Iocaine Powder

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Iocaine Powder
Abbreviation: IP
Group Numbers: 20 plus friends
Leadership: Shared
Goals: To pwn you
Recruitment Policy: KoL Players only

What you do not smell is Iocaine Powder

Iocaine Powder is a clan from another game, Kingdom of Loathing, who joined UD to play together as one powerful force.

Some things you should know about Iocaine Powder

Is Iocaine Powder a zombie group that cheats by using human spies?

Iocaine Powder is not an ethically disoriented group but rather a supportive symbiotic co-op for both metabolically challenged and metabolically abled characters within the Urban Dead multiverse. We preference a multicultural approach to virtual oppression and an empowering outlook on the key issue of animate matter. As a result the illogical, illiterate, and incompetent reactionaries that abound in the suburbs of Malton should expect nothing less than a uniform, heavy-handed response from both our metabolically abled and challenged group members.

Why does Iocaine Powder keep zerging us? Don't they know that it's not allowed?

The simple answer is that we don't. That's right. We'll be the first to tell you we're nothing but a bunch of assholes who just want to cause trouble. In an empowering and pro-active non-discriminatory fashion, of course. But, we're legit assholes. We don't need to zerg because we're just so damned good at what we do: providing quality customer care support for tomorrow's future today.

Why do Bowring Blackwatch and affliated groups constantly accuse us of zerging when they are host to everyones favorite zerger, gus?

Honestly, we can't give you an answer here, that's a question that should be asked of them. We however can tell you that it is mostly because they are a bunch of pathetic bastards who can't handle the truth that they are facing a group of smart, organized, and legit enemies who continue to outsmart and outplay them.

Do you believe that there are shorebots?

We believe that there are shorebots for the reason that we are absolutely certain, having seen them in action, that there are shorebots.

Was that an inside joke?

Yes, it was.

In conclusion, we are a group of fair playing zombies and humans working together to have some good times laughing at the people we kill and piss off. Also, you can go ahead and shove your claims of zerging directly up gus's ass, thank you.

Where is zerger Gus of the Bowring Blackwatch?

Gus1173 was last seen: Pippard Building [23,93] in Spicer Hills.

Gus1172 was last seen: in orbit around Uranus

Sighting 8 November 2006:

You are inside Bowring Way Police Dept. ...

Somebody has spraypainted Bowring Blackwatch HQ - cold beers in cooler onto a wall. Since your last turn:

Gus1172 said "Hello ffreinds, Its been quiet a while since I've had a beer at Bowring,....Nevar I'll take one of those ML's....." (8 hours and 10 minutes ago)

Gus1172 said "um, yeah sombody is next door waiting for a re-vive- I'm going to the mall before I get accused of Zerging,....." (8 hours and 5 minutes ago)

Where in the world is zerger Amata of the Old Arkham Republic?

Amata was last seen: a factory [14,94] in Old Arkham.

Amatachick was last seen: Cui Towers [22,94] in Spicer Hills.

Amatagrl was last seen: Cosens Auto Repair [12,88] in Ruddlebank.

What our fans have to say

Akdov has an opinion Hey, everybody, go and see how Akdov and the rest of the Blackwatch prove themselves to be complete tools! This is just so awesome, I wish I wrote it myself. Seems that every once in a blue moon, you needn't make any effort at all to ridicule someone. Thank you, Akdov, for your intelligent contribution.

October 25 - watch how Akdov the Tool takes 6 and a half hours to commit his verbal incontinence to paper. Someone takes something entirely too seriously!

Objectives and operations

The objective of Iocaine Powder is to kill whomever gets in their way.

Currently warring with:

Bowring Blackwatch

Old Arkham Republic

NecroTech Countermeasure Squad


Regulators Alliance

And all that because these groups are such cuddly-huggly friends of the infamous zerger Gus.


Philosophe Knights


We Pwn You!

September 11th 2006: Brain Boulevard Bustout. 13 dead. The Ballad of Brain Boulevard

September 22nd 2006: Doone Towers Trash Collection. 11 dead.

September 30th 2006: Shoot-out at the Brain Boulevard corral and High Noon for the Pippard Building. 13 dead. Yeehaw!

October 19th 2006: Club Queer Snugglebunny Lovefest and Revival Celebration. 8 dead. Heal the World

October 22nd 2006: Warrants served at Large Row Police Department, Damon Row School, and nearby buildings. 32 confirmed dead -- now that is worthy of a song!

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Nominated for Most Notorious Group in 2007