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Began playing August 2007. Stopped playing January 2008. Might jump in from time to time just for the fun of it...

For now, I'm pretty much done with Urban Dead. Until Kevan implements something interesting to the game (such as my Peer Reviewed suggestions below and/or CHAINSAWS), I'll be checking back here at the wiki every once in awhile to vote on suggestions, but little more than that.

My username on KoL is the same as the one used here.

KOL.jpg KoL
Vkkhamul is an avid player of

Kingdom Of Loathing

My Characters

Zergling.gif Alt user
Vkkhamul has alts but DOESN'T Zerg.


Look at all Template crap that applies to me or my characters.

Proof of My Awesomeness

I have NEVER been given a Welcome template from Project Welcome. Why? Because I needed no one's help. Yep, I'm THAT good.

Here are all of my Peer Reviewed suggestions:

I Have Been Wronged!


I Support:

  • Barricade Strafing- For the greater good!
  • PKers- I don't do so myself, but it does add realism to the game (insane killers). The worst I could do is report you on Brainstock (only applies if you PK me, not if I witness PKing). The best I could do is give you a revive.
  • Rotters- 'Cause that's how they roll.
  • Feral Undead- Because vultures are.. you get the idea..
  • Trenchcoaters- They help kill zombies. How is that a bad thing?

I Am Against:

  • Zerging- Darn cheaters..
  • Bots- Darn stupid cheaters..
  • ZKing- I don't mind a low-level zed taking a bite out of my own every once in awhile, but sometimes it gets out of hand.
  • Griefing- There's no need to make other people grieve.

For more information, see the templates that apply to me.

Map of Malton Suburbs

Dakerstown Jensentown Quarlesbank West Boundwood East Boundwood Lamport Hills Chancelwood Earletown Rhodenbank Dulston
Roywood Judgewood Gatcombeton Shuttlebank Yagoton Millen Hills Raines Hills Pashenton Rolt Heights Pescodside
Peddlesden Village Chudleyton Darvall Heights Eastonwood Brooke Hills Shearbank Huntley Heights Santlerville Gibsonton Dunningwood
Dunell Hills West Becktown East
Richmond Hills Ketchelbank Roachtown Randallbank Heytown Spracklingbank Paynterton
Owsleybank Molebank Lukinswood Havercroft Barrville Ridleybank Pimbank Peppardville Pitneybank Starlingtown
Grigg Heights Reganbank Lerwill Heights Shore Hills Galbraith Hills Stanbury Village Roftwood Edgecombe Pegton Dentonside
Crooketon Mornington North Blythville Brooksville Mockridge Heights Shackleville Tollyton Crowbank Vinetown Houldenbank
Nixbank Wykewood South Blythville Greentown Tapton Kempsterbank Wray Heights Gulsonside Osmondville Penny Heights
Foulkes Village Ruddlebank Lockettside Dartside Kinch Heights West Grayside East Grayside Scarletwood Pennville Fryerbank
New Arkham Old Arkham Spicer Hills Williamsville Buttonville Wyke Hills Hollomstown Danversbank Whittenside Miltown
Suburb Danger Level Colors

Structurally intact and inhabited by survivors, with numerous lit buildings, and few to no zombies.

Moderately Dangerous

Active zombies and break-ins, but no major hordes.


Structurally intact with few zombies, but a very low survivor population and few to no lit buildings.


Zombies inside many resource buildings and/or significant hostile mobs.

A Ghost Town

Mostly or entirely ruined, and devoid of significant survivor or zombie populations.

Very Dangerous

Most buildings wide open or zombie-infested and/or massive hostile zombie mobs.

Suburbs listed in boldface contain notable locations, groups, or events.
Factors beyond the scope of this map may affect the situation on the ground.