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The Servants of the Machine God, the Adeptus Mechanicus know the mysteries of the machines and technology of the Imperium that many have forgotten. The masters of the mechanical, they serve to maintain infrastructure and tools to ensure that other forces of the Imperium are free to fight on in the Emperor's Name, secure in knowing that their homes and bases of operation will remain lit, fortified, and awaiting their safe return. Like all other groups within the Imperium, this is a 40k-based roleplaying group.

Having been reinvigorated by the recent reforms within the Imperium of Man, the Adeptus Mechanicus is now seeking new trainees to rebuild their ranks and take their position as the keepers of knowledge within the Imperium of Man.

All worthies who feel fit to join the Tech-Priests of Mars, join us here, register, and declare yourself of the Adepts of the Machine God.

Hail the Omnissiah!

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