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The Player Killer Hub is open for business- several groups hosted on the same forums in the name of greater mischief. We've also amassed a variety of wonderful services over the years, which are all hosted in the same space to make life easier. We're happy to accept new (or even veteran) groups into the fold- you'll get your own part of the forums on a par with everyone else, access to all our wonderful toys and all the benefits of being on a high-traffic forum- not to mention all the usual banter.


Anyways, on with the gumf. Our member groups include:

Cybele's Children | EP-METS! | The Flat Earth Society | Malton Mental Hospital | Maris Viridis | Red Rum | BrainROT RUM | Rouge Heart Aces

Forum participation numbers sixty active players on a (really) bad day.
Besides just forums, the Hub also hosts:

You can't afford to miss out...

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