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Malton Police Department
Group logo
Abbreviation: MPD
Group Numbers: Stats Page
Leadership: Structured Chain of Command
Goals: To Serve and to Protect
Recruitment Policy: Join!
Contact: DEM Forum

The Malton Police Department is dedicated the protection of the citizens of the great city of Malton. Although normal operations were seriously disrupted during the initial crises, most police offers have been doing their best to continue with the basic mission of the MPD, even while lacking coordination with the department. The Department is continuously trying to locate missing Cops, so they can rejoin the force and take advantage the Departments organizational and support resources.

The MPD also contains special branches for handling specific tasks important to effective law enforcement and peace keeping, but outside the scope of general police work. One such branch, whose work has become increasingly vital is the Malton Forensics Unit. Another recently-formed branch is the Malton Marshals. The MPD also works very closely with the Malton Fire Department and other groups within the Department of Emergency Management.


Our immediate goal is to re-establish bases of operation in the Police Departments scattered over Malton. These are necessary support buildings, so please do not barricade beyond VS+2 unless there is another police station within three blocks. At that point, one station should be tagged with the specified barricade level. It is essential that such resource locations are kept safe and available, so we can more effectively combat the zombie threat.

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