Pennville Freedom Movement

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Pennville Freedom Movement
Abbreviation: PFM
Group Numbers: dozens
Leadership: Anyone can be a leader and everyone works together
Goals: create a safe place in Malton where anyone is free to come and seek sanctuary
Recruitment Policy: Come to Pennville and join us
Contact: Contact Serge Zharkajian or Cineraryone


Who we are:

- We are in Pennville.

- We seek freedom - from zombies, from criminals, and freedom to live again

- We are a movement - not an organization with a hierarchy, but simply people who are like-minded and have similar values as we do.


Pennville Freedom Movement was formed by a few people who had helped set up the safehouse at the Rolls Road Police Department in Lamport Hills. As the safehouse became more crowded, these people recognized the inherent danger of staying, and so they left and moved onto a nearby suburb. Within a couple weeks of their departure, the suburb of Lamport Hills was over-run by zombies, and in one night the Rolls Road Police Department fell.

The small group of people who had seen the writing on the wall decided to call themselves the Macabre Crew, in honor of one of their leaders and also the man capable of reviving them from the zombification process.

Since their formation, the Macabre Crew have moved around through different suburbs, growing in power and resources, but always keeping their locations hidden, their numbers small, and their options open. Most of their members use codenames, with the exception of their spokesman.

Eventually, Serge Zharkajian came up with the idea to secure and make safe an entire suburb. He proposed this idea to his friends, and named this new group as Pennville Freedom Movement. He chose Pennville because of its strategic location and because he liked the Cinema where he was staying.

At some point in 2006, the PFM was disbanded because some of its members had been naughty. Some members of the PFM joined a group called the RFM (Reformed Pennville Militia), which was basically the same thing as the PFM with a new name.

Then, in 2009, two of the founders of the PFM had a meeting. Serge Zharkajian and Cineraryone decided to give Pennville and the PFM another chance. They reformed the PFM and started working on making Pennville a safe place for all survivors.


The primary goal of Pennville Freedom Movement is securing the suburb of Pennville from the threat of zombies and criminal gangs, but not claiming control over the suburb or its citizens.

Ultimately, the movement seeks to create a safe place in Malton where anyone is free to come and seek sanctuary. In this fashion, we may begin to rebuild and create some form of normal life again in Pennville.



PFM supports the Uniform Barricading Policy. This policy helps all survivors and we have already loosely implemented it in Pennville.


Even zombies and criminals deserve a chance at salvation. We would give them the opportunity (through revivification for zombies or through amnesty to criminals) to redeem themselves and join us. If they don't join us, they can either stay and live harmoniously, or leave Pennville. If they choose to do something else, like stay and cause others harm, then we will react appropriately.


The spokesmen for this group are Serge Zharkajian and Cineraryone.


09.09.09 - Serge Zharkajian eliminates a murderer named MadPierre. MadPierre killed Cineraryone of the PFM. Cineraryone's death has been avenged.


08.22.09 - Serge Zharkajian and Cineraryone meet in Pennville and decide to reform the PFM. Work begins.


Friday, September 11, 2009: Today is a sad day for the Pennville Freedom Movement as we have lost a great friend and ally. Our good friend Spacerone passed away of a heart attack. He helped form the PFM and is one of the original members. He moved his character on to other things and contributed to his other groups with passion. Our condolences go out to his girlfriend and his two children. You will be missed by all, my friend, and in real life I wish we had revive syringes for good people like you. I would be first in line to give you the revive, but alas real life is not a game, and we can only mourn for you and your family, and hope you have found comfort and peace wherever you are.

A tribute page can be found here: