit Queen, unless they are a known PKer (player killer) or GKer (generator killer).
  • Do NOT Combat Revive. Especially GraHa.
  • Do NOT PK. If you're retaliating against a local PKer or taking care of a Bounty, provide proof that what you're doing is warranted.
  • Use some semblance of proper grammar and punctuation in in-game speech (The K.J. Addendum)


Want to Be a Queen?

The Bandit Queens are looking for a few good men, women, and everyone in between to help us fight the undead of Brooksville. We're recruiting anyone who is not a PKer or zombie spy. Ass-kicking mamas, sexy bespectacled scientists, and yes even trenchcoat warriors all need apply. If you're a concerned resident of the suburb or even just a mildly interested transient who wants to help us clean up this mess, we want you!

  • Put Bandit Queens in the group section of your profile, we'll help you out and get you a revive if you need it.
  • Post a link to your Urban Dead profile on the BQ Forum. You can post as a guest. If you don't know where to find your profile, click on your character name on the game screen.
  • Register for the forum.

New members: Our forums are organized into two levels. Once your character gains +2 survivor skills (2 more survivor skills than zombie skills) you will gain higher level access (thank you Free Masons). This is in no way a limitation on membership, however


The Bandits Queens are always interested in forming alliances with any survivor group with similar interests in Brooksville or the surrounding areas. If you have a survivor group and would like to ally with the Queens, please post a message on our alliances forum.

Current or Past Alliances:

Need a Revive?

Our revive point is currently active and is located at the cemetery (34, 65). Please request, as it will greatly increase your chances of getting a revive. Requests can be made on the Bandit Queens Forum or on the DEM Revivification Request tool. Make sure to list your character name and link your profile and someone will be out shortly to return you to the land of the living. Revivers are encouraged to view and fulfill requests made on the DEM Revivification Request tool. View Requests

Current Status: Active --18:30, 27 July 2006 (BST)

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

Bandit Queens Pirate Radio

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency

Frequency: 26.49 MHz
Transmitter coordinates: Whereever opportunity arises

  • Want regular status on the state of western Brooksville? Tune into 26.49 MHz for Bandit Queens Pirate Radio. Broadcasts are frequent when there are available transmitters.

Barricading Policy

We have adopted the following barricading policy of Brooksville as suggested by the MFD on the Brooksville wiki page.

  • All PDs, FDs, and Hospitals, are to be maintained at VSB+2 so low level survivors can get inside to find supplies.
  • Entry points should also be kept at VSB+2 and situated so that no block is more than 1 move away from an entry point.
  • All other buildings should be maintained at EHB+4 for use as safehouses.
  • The Flooks NT (31,64) and Culling NT (37,64) should be maintained at EHB+4 to protect generators. The Foreman NT (39,69) is to be maintained at VSB+2.

The following image is borrowed from the Brooksville wiki page:


(Larger version)

  • Orange borders indicate buildings to be kept at EHB+4
  • Purple borders indicate buildings to be kept at VSB+2
  • G indicates buildings to be kept powered
  • RP is the local revive point.


Bandit Queen members are encouraged to post any news relevant to fellow Malton citizens here.

July 24, 2010 - A new dawn

  • For 2 years there has been no updates of Brooksville. Then One man came into malton. he saw brooksville with wandering zeds, a PKer and other survivors. He wanted to clear all PKers and zeds from the town. So, he went to work. Now the town was clear for about two weeks, then soome zeds came out of nowhere.
  • today there are about 10 Known zeds in Brooksville, we urge anyone who can, to take them out.

January 30, 2008 - When the Zeds are Dead, the Living Cause Problems, Part II

  • Brooksville has been plagued by a PKer group known as the Philosophe Knights for the last three weeks. After a week of attempting to ignore their actions, the Bandit Queens got fairly fed up with the manner in which they conducted themselves in and around their turf. A suburb-wide retaliation took place recently, and continues, with any characters under the Philosophe Knights tag being marked to be killed on sight. Visitors to Brooksville are urged to report locations of known PKers and current positions of Philosophe Knights to any Bandit Queen or Team Zombie Hardcore members they encounter.
  • Revives are extremely fast, besides recent PKer activity the suburb is fairly safe and well-maintained.

November 8, 2007 - Through The Mrhz And GRAAGH's We Carry On

  • The resource buildings are all in BQ hands, though heavily contested. Revives are at an excellent rate. Supplies are flowing freely, and the undead are being laughed at, shot, and dumped almost as fast as they are breaking in. Nonetheless, the amount of active zeds is enough reason to be very cautious when choosing a building to rest in. Unless you want to be a meatshield, which would be beneficial to everyone- the Bandit Queens compensate meatshields with a comprehensive medical plan. Free dental, too! PKers occasionally show up, though not in as great quantity as they did during last month. Be on the lookout for one going by the name of Herbert West CPA. As seems to be the fashion, he has been seen with a BQ tag- and as usual, we have to declare that he has not, is not, and will never be a Bandit Queen. KOS.

October 17, 2007 - The Battle Continues

  • The struggle to hold Doc's continues. The Bandit Queens are pretty well supplied, and the revive point is being maintained by a sizable amount of survivors. Considering that Flooks was under siege by a huge Extinction group last month, and a minimal amount of BQ's was able to hold it, the combined presence of BQs and some TZH forces are putting forth a valiant effort in the defense of west Brooksville. Black Pox has returned, more or less to give the Bandit Queens their usual headache in the form of a random kill, though he has yet to make an appearance since announcing his return. Which goes to show that old school PKers had class, personality, and some humour. Not like these young whippersnappers who shamelessly zerg.

October 16, 2007 - Danger Level Upgraded to Banana Alert

  • The Flooks building and Matthias General Hospital are constantly under attack, but the Bandit Queens hold strong. Flooks was ruined, but sources say it's only a matter of time before the offending undead are removed. With more than half of the Bandit Queens already packing 20 or more syringes each, it's fairly safe to say that they're well prepared, and for any zed to assume they are in a supply deficit would be entirely in error.
  • In other news, a pair of PKers have descended upon the suburb in the usual cowardly fashion, coming in once every couple of days to kill one or two survivors (who are undoubtedly revived within a few hours anyway) and subsequently disappear. It seems that adeath4u and brainiache1 are the culprits. Congratulations on accomplishing absolutely nothing, you two! Your failure to cause any longstanding damage to the defense and maintenance of Brooksville is an inspiration to us all.

October 1, 2007 - Street Justice

  • Kevin Joane player killed a very loyal BQ, Banen. Evidence. Therefore, the BQ's tracked him down, and have decreed that he is not to be dumped or revived. If you come across his warehouse, make sure the barricades remain at EHB. Thank you.

September 26, 2007 - When the Zeds are Dead, the Living Cause Problems

  • The drama llama has descended. Kevin Joane's continued boorish and ignorant RP'ing has moved many of the Bandit Queens to vote for his official removal from the group. Majority vote decided that, due to the many warnings leveled at him with nearly no results, he is now no longer a member of this group. A number of BQs have informed him of this decision and the many reasons behind it- general consensus is that Kevin Joane is not representing the group positively and has not contributed anything to the defense or continued maintenance of the suburb. This unique situation also moved a few Bandit Queens to propose that a Code of Ethics be instituted and added to this page, hopefully to present an idea of what kind of conduct the group expects from its members. There was previously no such problem arising from BQ behavior, and there probably won't be after this matter is solved.
  • Aside from this unwanted mess, Brooksville is fairly safe. Safehouses hold extremely well, resource buildings are powered and defended, the revive queue is zero, and SlowLoris is back. Niiiice.

September 13, 2007 - Brooksville Belongs to the Bandit Queens, and Don't You Forget It

  • Despite Extinction hordes doing their damnedest to break the spirits of Brooksville's self-proclaimed guardians and managing to take down Flooks after an incredibly long siege, the Bandit Queens have already gotten things moving again. With the return of Rupert Scarr and Ieronymus' northern expeditionary force, revivification and resupply efforts are fully underway. With the expedition to the north comes much needed information about the flaws in Extinction's battle plan, and with this knowledge, hope. Syringes are proving to be a more potent tool than firearms in a city where the dead shrug off your wasted rounds and stand up with nary an ill effect to show for your effort. Zed numbers have returned to a more or less "normal" level. All in all, an astoundingly quick recovery.

September 3, 2007 - Where's the Mrh Keg?

  • Plenty going on in Brooksville lately leaving the BQ's with too many tasks and too few hands. Many (perhaps most) of the BQ's are clustered around Flooks and Matthias in an attempt to repel large zombie mobs. GraHa is happily pounding at the barricades of Flooks, sometimes with temporary success. Meanwhile, poor Mrhing zombies are left unattended in the cemetary. Witnesses claim to see these unmonitored creatures partying all hours of the night while they wait. Empty liquor bottles and other things found lying between headstones support these claims, but no videos as of yet.

August 2, 2007 - Boredom is a Luxury

  • Today, the BQ's came under an attack after a long period of inactivity. The Militant Order of Barhah has claimed responsibility for the attack, and zed numbers have risen noticeably since the first break-in. We're going to be in for one wild series of nights.

July 17, 2007 - Has Anyone Seen My Towel

  • The BQ's are maintaining Brooksville at peak levels of safety. Heals are quick, syringes flow freely, and the non-BQ survivor population has increased by about 150% from the beginning of the summer. A nude Rupert Scarr has been sighted running around west Brooksville in a vain attempt to find his towel, which has apparently been nailed to a piece of canvas to decorate Flooks. GraHa visits are infrequent, but he's trying as hard as he can to break in.

May 7, 2007 - Danger Level Downgraded to Grapefruit Alert

  • Brooksville is once again moderately safe, and there is a budding alliance with Team Zombie Hardcore. Despite many of the newer faces from the past few months having disappeared without nary a trace, the core of the group remains strong. A few new and highly dedicated people have joined the Bandit Queen ranks, prepared to hold our beloved suburb at any cost. Revives are at full efficiency, so come and get your complimentary vaccinations while they're hot!

March 22, 2007 - Equilibrium

  • Emboldened and resupplied, the Bandit Queens have been trickling back into their home, finding it to be almost nothing but a ghost town- a significant improvement since they had to make a tactical withdrawal not too long ago. Life breathes anew, and the familiar hum of Line-6 amplifiers and Marshall stacks is once again heard amongst the sporadic gunfire and barricade work of the background.

March 17, 2007 - Silence

  • Brooksville has fallen to silence, with handfuls of survivors finding themselves in buildings with undermanned defenses. Casualties are still high. This is a testament to the chaos that a mall's destruction can bring if adrenaline-pumped individuals forsake their home territory too early to retake a once-mighty fortress. The lessons learned in the aftermath of the assault on Marven Mall and the New Year Massacre are hard and many, but the Bandit Queens are still here, lurking in the darkest shadows, watching and waiting for the right time to triumphantly return to their own. Inside their hearts beats the will to fight and the determination to persevere through these hard times. There is a plan, and there is a glint in the eye of the Brooksville Bandit Queens that hasn't been seen since the first purging of Brooksville. The streets will flow with the blood of the undead when the BQ's return in a hail of gunfire, cutting a crimson swath through the rotting flesh of their enemies with their melee weapons.

March 11, 2007 - Bandit Queen Impostors

  • Attention all new visitors and residents of Malton: It has come to our attention that one or more zombies are out there impersonating Bandit Queens members while raiding and killing . In particular, look out for a really foul smelling one named cooltoad. He is not, nor has ever been a Bandit Queen, despite his claims to the contrary.

March 4, 2007 - Big Trouble In Little Brooksville

  • Following the fairly uneventful months after the New Year Massacre, an influx of zeds has found its way to Brooksville. Presumably returning from the siege of Marven Mall, some of the zeds are remaining in town and generally making nuisances of themselves to the population. Casualties are high, many are wounded, with a body count much higher than it has been in quite some time. Resource buildings are very unreliable, and visitors in need of supplies are suggested to supply their own generators and fuel when searching. Rupert Scarr's party warehouse and rehearsal space has been retaken and is well maintained. Bandit Queens have been staging intermittent attempts to aid the recovery of South Blythville by retaking Marven, but so far each attack has been thwarted. Ammunition is a sudden rarity, and many of the survivors in the area have had to resort to unusual weapons fashioned from random objects, up to and including boards with nails in them. If any groups from nearby suburbs are interested in helping the BQ's and Brooksville get back on their feet, they are more than welcome.
  • Revive Point Queue Update: Due to dangerous conditions, syringe flow is extremely slow, and as such, the revive point is not operating at peak efficiency.

December 22, 2006 - Marrah Grazmaz, Brooksville!

  • The holiday spirit is in the air, and the Bandit Queens yuletide celebration is in full swing! Everyone is involved, from our own personal Grinch, Black Pox, to the suddenly cuddly and friendly "Grazmaz Zambah" GraHa. A small group has sprouted from a few members of the party in Rupert's rehearsal space, called the Elves of Santa Claus. Their decision to join hands in Grazmaz joy has warmed the hearts of all in attendance, but been somewhat of a shock to those who have not been around to witness the sudden cheer and togetherness. It seems that there is tolerance and acceptance, and a heartwarming camaraderie among all the "harmanz" and "zambahs" at the party. Rupert Scarr and his associate PixeltheDot have apparently changed clothing to reflect their alliance with GraHa, and amytrip and Doc Huvulloo have donned the Santa Hats of the Elves as well. To any newcomers to the party- do not be alarmed at the presence of zeds; they are our guests and we have a strict etiquette for behavior. Unruly zeds are escorted from the premises horizontally should they ZK, PK, GK, harm, or destroy any property of the building. GraHa has simplified this code to "Nah Harm Harmanz, Nah Bang Bang Zambahs." The Bandit Queens would like to extend season's greetings to everyone, a Happy Chanukah, a Merry Christmas, and other such tidings to myriad celebrations around the world.

December 9, 2006 - Under Siege

  • For the past week, there has been a power struggle to control one of the Bandit Queens' most pivotal resource buildings in Brooksville: The Famed Patch-Up of Doc Huvulloo. Podman heroically decided to step into the infested corridors and retake the building the only way possible: copious usage of ammunition. With continuing support from Whiskey Dick, pneumonica, Rupert Scarr, Lambi, SlowLoris and the reinforcements in other safehouses, even though the zombies continue to break in, the barricades have been staying up and maintained, and for some reason the generator has been continuing to work most of the time. This event will surely go down in both Bandit Queen and Brooksville history as one of the most epic occurrences in the western part of town.

November 19, 2006 - Successful Sweep

  • The Bandit Queens carried out a successful offensive in southwestern Brooksville today, sweeping through zombie-infested buildings and taking out the trash. Even a raid the previous night, by Black Pox and his smelly friends, could not dampen the mighty Bandit Queens fire. PeterPixie, Saretta, Whiskey Dick, Lambi, Rupert Scarr, SolidWaste and Ieronymus were seen clearing buildings from Matthias to Dore. Known zombie enemies, including Paxsarahh, were taken down easily and Saretta even managed to steal GraHa's wallet before gunning him down. SlowLoris and The Ocho showed up just in time for an offer of open tab (!) drinks on Ieronymous.
  • There are still several zombies massing outside of the newly sieged buildings, most heavily outside of Matthias, Bidgood and Flooks. Plans for a second offensive are underway.

November 12, 2006 - Danger Level Downgraded to Pineapple Alert

  • Things have calmed down between the Bandit Queens and ROP members, which is beneficial to the greater part of Brooksville. West Brooksville's resource buildings continue to be a source of contention, with generators being destroyed almost as quickly as they are placed. Revive point activity seems steady as of this posting. Safehouses are remaining safe for the time being as well. Holiday celebrations on Halloween proved to draw a large number of visitors from unknown parts of Malton in Rupert Scarr's clothing-optional Bandit Halloqueen party. His pants were found hanging outside from a tree branch. How they got there, nobody will ever know. Zombie levels are at about normal or below. In other news, an unconfirmed rumour has been whispered in the quieter parts of town that there exists a suburb in Malton completely devoid of undead "life". Talk of being able to fall asleep on the streets and still being alive and well in the morning has also been overheard. More on this as it develops.

October 13, 2006 - Bad Blood

  • ROP members have grown increasingly hostile to Bandit Queen members for unknown reasons. Melancholy Rupert Scarr was attacked in his rehearsal space for expressing distaste at slanderous remarks made about Bandit Queens Sakarisan and Jacob2040, and healing EatmyShortsHolmes. Tension is escalating, and it is ambiguous as to if this growing rivalry will lead to PKing or not...

October 10, 2006 - Danger Level Downgraded to Cranberry Alert

  • Zombie levels in western Brooksville seem to be at a more controlled number, with resource buildings regaining power and safehouses remaining more or less secure. Black Pox remains in the shadows of the surburb, so any passerby are warned not to share space with the PKer. Revive points operating at near-peak efficiency.

September 26, 2006 - Kiwi Alert

  • More zombies than usual have been sighted entering the suburb from the west, breaking through barricades and attempting to feast on everyone in their path.

September 4, 2006

  • A local PKer and suspected zombie spy Black Pox has begun masquerading as a Bandit Queen. Black Pox isn't, never has been, and never will be affiliated with the Bandit Queens in any way. He's also been known to PK under The Brooksville Warmbloods name. He is not affiliated with the Warmbloods either.

August 7, 2006 - And the Bandit Queen's Keep On Rollin

  • Bandit Queens are back to standard operating procedure. Buildings are staying 'caded, survivors are staying not-dead, and the revive point is quick and reliable. There's word of alliances with other survivor groups, such as DEM. Very minimal Zed activity in Brooksville right now.

July 29, 2006 - We Return

  • Bandit Queens have returned en masse to Brooksville. Clean up operations are well underway and the revive point should be operating at top speed soon.

July 27, 2006 - Doc Huvulloo's Quick Patch Up Station, Walk In's Welcome

. July 26, 2006 - logo suggestion
BQrecruit optional.jpg
July 10, 2006 - Big Bash

July 2, 2006 - Zombies at Dangerous Levels

  • Zombie levels in Brooksville have risen to dangerous levels. The security of resource buildings and most safehouses in West Brooksville has been compromised. As a result, the Bandit Queens revive point has been downgraded to slow.

June 1, 2006 - Rise in zombie numbers

  • After a short period of inactivity we are showing a rise in the number zombies in the area. Groups of 20 zombies or more have been seen outside our PDs and hospitals. The number is currently managable, though it may get worse. Any aid in Brooksville from neighboring suburbs would be appreciated.

May 26, 2006 - New zombie group

  • Our scientists have successfully been able to revive all fellow Bandit Queens incapacited by yesterday's attack. Overall, minimal damage was done.

May 25, 2006 - New zombie group

  • A suprise zombie attack on a warehouse today resulted in several casualties for the Bandit Queens, as well as other survivors. The attack occured when the occupants were asleep ... most did not escape. Reports suggest that the attack was led by several members of the zombie group, Rahrhahz b,- . The Bandit Queens have no intention of allowing them to gain a foothold in Brooksville. This bloodshed will be avenged!

The Bandit Queens Roster

Special Note: Confirmed PVPer Black Pox has been operating out of Brooksville and falsely lists Bandit Queen affiliation. Though we admit to frequently meeting with and vigorously killing Black Pox no further relationship exists.

There's more of us, but some of us are too lazy for a Wiki profile, so they aren't worth mentioning (until they get off their collective lazy backsides)

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