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Active Characters


Profile: Here
Group: Department of Emergency Management
Division: Malton Civil Defense Unit
Unit: Unit Se7en: "The Red Storm"
Rank: Sergeant Major of the MCDU

Southrop, a young Chinese man, trained with the US Army. After being inserted into Malton with his squad, Southrop joined the MCDU, figuring that his line of training would benefit the MCDU.


Profile: Here
Group: None
Division: None
Unit: None
Rank: None
Former Credentials: Former Lead Instructor of Little Fawn Campus (DEM Academy), Former Inspector (MPD)

MPD - Inspector
Ins Eastrop (MPD)
WeaponMaster HandSpecialist Fitness
Sniper Community Support Radio Operator
Engineer Field Medicine Science
Resident Surgeon Mallrat Recon
1 Years Service Purple Heart

Eastrop, a young American who trained with the SAS. After being inserted into Malton with his squad, Eastrop fled to a safe suburb and plotted on how to destroy the zombies. He joined the Malton Police Department and was a star student, who caught the eyes of many instructors. Upon graduation, 3 instructors approached him, requesting him to become an instructor himself. He accepted, and joined the NW Division of the DEM, as Field Instructor of Little Fawn Campus. He became the Lead Instructor of Little Fawn Campus following the retirement of Sergeant Steeeve and retained the post for a very long time, but is now retired from the DEM.

Retired/Inactive Characters


Profile: Here
Group: None
Division: None
Unit: None
Rank: None Former Credentials: Emergency Medical Technician (MEMS)

Formerly known as Northrop, the third member of the Compass Demons, he lost his memory shortly after arriving in Malton. He has disappeared somewhere and no-one has seen him for months. He is a former EMT of the Malton Emergency Medical Services.


Profile: Here
Group: None
Division: None
Unit: None
Rank: None

The fourth member of the Compass Demons, he arrived in Malton and suffered a serious injury, forcing him to hide out. All trace of him has been lost. People speculate that the Government extracted him before zombies started ruining buildings.


Centrop, the fifth member of the The Compass Demons. He somehow ended up in Monroeville when the other members of his squad landed in Malton.


For the DEM April Fool's Joke (2008), Southrop and Eastrop both became members of PANCAKE, Southrop as one of two commanders (the other is Allison Wolf) and Eastrop as a Chief of Staff.


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Southrop is a member of the MCDU.

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Eastrop is a member of the MPD.

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Boya is a member of the MEMS.

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Westrop is an ally of the DEM

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This user will neither confirm or deny that he/she is actually a PKer in P.A.N.C.A.K.E., a PK group that was formerly the DEM's covert PKer infiltration branch.

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I flow into the void.

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I have no clue what I'm doing.

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