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Dead-Transparent.png 3rd July 2015
  • Urban Dead is ten years old today. Take the 2015 State of the Apocalypse Survey to let us know what you've thought of the end of the world so far, and what you think should happen next.

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Jul 03 The sys-ops are undergoing their annual sys-op re-evaluation. All users are welcome to voice their opinions here.
Jun 15 The Bureaucrat election has concluded, and Bob Moncrief and Rosslessness have been re-elected.
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In death, the city stirs. Its borders still locked down after a sudden government quarantine a decade ago, Malton's trapped civilians make their way through the derelict buildings, surviving the changing seasons to rebuild their fragmented society from the rubble upwards. Military cleanup squads patrol the empty streets, stationed in the city for the long haul, while embedded scientific groups continue the experiments that brought them here.

And the dead rise up and thrive, trailing through the ruined streets of the city, milling between buildings and clawing through makeshift barricades and diversions, reclaiming the city as their own.

Urban Dead is a browser-based zombie apocalypse MMORPG.

This site is intended to be a more detailed manual for Urban Dead than the FAQ and includes in-depth information such as active revivification points, strategy guides to playing the game, the results of investigations into search probabilities, details on other elements of the game mechanics including items and skills, and information on various groups of players, including Recruitment for player run groups.

First time playing? Read the First Day in Malton guide.

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Armycoater.jpg Guides:Managing Encumbrance explains how best to handle encumbrance, the measure of the amount of items in one's inventory. Improperly managing your character's encumbrance can lead to AP spoilage, missed opportunities and in some cases death. (more...)

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