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Looking for a group to join? Have a group seeking members?

This page is open to adverts by groups currently recruiting new members.

Formatting and additional information can be found below the group adverts.

Malton Recruitment Adverts, Alphabetically by Group Name in Group Style

Place your group (or coalition) advert in alphabetical order per group type.

Survivor Groups

Dunell Hills Police Department


The DHPD is looking for anyone wanting to come out of the zombie-infested cold and make the North West corner of Malton a safer and brighter place for all survivors. We aim to reclaim the DMZ and once again make it one of the safer areas of Malton.

Here's the pitch: Join the Dunell Hills Police Department.

We have need for officers in the Dunell Military Zone. Whatever level you are, no matter what skills you have: we have a place for you.

Want to know more about the DHPD and what goes on "behind the scenes"? Read the DHPD Testimonials.

Interested? Go to our recruitment office.

Once you have joined you will have the opportunity to join our academy and our highly active squads.

The D.M.Z. currently consists of Dunell Hills, and the surrounding five suburbs. Contact us via our talk page or our forum for more information.

20:27, 20 February 2018 (UTC)

East Becktown Defenders


East Becktown Defenders

Tired of wandering around Malton with no real cause? Need to make a difference? The East Becktown Defenders want you!

Our goal is to maintain the suburb of East Becktown, keeping all our TRPs up and running, but we are often seen kicking back and relaxing in one of the pubs or attempting to converse with the Daubeney Resident Zambahz without being gnawed on.

If you think this sounds like the perfect assignment for you, please contact us via our talk page, find us on the
NecroConnect forum, Discord or come and find us in East Becktown!

We've Got Your Beck!

Last updated 15:15, 21 February 2018 (UTC)



Looking for a group that’s edgy and offers opportunities to find and take part in the action anywhere in Malton?
Look no more, ENVY is for YOU.

The Virtues of ENVY

As a pro survivor group, ENVY's day to day is ever changing, but mainly we are here to help with our available resources in any situation, and we do mean ANY.
That goes from assisting in sieges, help rebuild suburbs lost to hordes of Zeds (or zergs nowadays), to bring our members to assist in PKer assaults.
You need assistance, ENVY is on its way. No problem is too big.

Throughout its history, ENVY has met with bold opposition from Zeds, PKers and now Zergers. We never back down from a fight, good or bad. We are fearless.
In some cases, the temptation to teach a good lesson to those that dare is too tempting.
We do bite when poked and will offer strategic and delightful psychological warfare to anyone that does.

What are you waiting for?

We are looking forward to making history again and welcome new members to have each other’s back.

Come drop a line here and lets see if ENVY is for YOU!


Last updated --Murderess (talk) 19:54, 20 February 2018 (UTC)

Knights Templar

Created by Chiharu Matsuda( OAMPaladin) Last Updated: January 3, 2018

Into this city full of horror, Came warriors of honor, A brave band of friends, Called the Knights Templar! Living only to serve, and to help those in need. Taking their loyalty to the grave and beyond!

We are modern-day knights, defenders of Kempsterbank and Wray Heights, friends to any of Malton's survivors in need of sword or succor.
Living Maltonites of any class and any level of experience are welcome; for those in need, we offer training and guidance. Missions available for those wishing to remain in the Kempsterbank/Wray Heights (south-central Malton) area or those wishing to see a bit more of the city. Check out our wiki page or our forum for details.

Malton College of Medicine

Malton College Of Medicine

Malton College of Medicine prides itself on teaching newcomers to Malton how to survive a zombie apocalypse. We are dedicated to assisting neighbouring suburbs to the best of our ability, as well as entertaining ourselves and those who join us with weekly karaoke.

Our staff are fun-loving, experienced survivors who will help you to gather the knowledge and skills of a veteran during your stay at MCM.

Our home is St George's Hospital in Greentown, so feel free to pop in and say hello!

If you are interested in joining MCM, please contact us. You can find us on Discord.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply here today!

Last updated 12:15, 11 January 2018 (UTC)

Soldiers of Crossman

Soldiers of Crossman wiki
Soldiers of Crossman wiki
Area of Operations

Rising from the ashes of two historical groups, the Soldiers of Crossman have thrived in the volatile Northwest of Malton, becoming one of the longest-lasting, premier groups in the game. Our friends know us for our loyalty, good humor, and dedication. Our enemies know us for our strength, determination, and tenacity.

The Northwest was once a proud bastion of humanity in the zombie apocalypse, standing firm when all else crumbled around it. We intend to bring that back by uniting all of the survivors in the Northwest, not only in the fight against our common enemy, but also in our struggle to rebuild that which has been taken from us.

Join us on our mission:

To unite the Northwest and take back what is ours.

Last updated: 19:25, 20 February 2018 (UTC)

Zombie Groups

Feral Clowder

Feral Clowder
Feral Clowder 2.png

When a cat bites, its sharp canine teeth easily puncture the skin, leaving small, but deep, wounds in the skin. These punctures rapidly seal over, trapping bacteria from the cat's mouth under the skin of the victim, where they can readily multiply. A similar type of injury happens with cat scratches—the extremely sharp, curved nails penetrate deep into the skin, essentially injecting bacteria deep into the puncture wound. Depending on the location and depth of the wound, the bacteria can spread in the surrounding tissues causing a condition called Barhah.

If you're interested in joining Feral Clowder, please join us on our Discord server.

Last updated 03:18, 11 January 2018 (UTC)

The Ridleybank Resistance Front

Join us on the Ridleybank Resistance Front Discord server

The Ridleybank Resistance Front wants you! Are you a lonely zombie, tired of bashing barricades by yourself and rarely reaching the tasty brains on the other side? Are you a survivor, bored with the inane bickering of your fellow breathers, as they argue for days over barricade levels and danger reports? Then join us - the RRF - we want to give you the fun you're searching for!

We are one of the largest, most storied, and successful hordes in the entire game, eating survivors and smashing safehouses since September 2005. We extend a warm hand (in spirit, our actual hands are room-temperature) of welcome to those who wish to escape the Serious Business of other groups, and have a laugh while still being deadly in the field of combat.

Old player with tons of skills? You are most welcome to bring your experience to us. New player without even Ankle Grab? We will feed you until you burst - babahz are one of our special joys to raise, a feeling shared horde-wide. If you like to free-wheel, you can join the main horde, the Department of Homeland Security, and rampage about the homeland. Like the coordinated action of strike teams? We have two to choose from at various times of day - Auxunit 10 and The Constables. Can't quite give up on ammo and oxygen? The Gore Corps, THE death cultists of Malton, belong to us, and will put your firearm addiction to good use.

And foremost, the Front is a family. We look out for each other in a way many harmanz - and even some zambahz - still have yet to learn. Those in command are always approachable with any problems or questions you may have. For as much as you would give to the horde, the horde would give to you. Plus the total lack of pants and the kicking of Serious Business right in the fish-and-chips. We want to have fun, and we want you to have it too. Come and play!
23:21, 06 January 2018 (UTC)

The Scourge

The Scourge logo.png .........
The Scourge

The Scourge is coming, first for Tollyton, then Malton, then the world.

Barhah! We're a bunch of fun and friendly players who love the game and think the undead have been at a disadvantage for too long.

Whether you're a career zombie, a brand new babah or a survivor wanting to defect to the non-Mrh?ing side, any and all zombies are welcome to join us! We make sure to feed our babahz so they grow up to be big and strong!

We run regular strikes on Discord and we maintain a record of our shamblings on the NecroConnect forum. Feel free to stay for a meal, a week, or the rest of your unlife...

To join the fastest growing horde in Malton, head to our Discord and say hi, then shamble your way over to our current location, Tollyton — it's that easy!

Last updated 15:15, 21 February 2018 (UTC)
......... The Scourge logo.png

Death Cultist Groups

The Cleaning Crew

Do you ever miss parachuting into buildings?

Do you like well made piñatas?


Do you thrive with the salty tears of your foes?

Then The Cleaning Crew might be the group for you!

Contact us on our discord.

18:08, 4 January 2018 (UTC)

PKer Groups

Flowers of Decay


Fodbanner ver 5.jpg
The Flowers of Decay Recruitment Policy

Making Malton great again since 2007!

Over the years, as one Pker group after another has vanished into obscurity, one constant remains in Malton. The FOD. To this very day, they continue to toil away at their thankless work, making Malton a better place by culling the weak and bringing education and training to survivor kind.

Survivors, disgusted by your fellows’ incompetence?

  • Getting shot while waiting for revives?
  • Being locked out of entry points?
  • Watching fools giggle and cavort instead of spending AP fighting zombies like real survivors should?

Zombies, tired of frustrating barricades?

  • Tearing open empty buildings?
  • Watching incompetents stay safe through no virtue of their own except sheer spare AP?
  • Having survivors outnumber you in a zombie apocalypse, of all places?

Bounty hunters, ready to shed the hypocrisy and become more than mere diet PKers?
PKers, ready to join a group that will appreciate and support your substance and style?
Dual Natures, ready to experience the third and best way of life?

If you want to do something about this deadweight Flotsam who try to pass off as survivors, then join us.

1. We prefer active team players. If you can't be somewhat active and stay in touch, we're simply not the group for you.
2. The FOD does not recognize Honor Among Thieves. Providing blanket immunity based on affiliation rather than merit is allowing flotsam to wallow in uselessness. We will kill whom we please, when we please.
3. We are against zerging, alt abuse, text rape and forum spying. We want the best out of our players and allies.


RWSig1.png RWSig2.pngFoD PK Praise Rando!RadicalWhig (talk) 01:29, 19 January 2018 (UTC)

Red Rum

All Play Styles & Other

Malton Danger Updaters

Malton Danger Updaters
Malton Danger Updaters | Talk | History | Current Assignments | Roster | Allies | Tools | Recruitment Ad
Malton Danger Updaters
The Malton Danger Updaters are a loose group of players whose goal is to keep Malton's DangerReport system up-to-date across the city.

MDU alts may be of any variety, but are generally discouraged from "playing" the game when on MDU assignment. Instead, they travel the city, updating building- and suburb-level DangerReports and other information.

In general, MDU activities are organized on the wiki or at NecroConnect — find our section here.

Latest Updates

MDU has several projects ongoing! Join us here on the wiki to get involved.

MDU has shifted to a new Marking Unknown schedule. See here for more.
Last updated 15:16, 21 February 2018 (UTC)

Format for Posting Adverts

Group adverts are to follow a very specific format. Your advert code should look like this:

===[[Group Name]]===

{{:Group Name/Recruit}}
time stamp (~~~~~) or timed signature (~~~~) Optional if otherwise displayed.

  • The entire advert content is "encased" in a table. This prevents one advert's formatting from affecting other adverts due to image "text flow" and so on.
  • "Group Name/Recruit" is a normal wiki page that contains the content of the advert. Using the curly brackets and colon inserts your advert page's entire contents onto this page, just as if it were a template.
  • You MUST put the following categories on your "Group Name/Recruit" page:
<noinclude>[[Category:Group Subpages]]</noinclude>
<noinclude>[[Category:GROUP NAME HERE]]</noinclude> if your group has a category of its own.
  • Additionally you should add:
<noinclude>[[Category:Recruitment|TYPE]]</noinclude> where TYPE is your group type.
  • Place your advert in alphabetical order by group name, within the relevant group type. Adverts not posted in the proper alphabetical order will be moved.
  • Large Groups or Organizations with significant subgroups are limited to one advert. This includes groups such as the DHPD and the DEM, they may use their advert to direct players to the separate sub-groups.
  • The advert must have a timestamp (five tildes - ~~~~~) or a signature with an attached timestamp. This can be placed either on this page or on your adverts page.
  • After two months as measured from the timestamp the entire advert may be removed for inactivity. It is the group’s responsibility to update the timestamp to prevent the advert being deleted. Updating the timestamp may and should be done at any time while the group is still recruiting.
  • Adverts which do not use the format below or fails to adhere to the guidelines above will be commented out. This can be done using comment tags - <!-- ... -->. A dated comment will be left in the edited section explaining why the advert page was dis-included; if the advert is not fixed within two weeks, the entire section will be removed.

Category Listings

Recruitment pages are listed below in order by type. To include your recruitment advert in this list, put the following on "template" page, where TYPE is your group's type: <noinclude>[[Category:Recruitment|TYPE]]</noinclude>

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