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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

The Big Bash
The Big Bash.png
Abbreviation: TBB
Group Numbers: All zambahz welcome!
Leadership: The Council Of 5
Goals: BARHAH!
Recruitment Policy: Join Mall Tour 07 instead!
Contact: Big Bash forum
Big Bash redirects here, for other uses see Big Bash (disambiguation)

What is the Big Bash?

In order to revitalize the game, and our fun within it, we have taken the ideas floating around many hordes and many forums, and we are hereby organizing a grand alliance of zombie hordes to partake of a rampage across Malton. The Big Bash is the party that this grand alliance, this horde-of-hordes, is going to throw in its travels around Malton.

The objectives are to have fun, redress the balance between zombies and harmanz, and provide an attractive event to new zombie players who might otherwise never progress as a zombie.

How much each horde participates and coordinates with the alliance will be up to them, but here we provide one ‘master’ forum for the general running of the operation, which all zombies will have access to. The leaders of the various hordes can participate in a council to work out strategic targets here, while tactical goals can be handled by the individual hordes themselves, if they so choose. Links will be provided to the member horde’s forums, allowing new zombies to join specific hordes if they choose, or just follow the main group.

Where necessary, those hordes skilled at operating with stealth and coordination will crack hard targets, while the majority of the sacking and brain eating will be carried out by the shambling mass of the Horde.

In this way, we will create a force with enough momentum to steamroll all but the toughest of targets, and put some BARHAH back into UD.

UPDATE 30 Jan 2007

The Big Bash leadership arrived in Santlerville, but were alone in their attempts to acquire a Wii. Their presence was just a nuisance for the local survivor community. Then one day, the survivors heard a big strange *sigh* as the Bash shambled off to the west. Scouts from neighboring suburbs report that they have joined another large zombie group.

UPDATE 30 Dec 2006

In a recent news story, it was announced that there was an accidental double shipment of Wii's at the Dowdney Mall Toys R' Us. Knowing that our little shamblers need entertainment too, we decided it was a good time to visit Dowdney to see if we could get a few for the little munchers. There are a fair number of resource buildings in the area, such as NT buildings, PD's and Hospitals...all are fair game. Hope to see you there to usher in the New Zombah Year in style.

Recently - 11 Dec 2006

Since the fall of Caiger we have been having a general party around the rubble, but Shack has announced that it will be retireing from Malton as an organization (familar rotting faces will still be active, but the group itself is retiring). As a going-away gesture in the best sense of BARHAR, they have invited us to join them for one last glorious party as only the BIG BASH can. We will be shambling toward Giddings over the next day or two...come and join us for all the brainz you can handle.

Current Malton Hordes joining the Big Bash

If your horde is joining in on the fun, post it here!

The Shining Ones


Church of the Resurrection

The Undeadites

Brahma Zambahz!

Minions of the Apocalypse

Rigor Mortis

Malton Catatonics

Zombies for Gore

The Ridleybank Resistance Front - Group 0

Enemies Of NecroTech (EON)

Eastonwood Ferals

Eat The Rich


The Deconstructionists

Manbagz Zahmbahz

Malton's Most Wanted

and more...

Where is the Big Bash now?

With Mall Tour 07

Toys R' Us at Dowdney Mall got a double shipment of Wii's so we are going shopping to get the little ones late Xmas presents! Other local attractions include a *number* of bars in the Mall food court that would serve well for a proper New Years Zombah Bash party!

We will be tearing down cades and hosting the get together as well as recruiting new members for the Bash. If you're Feral, the Bash is right for you...simply follow along and grab as many meatsnacks as you can catch after we open the doors.

Please visit The Big Bash forum to get updated on target locations, as it it more up to date than this here Wiki.

Map of the Big Bash!

BigBashMap 10 29.jpg

Suburb(s) we are currently recruiting at / munching brains in coloured in bright red

Suburbs we've partied at and left (in ruins, of course) coloured in dark red

The Trail Of Destruction

[=Current location: Dowdney Mall=] We're going shopping for the double shipment of Wii's they got at Toys R' Us and will be checking out the bars they have in the food court there! Come join us and maybe you'll get lucky and get a Wii of your own for your little shambler!

Shearbank: Went to Shearbank, saw what they had to offer, died yet another time from laughing so hard as they applied "River Tactics" (ie. they ran).

Roachtown: Squeezed so hard they squealed for help from Shearbank! Well, we didn’t want to wait for the food to come to us, so we moved on north…

Ridleybank and Stanbury Village: Once again returned to the zombie paradises they were meant to be, it was fun smashing with the The Ridleybank Resistance Front again!

Huntley Heights and Raines Hills: More like grazing than hunting, with no true concentrations, the Bash cropped these suburbs close to the ground.

Santlerville: Dowdney Mall was a nice light meal; the rest of the suburb was dessert!

Rolt Heights and Gibsonton: Really only slow-roasted, as the Big Bash wandered through while watching the Marathon.

Rhodenbank: Emptied simultaneously with Dulston.

Dulston: It's been in need of a good sacking since the Mall Tour was here. The Bash smashed it flat and sacked Treweeke Mall.

Spracklingbank: The second quickest suburb to fall at 12 hours and 38 minutes.

Paynterton: Even the Mongolian Horde could not stop the Zombie Horde.

Starlingtown: Their lack of help from Giddings Mall brought quick and painful death to them.

Pegton: Another suburb personally visited by the RRF.

Dentonside: The Big Bash partied in the empty Power Station, actually getting it to work, but shut it down once the party was over.

Vinetown: The RRF went back and said hello to the good friends in Mitchem Mall, reminding them of the no barricade laws.

Houldenbank: Everyone died before the main horde got there.

Penny Heights: Joachim Mall was already dead but Lumber Mall had a few occupants.

Fryerbank: The horde moved swiftly upward with no problem thanks to the Apocalypse Horde.

Miltown: Harmanz were pushed to the corners of the suburb where the fell before the claw.

Whittenside: Sadly Fort Perryn was already empty when we arrived there.

Pennville: Fell before the might of Big Bash.

Danversbank: Danversbank holds the record for quickest suburb to fall. Lasted 8 and a half hours.

Scarletwood: This suburb lasted just under 24 hours. One of the quickest suburbs to go.

Osmondville: A little desert after eating at the Blesley All You Can Eat Buffet.

Gulsonside: Gave the best defence thus far at Blesley Mall. With less men than Ackland they were able to hold off the horde for nearly four days. Ultimatley they lost despite the fact that the Big Bash purposely fought the hardest corner instead of the weakest.

Wray Heights: Thoroughly smashed by The Ridleybank Resistance Front.

Tollyton: The Mall was already on it's last leg and Big Bash helped it get off of it.

Crowbank: Cleared out in just a little over a day.

Vinetown: A quick romp through Vinetown left us hungry for more.

Pegton: Now brain-bereft! See: everything except Giddings.

Pitneybank: After a week of shouting obscenities at the harmanz from outside the Morrish building, the Bash has grown weary of this exercise in boredom.

Peppardville: If it wasn't for spraypainted messages you would have never have known that survivors once lived here.

Edgecombe: Suburb no longer exists. Completely wiped out.

Pimbank: Destroyed before anyone got there. Tynte Mall was ransacked again.

Roftwood: Another quick ransack of Hildebrand Mall.

Stanbury Village: With the (very fast) fall of Nichols Mall, harmanz in central Malton no longer have a safe place to be. The RRF begins running with the Big Bash.

BARHAHville: What attackers of Barhahville didn't retreat to Ackland only to be slaughtered, were slaughtered.

Havercroft: Ackland Mall was hammered into the ground after a short siege, followed by the subsequent extermination of the suburb's slower denizens. The BARHAH was strong with this one!

Brooksville: The brooks in this suburb now flow with red water. And guts. Lots of guts.

Shore Hills: The hills have eyes . . . all undead.

Lerwill Heights: Anything that could have been considered "heights" here? Razed to the ground.

North Blythville: Was never an "official" target, but it got in our way.

South Blythville: Marven Mall's "Help Wanted" sign now takes on a new meaning.

Wykewood: Got eaten, apparently. But nobody really noticed.

Ruddlebank: Now like Ridleybank, only not.

Lockettside: They put up a good fight, but the mall was obliterated.

Spicer Hills: Had its brains eaten. They were . . . spicey. And Hilly?

Dartside: Simultaneously wasted with Williamsville. It was at Dartside that the Bash started taking on two suburbs at once.

Williamsville: Eaten to within an inch of its life, and then some more.

Buttonville: Given a thorough bashing that climaxed with the swift takedown of Buckley Mall.

West Grayside: Cause of riot at the World Cup, as well as several customer complaints at Pole Mall. Nobody was available for comment.

Shearbank: Although the folks living there were nice enough to host our Halloween party, the treats have gotten a bit stale and on top of that, since Caiger fell to another group, we are going to visit the mall to see what the insides look like. There will be a major zombie party there this weekend with Bloody Marys, those little brain snacks and BARHARHAR. Join us for the party and shamble alnog when the Bash makes it's next move.

Future Actions

Go to the discussion page / the attack thread to talk about our next targeted suburb.

Contact Us

The Big Bash public forum

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