Manbagz Zahmbahz

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Manbagz Zahmbahz
Abbreviation: MBZ (but put Manbagz Zahmbahz in the group affiliation to show the zahmbah love
Group Numbers: Not sure, maybe about five. Could be 7 though. Thats a lucky number
Leadership: Earl Boris and Svenson777
Goals: being really, really annoying.
Recruitment Policy: put Manbagz Zahmbahz in your group affiliation and contact the forum[1]. Equal opportunity employer.
Contact: put something in the discussion page or contact us here at the forums [2]

THIS GROUP IS CURRENTLY NO LONGER ACTIVE DUE TO ATTACK BY GIANT LEUROPLURODON. Please leave this page active as the future of the group is determined by charlie the unicorn. If anyone has seen his liver, please let us know.--Danalov 02:18, 17 June 2008 (BST)

A Manbag swaying in the breeze

One slightly foggy day, two survivors were sitting in a mall, pondering life, when spontaneously, they were PK'ed by over zealous survivors on a mission to kill anything with zombie skills. Days later, two zombies broke into that same safehouse, broke the generator, killed the lights and infected all survivors in the room with glorious shouts of "GRAB MAH MANBAGZ, HARMANZ!"

And thus it was that manbagz was born. A group of zombies welded together with the simple desire to spam in death rattle, oh, and spread the zombie barhah.

Browse through this electronic record of a simple group, you never know... you may want to join! --Danalov 13:08, 16 February 2007 (UTC)


Whatever takes our fancy really, one day we'll be eating brainz and spamming in death rattle, one day we'll be destroying the funny blinking lights at the top of buildings, and others we'll be simply swaying, conversing in quiet philosophical Barhah (whether fresh blood or tomato sauce improves the tastiness of brainz). Our missions change regularly, see below for more details.

Current Location

Following the Big Bash II - More Brainz, More Harmanz, More Class!

Current Missions

PRIMARY MISSION(S) See the Big Bash II for out current missions

Successful Manbaggnz!

Operation "RUN AROUND SCREAMING LIKE A HEADLESS CHICKEN!" was a complete success! A few initial breakings saw generator destruction and the occasional infection (with the added bonus of killing one of the Rolt Heights Vigilante Patrol's leader (Lyn of the Blades) along with our usual manbagginz, However, it was small barhah until, with the invaluable and weighty aid of our Zahmbah Brazzahz, the blessed Militant Order of Barhah, Ayliffe PD was broken into, with enough claw power to put it out of business. Silly harmans, never underestimate the combined power of a zombie horde (okay... it was really the power of zombie metagaming. Sweet Zombie Jesus praise the power of the Barhah forum.

We ate heckworthy towers quite a fair amount, i have to say, we're leaving santlerville alone to find a generator. Whilst we are content with the harmanz grabbing our manbagz, we like the ambient lighting that goes nicely in a mobile tower building.

Blackmore building was fun, we broke in, we spammed, we barhah'd, we infected 12 or so survivors with zahmbah love, and then we got headshotted and chucked out the door, cackling our barhahas. Having achieved our manbagzial goal, and realising that the bastards DO NOT infact have any mead or class left, we abandoned our efforts and ran like screaming headless chickens back towards our comrades at Rolt Heights to do something sneaky. Devilishly sneaky. So devilishly sneaky i actually forgot what it is we're actually planning to do. Oh well, we'll squaredance up there as we go.

Our PKing zombie hippie attempts have been quite fun really... nothing like blowing the brainz out of someone who comes staggering in from combat with one of our not-quite-so-living-members to request "Heal Plz". Anyhoots... back to rolt heights to pay our old friends the RHVP a visit. We wonders, we does (precious) if they remembers us.

Manbagz.jpg Grab mah manbagz?
This user or group promoted the Barhah by flaunting their manbagz alongside the Manbagz Zahmbahz.

OMG! New template. Clawed alongside us? slap it on your wiki. Soon, all your wiki will belong to us. As long as the Wiki Gestapo doesnt catch wind of our devious wiki domination plans.

Manbagz.jpg Grab mah manbagz?
This user or group was rudely offended by a set of dangling manbagz that clawed their way into this user or group's safehouse as part of the Manbagz Zahmbahz horde. This user or group may have grabbed said manbagz, but they sure as hell arent going to admit it.

Okay, not so OMG, but its another step towards being as annoying as possible, and taking over the wiki.

Group Calls

Always remember to shout "GRAB MAH MANBAGZ, HARMANZ!" upon encountering a survivor in need of zahmbah love; Alternatively, any type of death rattle spam is acceptable, such as "RAM MAH ZAHMBAH BANANA ARH HARMAN AZZ! GRAB MAH MANBAG AND MRH HARMAN!"

But i'm still breathing!

Thats perfectly okay, feel free to achieve and of the group goals whilst alive or dead, however, sharing the zahmbah love is a wee bit difficult when not undead, so feel free to blow out their brainz with a shotgun in compromise.


The only nessesary skills to join Manbagz Zahmbahz are

  • death rattle
  • infectious bite
  • memories of life

Dont have these skills? Still just a Zomblet? thats okay, contact one of our members to open the doors for you, and make sure you eat enough brain to grow up strong and... infectious.

if your alive, you dont need these, having an unrotten voice box to start with. you may want free running and adequate combat skills to ensure that your unorthodox method of zahmbah love is spread adequately.

Groups Currently Attacking

  • HARMANZ! as part of the big bash, we're quite happy to hack away at any harman, regardless of group.
  • No-One! yay! arent we nice! actually, anyone in a lit building is a target, you you could say we're attacking the COMBINED GENERATOR FORCES OF MALTON. A formidable group. who knows whether we will succeed.
  • Rolt Heights Vigilante Patrol - No! BAD harman! Vigilanties are BAD! you should never take the law into your own hands! Thats for the Malton Police Department to do! Actually, we're finished with you. go back to doing... whatever it is you do.... Guess what... we lied. We're back again. Guess what... we lied. We're gone again.
  • Any groups opposing us in Shearbank - Well... we dont know actually who that is so we're just going to attack anyone and generally be annoying little sh*ts.
  • To those in Stickling - Hewo Hobbitses! We are here for your manbagz grabbing pleasure! Please feel free to ask us any time about our services.

Group Allies

EN - Hireing ourselves out as hitzeds is fine with us, every little action promotes the barhah

Banana peeled.png Combined Zombie Groups of Malton Supporter
This User or Group supports the Combined Zombie Groups of Malton & acknowledges that Ridleybank is the zombie heartland, and that every action of their zombie group is contributing in some little way to Barhah.

Militant Order of Barhah - Anything Barhah is brilliant. So brilliant one of our leaders got kicked by a kangaroo, which then failed to embrace the zombie love. Did i mention we were Australian? F**King roos.

Aussieflag.JPG Australian
This user is Australian.


Put "Manbagz Zahmbahz" in your group profile, then go to the forum and let us know a little about yourself - [3]

Manbagz sightings?

Seen a dangling set of manbagz or played with the said manbagz? Comment in the talk section!