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The Colour of Violence

The Colour of Violence is an aggressive new movement whose views vary significantly from many other PKer groups. Make no doubt about it we are a player killing group, but we are also pro-survivor. We are an elitist group who intend to significantly change Malton and for the better. We believe that in the years since the outbreak the city has seen a significant moral and social decline and this is not as a result of the undead.

We are split into several units each with different aims and tasks, all aimed to improve Malton. Quebec Unit, is responsible for the handling of intelligence and planning, Romeo Unit is in charge of restoration and the general upkeep of the city, Sierra Unit is responsible for the handling of communications within the city, Tango Unit, made up of our more experienced members is our hit squad, responsible for taking care of those living we feel are harmful to Malton and finally Uniform Unit are responsible for both exterminating the undead and reviving where possible. Upon joining the group you will be appointed to a one of the task forces and contacted by your unit leaders.

We do not have any requirements as such but we do insist that you are committed to our cause, loyalty comes before any skills. We aim to help you progress and survive in Malton and so will appoint you to the task force we feel will most suit your skills and abilities. To join, please submit your application here.

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