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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

FedCom: Urban Dead
Abbreviation: "FedCom:UD" or simply "FedCom"
Group Numbers: 30 (11 active)
Leadership: Structured rank system, based on merit and activity
Goals: Unite all survivors in a cooperative front against the evil that has infested Malton, and take back this city...
Recruitment policy: Open to any survivor who is not a PKer or a rotter.
Members.gif Forums
This group uses a forum for communications.
Revive.gif Revivification Requests
Undead? Want to breathe again?
Make a Revivification Request! (Dead Link)
Mpd.png Report PKers!
Don't let them get away with murder! Register them on the Rogues Gallery. (Dead Link)
know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.25 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Pennville

General Information

FedCom is a very pro-active, pro-survivor group. We believe that only through unity can humanity effectively face the undead and their PKer servants. Although we are still growing, we are fiercely determined to win.

We are a very moral group. We are honest, compassionate, and polite. We fight for the welfare of the people of Malton, regardless of our own safety: we are here to protect YOU. We do not concern ourselves with the paranoia of zombie spies or other such nonsense: they do not scare us. We are stubborn, bold and courageous, and we stand firm against all opposition.

Membership is open to virtually anyone. The only exceptions are known PKers and individuals with Brain Rot. Anyone who thinks our cause is just is urged to make contact on our forums immediately.

Benefit from having close friends and teammates just around the corner: fast revives, added firepower, and someone to watch your back while you sleep. Head down to the Fort Perryn area, and sign up!


Is your group disbanding? Still want to be part of a team?
If your group was also a pro-survivor group, FedCom will be very happy to take in any of your members who wish to continue working together. You will find us very cooperative, adaptable, and an excellent team.

Simply direct your group members to our forum, and let them sign up and apply for membership. Virtually guaranteed for acceptance! Through us, your group will live on...

Other Groups Members that joined FedCom

Historical Reference

  • Deployed in Malton: middle of March 2006.
  • Took up defensive responsibility of Fort Perryn within a week.

Tactical Operations

Declassified for public reference:

  • Operation: Fire Ant
(May 3 - June 13, 2006)
Mission to foil the Feral Undead's "picnic" in the Fort Perryn Armory. Only FedCom personnel participated. The mission is considered to be a complete success, and took no casualties, despite being outnumbered nearly 5 to 1.
  • Operation: Revival
(August 30 - September 14, 2006)
Mission to take back Pennville and Whittenside after the Big Bash rolled through. A joint allied task force (primarily consisting of FedCom personnel and a small team from The Randoms) attacked key points throughout southern Pennville and northern Whittenside. The task force initially met strong resistance from elements of the Feral Undead and other rogue zombies, but kept the initiative and won absolute victory. Mid-way through the mission, the BMC returned to Whittenside and began pushing up from the south while FedCom coordinated all survivor efforts, and we out-maneuvered the remaining zombies. Revive points with lines 30+ long were emptied within a week. Pennville and Whittenside were restored to better than pre-Bash status within three weeks, despite being outnumbered nearly 3 to 1 at the start.
  • FedCom / Heathers War
(October 5 - November 28, 2006)
On September 27th, mercenaries employed by a previously unknown group began PKing FedCom's leadership, claiming bounties for a group called "Heathers". Of course, this had no effect other than simply infuriating the entire group. Heathers would neither show themselves, nor explain why certain members of FedCom were the target of this violent string of PKing. As a result, the decision to declare war on Heathers came fairly swiftly and was unanimously accepted. The entire group then switched into a mode than can only be described as "DEFCON 1", and the hunt began with a fervor never before seen in the group.
While this war has been officially ended by FedCom, no cease-fire has been called, and hostilities remain high. Both sides suffered casualties, with no real progress being made.

Operational Zone

FedCom currently calls the Fort Perryn area and the suburb of Pennville home.

= Defended zone
= Patrolled zone
= Scouted zone
= Area of minor allied influence (totaling 20+ members)
= Area of major allied influence (totaling 60+ members)

Current Activities

Slanderous Graffiti

Over the past two months, we have noticed an increased number of our recruitment and barricade tags being overwritten with insults and downright foul remarks, none of which is anything near the truth. The perpetrators of these dishonorable acts have even gone so far as to masquerade their graffiti as real FedCom recruitment messages, complete with tinyurls. However, these links often lead to rediculous websites.

The only true tinyurl for FedCom is http://tinyurl.com/oxla2, which leads to this Wiki page. All others are false.

FedCom is not amused. We will continue to erase these slanderous messages wherever we find them. The fact that this slander campaign is destroying vital barricade and revive point tags only hurts every survivor, and this goes beyond mere slander...

We ask that the perpetrators of this slander campaign please stop. This got old a long time ago, and you cannot break our group or the local support with spraypaint. If you have a beef with FedCom, go to our forums or our talk page and post it there. That is where it belongs. There is no need to waste your spraypaint and AP with this childish nonsense, because it will get you absolutely nowhere.

Contract with Last Hope

FedCom has just hired these mercenaries on their first contract.

The contract can be found in detail on their discussion page. In a nutshell, it is an extended contract to boost FedCom defensive force against the Feral Undead, because a little extra firepower never hurt anyone ... except zombies, of course.


Barricade Policy

Smbp icon.GIF Suburb Mutual Barricade Plan supporter
This User or Group supports the Suburb Mutual Barricade Plan by actively maintaining barricades according to the agreed-upon SMBP for their resident suburb.

With the input of the BMC, Game-Cavemen, Pathfinders and the PLM, FedCom has created barricade plans for Pennville, Whittenside, Fryerbank, and Miltown.

This cooperation has led directly to the creation of the highly flexible and democratic Suburb Mutual Barricade Plan (SMBP). FedCom hopes that other groups around the city will create their own SMBPs in the same spirit.

Revive Policy

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
FedCom supports the No Random Revive Policy, and does not revive zombies unless they post a request.

FedCom does not randomly revive anyone.
FedCom does not engage in "combat revives" at any time.
FedCom does not clean out revive points by just randomly sticking standing zombies. You MUST deliberately ask for a needle.

How to get Revived

If you want to be revived, and you are in the Fort Perryn area, first shamble to one of the revive points below, then you MUST post a revive request here, here, or here. You are now eligable for a needle.


PKers in the Rogues Gallery who still have bounties on their head will not receive a needle. You will simply be ignored or shot, so do not even bother asking for a revive.

If you are not on that list, you have nothing to worry about. Just stay where you are, and you will get a needle very soon.
Remember, you must be standing at the revive point. If we arrive to find you dead or nowhere in sight, there is nothing we can do until you stand back up or return to the revive point...

Supported Revive Points

a cemetery (92,85) -- Inoperative
a cemetery (85,86) -- Active
a cemetery (87,90) -- Active <-- Primary revive point
Woolley Grove (86,94) -- Inoperative

Other Policies


FedCom does not support zerging.

We define zerging strictly as the game defines it. Having multiple alts in the same group is perfectly fine by us, so long as they physically stay at least the width of one suburb apart.
We recognize that it is often difficult or impossible to determine who is a zerg and who is not, so we typically give the suspect the benefit of doubt.
FedCom has no punishment for suspected zergers: the enforcement of anti-zerging measures by players is futile and a waste of time, so we let the game's built-in countermeasures do their job instead.


FedCom does not kill other survivors without due cause.

We will kill any living (or undead) member of an enemy group, and we do hunt PKers listed in the Rogues Gallery.
Beyond this, there is no killing of survivors in FedCom. Anyone caught randomly PKing will be expelled from the group.


FedCom does not care what zombies do with themselves. That is their problem.

In fact, zombie groups will find that many of our members will deliberately maul them to death, or inflict serious wounds just to make them easier to headshot by someone else.
Simply put, our mission to cleanse Malton of the undead does not end with our own deaths...

GKing / RKing

FedCom does not destroy equipment.

There really is no excuse for breaking a generator or a radio, other than being a lousy griefer with more personal issues than a news-stand.
If we catch you doing it, it will be an automatic membership on our DNR list. Then, when you get munched, you will have to shamble elsewhere to get help, because we shall simply pass you by...


We would very much like to hear from your group's representative. Please visit our Diplomatic forum and introduce youself and your group. Together, we can bring peace and stability to Malton.

Hired Mercs

These mercenary groups are currently contracted to aid FedCom.

Last Hope -- (contract details)


We share full intelligence and information with our allies. They receive priority healing and revives whenever possible, and share the duties of zombie defense, barricades, and revives. Together, we strive to make Malton a better place for the living, and make unlife absolute hell for those who want nothing more.

Clan Blitzkrieg
Creedy Defense Force
Cult's Corpses
Dead vs Blue
Department of Emergency Management
Garniss Border Patrol
ParkLife Massive
Special Tactics And Rescue Squad
Tactical Area Rescue
The Dribbling Beavers
The Randoms

In memoriam:

Ang Hukbong Sandatahan ng Bayan -- (vanished)
Doom Patrol -- (disbanded)
Junk Yard Dawgz -- (vanished)
The Buoyant Armigers -- (vanished)


We share lots of information and have a very friendly relationship, but for some reason or another, we are not fully allied.

Cannonball Crew
Silent Running

In memoriam:

Whittenside Medical Corps -- (disbanded)


We consider these groups friendly to our cause, and we seek further good relations. Meanwhile, we will heal their wounded and revive them whenever possible...

Alliance of Giddings
Channel 4 News Team
Josephine's Generals
The Fortress
The Royal Malton Kilted Axemen

In memoriam:

Classic Battletech Revolutionaries -- (vanished)
Crusaders of Malton -- (vanished)
Fort Perryn Garrison -- (vanished)
Pennville Freedom Movement -- (disbanded)


We maintain peaceful coexistance with these groups.

British Military Corps
GCM Radical Redeemers


We have no official stance at this time.

(Most groups in Malton.)
Reformed Pennville Militia


FedCom has poor or stressed relations with these groups, and we are not exactly on the friendliest of terms.
However, we do maintain the peace with a cautious level of coexistance.

(All revived rotters not affiliated with an enemy group.)


We do not like these groups very much, but we keep the peace so long as the members of these groups return the favor.
You play nice with us, and we will play nice with you. Beyond that, mind your manners please.

Amish Liberation Front
Assault on Stupid Survivors
Council of Leaders (new)
Da Shamblin' WAAAGH
Dark Order of Armageddon
Dead on Arrival
De-vivification Experts of Malton
Eastonwood Ferals
Feral Undead
Iocaine Powder
Malton DEA
Minions of the Apocalypse
Philosophe Knights
Ridleybank Resistance Front
The Apocalypse Horde
The Big Bash
The End
The Gingerbraaains
The Rotten Tomatoes
The Shining Ones
The Wreckening

In memoriam:

DARIS -- (disbanded)
Shambling Seagulls -- (disbanded)
The Many -- (disbanded)
The Undying Scourge / The Scourge -- (disbanded)


FedCom currently practices open aggression against these groups. Standard procedures are to shoot first and ask questions later.
Typically, this is because they have attacked us first.

Brotherhood of the Reckoning
Creedy Guerilla Raiders
Red Rum


CDF.jpg Creedy Defense Force
FedCom is affiliated with the Creedy Defense Force and fully supports the destruction of all zombie unlife in Malton.
Mercenaries.jpg Last Hope Mercenary Supporter
This User or Group is indebted to the Last Hope Mercenaries.

If you can use Last Hope's superior firepower support then Hire them!

Antiph.JPG PH Extermination
This User or Group supports the elimination of PH in the Southern Suburbs of Malton.
BadgeDEM.jpg DEM Ally
FedCom is an ally of the DEM
Redcrosssmall.jpg Malton Hospitals Group
This user or group supports MHG in their attempt to restore health care in Malton.