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Malton Police Department
Group logo
Abbreviation: MPD
Group Numbers: Stats Page.
Leadership: MPD Command
Goals: To Serve and to Protect
Recruitment Policy: Join the MPD!
Contact: MPD Forum or Discord

The Malton Police Department is dedicated to the protection of the citizens of the city of Malton. Although normal operations and patrols were seriously disrupted during the initial crises, a lot of police officers were able to overcome the chaos, even while lacking coordination with the department. Some officers maintained control of their local police stations and barricaded them to keep out the zombies. They were able to contact other stations, gradually restoring department communications. The MPD is continuously trying to locate missing cops, so they can rejoin the force and take advantage of the Department's new organization and resources.

The MPD uses a wide variety of communications (IMs, forums, Ventrilo, and IRC) to fight the zombie menace as effectively as possible. The MPD also has a lot of dedicated role players to give the game some extra flavour. The MPD is a core group of the Department of Emergency Management. We work closely together with the Malton Fire Department and other groups who are are part of the DEM. Do you want to serve Malton? Do you want to become a well experienced Urban Dead player? You've come to the right place, officer!

Joining and Training

MPD Shooting Range

Apply to join the MPD by posting on our forum join thread!

The Malton Police Department is currently open to any civilian who does not have a record of PKing. We are one of the few groups in Malton that have an academy to teach new players all they need to know about the game. New MPD cadets will work on training missions with other recruits under the direct supervision of the academy's instructors, and will remain in the academy until they have learned the minimum skill set required by the MPD. As a cooperative effort of the DEM member organizations, the academy is designed to provide uniform training and produce smart, tough and effective graduates, who can make a difference in helping to stem the zombie onslaught in Malton. Exceptional recruits may receive their first promotion on graduation.

Training missions are designed both to help new recruits learn the basic skills required to survive as well as to learn MPD and DEM operational procedures. By the time you graduate from the academy, you will have the necessary skills and training to contribute effectively our operations. But don't think that academy training missions are milk runs; MPD training missions will place you and your fellow trainees in some of the most difficult areas in your Division, doing vital support work! You will not only be learning and practicing new skills, but you will see how our teams work together and even have the opportunity to try being commanding officer for a limited time, leading your team through an assignment.

Apply to join the MPD by posting on our forum join thread!

Four basic roles for individual play styles

The Malton Police Department is broken into four basic roles based on activity. Each officer indicates the way they wish to play by selecting one of these roles for themselves. Also the roles are used to indicate what play styles are accepted in each unit.

Territorial Policing Directorate

  • Communication: Forum Poster
  • Operations: Fixed Area

The most common role for an MPD officer, this cop can help maintain safety in a given area, be it a suburb or district, by maintaining a patrol, working to help breaches, maintaining safehouses, and coordinating with locals for assistance. They are "first on scene" in their home areas. Coordination is via the MPD forums.

Specialist Firearms Command

  • Communication: Forum Poster
  • Operations: Rapid Response Mobile Unit

This group of officers form mobile units made mostly for quick and effective responses to serious crises as directed by their commanding officer. Their emphasis is on reclaiming efforts, so they will be less tied down with Patrol Officer or Detective duties. Coordination is via the MPD forums.

Counter Terrorism Command

  • Communication: Real Time Comms
  • Operations: Rapid Response Mobile Unit

The profile of this group is quite similar to Specialst Firearms Command, but the officers of this group coordinate via real time comms, for example IRC.

Criminal Investigation Department

  • Communication: Forum Poster
  • Operations: Semi-Active

This is a role for senior officers who play more independently, not reporting in to the forums so regularly any more. They're mostly active within a certain area.


Do you want to stock up like a real cop? Here's a list of the stuff we use to prevent Malton from drifting into chaos:

Regular Patrol Duty Kit

Advance Command Kit

Command officers carry the basic kit plus the following:

  • Spray cans - 2 Minimum: One for use plus one reserve. We need to be able to spray tags.
  • Mobile phone - Useful for coordinating with organized citizen groups.
  • DNA extractor - We cops know our zeds and keep their names in the contact list. We sell DNA codes to the MFU in exchange for doughnuts.
  • Binoculars - For observing crowds.
  • Newspaper - For slapping team members.

Goals and Guidelines


Our immediate goal is to re-establish bases of operation in the Police Departments scattered over Malton. These are necessary support buildings, so please do not barricade beyond VSB+2 unless there is another police station within three blocks. At that point, one station should be tagged with the specified barricade level. It is essential that such resource locations are kept safe and available, so we can more effectively combat the zombie threat.

Understanding our mission begins with understanding the situation. The mathematics of this infectious outbreak are frightening. Each victim becomes a vector (or carrier of the virus - i.e. a flesh eating zombie), and vectors cannot be killed permanently. The only way to remove a zombie is to revive them, and that is slightly trickier than infection. This fact should illustrate how important it is for each individual to maintain a high level of personal security. Citizens who sleep in alleyways put us all at greater risk. Therefore, continued programs of education and information sharing are imperative to the cause of the Malton Police Department, the Malton Fire Department, the Malton Civil Defense Unit and all human groups advancing a victory scenario.

To achieve these short term and longer term goals, the Malton Police Academy has set forward the following guidelines for officers in the field:

  • Support each other.
Render whatever assistance or support you can to other DEM personnel in your area. If you are in the same or adjacent suburbs, stay in touch and be ready to help.
  • Scouting.
Keep an eye on the general zombie population in your area. Report sightings in the appropriate places (wiki, zombie tracker, area forums, etc).
  • Checking for breaches.
Check safehouses in your area, particularly Police Departments of course, to see if they have been breached. This can be a key support function! Alert the tenants that there are zombies inside (yes, this makes a difference), close the doors, erect a minimal barricade and do what you can to drop the zombies. Always finish by tossing out the bodies before seeking more secure shelter.
  • Adjusting barricades.
Lower barricades on buildings designated VS safehouses that became overbarricaded, and instruct tenants why they should not overbarricade, providing links to the wiki. Raise barricades on buildings where they have been dropped, with VS safehouses getting priority.
  • Community service announcements.
When visiting highly populated safe houses and Police Departments (containing survivors), let them know about any forums or wiki pages specific to that location or suburb, report any unusual zombie activity or numbers in the immediate area, remind them of the appropriate barricade level for that building, etc. Make sure to let them know the MPD is providing the helpful information and urge members to report in.
  • Tag buildings.
Police Departments should have some sort of tag informing people of our group, such as "Are you one of Maltons Finest? Join the MPD!". Other buildings can be tagged with useful information (barricade level, location of closest revive point, etc) and just sign the tag -MPD. You can also just tag the URL for this wiki page.
  • Recruit.
Try not to be shy. Let people know you are with the Malton Police Department. Encourage Cops to report in, providing the URL. If you aren't the talkative type, just provide the URL for the forum and let them know people here will be happy to answer questions. The more personnel the department has at it's disposal, the more good we can do in the community!
  • Maintain the wiki.
This goes particularly to Chief Inspectors and Superintendents, who need to keep the MPD Command page up to date. But all members can help out by making sure we are listed in the description of suburbs within which we are active, link Police Department entries to us where actively monitored by MPD personnel, etc.
  • Barricade plans.
Draw up barricade plans in accordance with the Uniform Barricading Policy for any suburbs in organized districts that do not already have one developed by active groups specific to that area.
  • Work with your community.
Cops are encouraged to communicate with and assist any local community groups whose goals are congruent with Department Goals and Guidelines. We are not in this alone! History shows that Police Departments that work with their communities are far more successful in meeting their objectives than those that try to work solo. Additionally, as a Malton-wide organization, we have the opportunity to help bring like minded groups together on projects. Working as a team we can accomplish great things!
  • Respect Sacred Ground.
We support the Sacred Ground Policy, and members must consider cemeteries functional Revivification Points. While it is still recommended to only revive those that have placed a request, zombies on these locations should not be attacked.



MPD Badge
  • 1 Commissioner - Sets MPD policy in cooperation with Superintendents, may assign a Deputy Commissioner.
  • 1 Deputy Commissioner - Rank equivalent to a Superintendent.
  • 2 Superintendents - North and South divisions (each divided into two Areas, further divided into five Districts).


  • Up to 20 Chief Inspectors - Each responsible for 1 District, composed of approximately 5 suburbs.
  • Up to 100 Inspectors - Each oversee a suburb, may assign Sergeants to a Police Departments as station commanders.
  • Sergeants/Constables - Work alongside officers of other DEM groups to make Malton a safer place, Constable being a probationary rank and Sergeant being the basic rank for regular officers.

Inspectors are granted a fair amount of latitude in how they organize their suburb and keep their crews motivated, as long as they are working in accordance with Department guidelines and respond to directives from their Chief Inspector.

For more information or to see what command positions are still open, see the MPD Command page.

Merits and Ribbons

The Department of Emergency Management has a series of DEM Merits and Ribbons it issues to members who display mastery over key skills. The ribbons can be claimed by any member with the profficiency of the skills entailed. Summary of these ribbons and the means to claim them can be found on the DEM Merits and Ribbons page.

DEM Ribbons and Merits 3D.jpg

DEM Groups & Other Group Affiliations

Being a core group of the DEM, the MPD is affiliated with all groups that are affiliated or allied with the Department of Emergency Management.

Wiki Resources

Join The Wiki List

MPD staff, please show your support by adding the MPD Member Template to your user page. This also adds you to the wiki list of MPD Members. Put this in your userpage:


Then you will appear on the list and get a category at the bottom of your userpage. Example:

Mpd.png Malton Police Department
John Doe is a member of the MPD.

MPD Ribbons Template

MPD members may use the following template to proudly display their merits and ribbons:

MPD - Sergeant
Sgt John Doe (MPD)
WeaponMaster HandSpecialist Fitness
Sniper Community Support Radio Operator
Engineer Field Medicine Science
Resident Surgeon Mallrat Recon
3 Years Service Purple Heart



Please go to Template:MPDRibbons for a full explanation of usage/placement.

Supported Policies

Ubpicon1.gif Uniform Barricading Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Uniform Barricading Policy by actively maintaining barricades according to local plan or UBP standard.
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
River.gif River Tactics Supporter
This User or Group supports River Tactics.
Syringe.jpg No Random Revives Supporter
This User or Group supports the No Random Revive Policy by utilizing Revivification Request tools.
Mpd.png PK Reporting
This User or Group supports PK Reporting. Don't let Player Killers get away with murder. Report them on the Rogues Gallery.
Police Helmet1.jpg Malton Police Departments Group
This user or group supports the MPDG in their attempt at restoring law and order in Malton.
Handinhanddp1.png Pay It Forward Supporter
This User or Group Pays It Forward.
Get a revive, give a revive.

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