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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

The Malton DEA
Abbreviation: DEA
Group Numbers: Classified
Leadership: Classified
Goals: Keeping the streets of Malton free from revive.
Recruitment Policy: Don't Call Us, We'll Call You.
Contact: We will contact you.

The Malton DEA is a highly organised and controversial roleplaying PKer group that PKs people with Necrotech Skills and those who occupy Necrotech buildings, invariably accompanied by strings of dialogue preceeding and during the attack which generally includes a lot of swearing (Such as what would be observed in real drug raid gone bad).

Detractors of the Malton DEA claim that roleplaying reasons given by members of the DEA are merely a poor smokescreen for wanton player-killing. However, many individuals also state that the Malton DEA is at least interesting roleplaying.

DEA Policy

The Malton DEA is dedicated to keeping the insidious drug "revive" off the streets. Due to the zombie apocalypse, revive pushers working for, and recently further empowered by, the criminal organisation Necrotech have sprung up like weeds pushing the amount of the drug on the streets to all time highs.

As a result, the generators in Necrotech buildings have been designated valid targets in our war on the drug, and will be smashed at every opportunity.

D.A.R.E. to Keep Your Kids off Revive

The Malton DEA has a zero-tolerance policy for Revive. They punish revive pushers aggressively. Since the zombie apocalypse has disrupted the normal judicial system of Malton, DEA agents are required to use their best judgement when apprehending revive pushers and other scum.

Recent Activity

  • April, 2006: Malton DEA agents have spread throughout the city, closing revive shops and targeting individual revive pushers.
  • March 12, 2006: The continuing war against revive in Yagoton reached another climax last night as several clinics described as revive dens, were busted by the Malton DEA. Witnesses proclaim the actions of Malton’s anti-drug task force were; fast, effective and just, as several notorious drug pushers were arrested. Several suspects resisted arrest and were brought down without jeopardizing the safety of innocent bystanders. Among the deceased were repeated offenders Molecule Man and Pendarrin as well as crime boss; Son of Uborkapete, ranking high amongst Malton's most wanted drug lords. Of lower stature amongst the dead were drug pushers Wileysez, Cagekicker, Aith, Flytrample, Scrach'nsniff and Slowtech. A pleasant bonus amongst the villains was Konoe Konoka, whom is not part of the YRC but was wanted for assault with a revive needle on agent Hektor some days prior to the bust. No casualties amongst the DEA were reported. The Malton DEA reports their activities within Yagoton far from over and promises more arrests within the coming days.
  • March 3, 2006: In a daring pre-dawn raid, several members of the Malton DEA anti-drug task force raided a known revive den. Shots were fired; however, the DEA reported no casualties. The revivehouse, the Serrell Building in Yagoton (a suburb known for its high revive traffic) was discovered to contain several suspects, all of whom drew weapons when the agents announced themselves. Killed in the raid were suspects Nohj, Ivery, Yolanda Augustus, and Bunneh. Participating in the raid were Special Agents Chow, Schultz, and Hector, as well as Agent Dale Cooper. Earlier in the evening, the infamous revive zerger joe murphy FP was slain by Special Agent Schultz and Agent Dale Cooper.
  • March 1, 2006: The Malton DEA is sad to report that one of their braver Special Agents was struck down in the line of duty by a member of the The Abandoned, a notorious street gang in the employ of the Yagoton Revivication Clinic. The YRC is well known as being both the largest producers and consumers of the insidious drug Revive in the entire city. The agent's name has been withheld from media sources pending notification of family.
  • February 28, 2006: The Malton DEA reports that it has struck yet another blow against the growing revive menace of Malton. In a press released dated March 1, the DEA revealed the details of a raid that occurred the previous evening whereby several agents came under fire at the Goldsworthy Building in Raines Hills. Participating in the operation were Special Agents Chow, Shultz, Hector, Bundy, and Sister as well as Agents Backdraft and Viktor. Suspects slain in the raid include Angel Guevara, Jane, Tetaneka, Yubo, WakeUpCall, Sean O'Brien, Tomoko, Gabriel White, and, in a separate investigation in the Harnett Building, George Andrew James.
  • February 26, 2006: Members of the Malton DEA raided a revive factory in the Bridgman Building in Dulston and apprehended a number of persons engaged in manufacturing Revive. The following were brought to justice: Dante Carter, Sebastian Smith, Criistar, Charlie Browne, and Liz Beaker. Agents participating in the raid: Special Agent Chow, Special Agent Schultz, Agent Backdraft, and Agent Capone.
  • February 26, 2006: In a separate raid conducted in the Bridgman Building earlier in the day, Special Agent Hector of the Malton DEA concluded a sixteen-week manhunt, tracking the infamous 'DoctorDough' into Dulston. Member of a shadowy cartel of drug lords, 'Dough' was one of the prime suspects in the recent flood of Revive that hit Malton, leading to the military blockade of the city. The Special Agent's report on the arrest included such choice phrases as 'Busted some caps in his ass, yo-word-dog-G.' and 'Damn, I looked good doing it, too.'
  • February 24, 2006: The Beal Building, a relatively minor revive den in Dulston, was raided by DEA agents. Unforunately, the agents were forced to open fire on the alleged perpetrators, who drew weapons. Slain in the raid were notorious revive pushers morior, Kurt Olsson, and Stephen User (a fourth suspect, Mozart, who escaped the initial raid, was later killed in a shootout while attempting to steal a car). Agents participating in the raid: Special Agent Chow, Special Agent Schultz, Special Agent Zippo, and Agent Backdraft. Agent Dale Cooper gets the collar for Mozart.