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Bowring Blackwatch
Abbreviation: Blackwatch
Group Numbers: cupple here, cupple there
Leadership: Eric Youngblood, Max Miller, akdov, femlafrog, Greye Mortand
Goals: Keeping things shiney for survivors around Bowring St PD, Old Arkham + Spicer Hills, drink beer, barbeque.
Recruitment Policy: Go to Bowring PD have a beer and figure it out.
Contact: femlafrog

A barely-coherent group of semi-creative malcontents based out of Bowring Way Police Department, [20,98]. We drink beer, Orange Whips, or moonshine brewed from old radiator fluid and stale candy, play bocce ball, wiffle ball, talk nonsense, read stuff. Yeah, so we goof-off and patrol the general area around Spicer Hills and Old Arkham in an effort to keep survivors alive and skippy.


Anyone who will bring beer, and can refrain from acting disagreeably. All the crews we consider true allies, you know who you are - Big Love. Everybody else - it's none of your business, we're not hanging targets on anyone else's back. PKing is NOT tolerated, except for cheesy zed spies and other assorted PKers.

Objectives and Operations

Cold Beer, Orange Whips and Quality Leisure Time.

BB Good Call 4.JPG


Zombie Iggy Pop says: "Bowring Blackwatch's parties are kickass, and I'm an authority on the subject. Whether it's Youngblood with a cold case of domestics, Miller with a finely-aged scotch or Buck Russell with his signature Orange Whips, it's always a rockin' time at Bowring Way PD!" This is so Silly it can never go away.

Drunken Philosophizin'

Did Trey have help from a ghost writer when he wrote the lyrics to "Suzie Greenberg"? Damn.

Holy Cow, as far as conspiracy theories go, Kurt Cobain's suicide being a staged murder is really f*cking credible!

What's New

STYX stopped by and gave an awesome concert

Zoombehs, come and Zoombehs go. The Undeadites are in town playing as survivors and zoombehs. Good initial effort, but we figured out most of their rats and we're back to normal.

We STILL welcome *Order of the Pure Blood* to Spicer Hills. They have proven a worthy and dependable ally in Spicer. Cheers! For all you cry babies whining about their name it's not a Nazi reference that anyone I know can figure. I mean, are you going to sh*t can your *Joy Division* and *New Order* albums, discs, or downloads now? Really? Didn't think so-get over it.

Blackwatch sweethearts Greye Mortand and femlafrog were joined in the bonds of holy matrimony. The Blackwatch crew turned out in fancy formal dresses, suits and ties to celebrate the union at St. Swithen's Church on October 11, 2008. There was laughter, tears, love and happiness ... and then extensive and silly partying. Cheers Kids. Sorry boys, that's MRS. femlafrog Mortand now !!! Wow ... tempus fugit ...

A moment to pause upon the fruits of the dedication to a doctrine. Present among our clan sit former enemies, and other assorted randoms following antithetical pursuits. Harmonious and cooperative existing in a loose collection of mutual respect.

...and beer. Beer and mutual respect. - Murderhammer

Iocaine Powder will henceforth be known as "Spokane Chowder" - This never gets old. Huh Huh, "moose 'nads".

Ass Clowns & Power Tools

Where we lovingly expose assorted yambags who have proven themselves to be nothing but slugs on the lettuce leaf of Malton society

I swear, this latest batch of asshats makes me miss the guys from Iocaine Powder. They were enemies, sure, but they had style and tenacity.- Eric Youngblood

zombie sympathizer/the brainless/doc macguffin/dingle fairy/dark watchman/ and one other I forget now. This is all the same sissy boy who spends all his moves, every day, reviving himself so he can break gennies and stuff inside buildings. What a completely rotten guy. Common vandalism as an entire existence. So sad.

*Dave Barton* the latest imbecile. This clown lists *Bowring Blackwatch* as his group affiliation, then he PK's only Blackwatch members. Holy Cr*p you retard. Look, if you're going to list Blackwatch as your group - you're supposed to PK people from OTHER groups to piss them off so they start attacking us. This way you provoke MANY people to do your dirty work for you ... you know what? Never mind, I'll have Jimbo do it for you, Ignatz.

All the people who talk in *7EEt 5pE4k* or whatever. Seriously, when you finish a sentence of mixed letters and numbers do you insert your fist directly up your a$$, or do you call mommy for the R3ct47 thermometer first?

All the groups who contribute nothing and do nothing to help maintain - BUT tag the crap out of our suburb with their stupid URLs and "Tiny URLs... whatever." ... "eehhh, go to http\www.i like fishsticks in my" - stop it already.

A Brief History of The Chowder's Sissy Moves - Despite being OLD, this section stays

Changing Their Whole modus operandi in Response to Blackwatch Calling Them Out

You can follow the history right here - just keep reading. First they're a Zombie Group, we call them out for using human spies - they say they're a Zombie-Human Group. We call them out for hiding their characters under different group names, then they say they've joined a new group. We call them out on that, they disband the new group.

... By the way, girls it's one of 7 applications open at a time - it's called "multi-tasking".

Changing Players' Group Affiliation

Iocaine Powder, oops, Spokane Chowder members change their players group affiliation to hide. First it was "Dotts" joining "Blackwatch" - PKing under our Tartan. "Redsnapper", "ohnothenamedoesntfi" and "jaykutter", were are aligned with the mythical "Arkham Department of Police and Fire Emergency" PKing as usual, "Nunattack" was with the "Lt. Potter Fan Club"?? - whatever.

Posting Bounties on PK boards against the very players They PK

There are no words ....

Posting fruity shout-outs from friends

"Hi boys, it's me Poofta from Kingdom of Loathing, just wanted to wish you luck in your new game ... did you get the fruit basket? Tell cankergoyle not to worry about that "thing" - I just got tested, and the Doc says it's nothing. OK, call me! Smooches - Mwaaah!"

Removing fruity shout-outs after we make fun of them for it


Posting BS body counts and writing songs about them

The only time you Marys ever killed 32 of anything in one shot was the 32 butter cookies you ate at the LAN party thrown by "Jaykutter" and his mom.

Timeline and other Shyte

Please put newest items at top

""27 January 2018

It's been a couple of 7 years since anyone made any entries ... mostly because we don't give a sh*t, and well I used to do it and I'm technologically inept. So ... Maltonhas grown kinda boring but old habits die hard so we remain with mall sieges, psycho zombie groups, and endless inane banter. Sigh. So this entry is just to see if this thing goes back onto the group pages. I figure to make another entry if anything interesting happens. -- akdov

'15 April 2011

Once again Bowring Blackwatch has been removed from whatever listing that "they" (and really who the f*ck are "they") feel important. The latest cat to omit us from relevancy is somebody I've never heard of ... I've got news for you sweetie, we've been here since the beginning ... surviving, with limited phone calls among those who know each other, and within Malton amongst those who join our crew. No WIKI BS, and no real coordination. WE actually play within the confines of Malton society.

By the by, there's been a few zed groups playing tough ... well, not really zed groups ... they are typical double player groups, annnd ... well, what's your point. Oh, let me guess "ANARCHY"!!! Guess what, if you're using two sides to accomplish the objective of one side --- That's not ANARCHY .... Dumbass ... that's HOMOGENY. Loser. If you were playing for a hostile takeover, okay, but you're playing as a zed group with survivor spies, GKers, and PKers ... without a point. You're not taking over, you're not creating anarchy, and you're not "winning" for the undead. At least in the past, we played double groups who claimed they were gonna take control of the 'burb. That was fun. You are simple...minded. Have some flair, have a take. Be somebody. Oh, and by the by, there's a zombie hoard, rolling south into the 'burb...and by that I mean "True Zombie Hoard" that is rolling in behind you .. We will be forced to disperse to our fall back points. Do yourselves a favor and don't claim "victory" for this. It's been a stalemate at our home front, but our fall backs remain in tact. After this nouveau "Big Bash" rolls through, we'll be here, and you'll be ... whatever ... gone. That's that. --Akdov 22:18, 15 April 2011 (BST)

21 March 2011

It appears nobody's been in here for a while. Blackwatch has some awesome new members including Jenna Jameson and Kylie Minogue who are really helping to class things up as far as everything else it's the usual shenanigans. There's a new group obsessing over us, same obsession, different tool bags. They appear to love graffiti more than winning. Whatever.--Akdov 15:41, 21 March 2011 (UTC)

25 June 2010

As usual an angry hoard rolls through when multiple factions of Blackwatch are on other assignments. The 'burb got flattened, and we got some major help from the Malton Rangers, and of course the OPB. Thanks boys and girls, that was huge. Rebuilding is in process and the chatter is down. Hopefully someone saved some Christmas lights. --Akdov 18:46, 25 June 2010 (BST)

3 April 2010 Bloody discussion page tried to kill us as a group again. Since so few of us ever CHECK that page I've had to make sure we're not listed as inactive, since we still have some 30+ or more members. Dunno...I've lost track, honestly. WAYYYY too many Orange Whips. Things are quiet now, so it's time to hunt down random KOSers who still insist on griefing. Greye Mortand 05:47, 4 April 2010 (BST)

28 February 2010 - 1 March 2010

STYX stopped by and gave an awesome concert

25 February 2010

Happy New Year Dammit. For those who missed the Polar Bear Swim in Long Beach, NY ... Too bad, you missed a good one. Malton remains ... well, Maltonian. Chit-chat among the Blackwatch crew has been dying down, as we weather a zoombeh storm or two. Word has it the band STYX will be making an appearance soon.... THIS should be interesting. Go Canada.

24 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving !!! Unless you're a heathen from across the pond - then please do enjoy your fish-n-chips or your Bangers and Mash or - whatever... Mostly more of the same, the chatter has died down a bit of late - folks must be busy. We had another one man zerg crusade with about five alternates wrecking gennies and breaking stuff. Now there's a little fight up in the North for Brockliss NT. OPB and MCP are combining forces with a fire team from Blackwatch to keep it interesting.

10 September 2009

Well, it appears our page is still here - who knew? Since the WIKI was updated I thought we were gone.

26 February 2009

Argh, between txgp's annoying one man crusade and having to check the Talk page for "activity" monitors, this is getting frustrating. The OPB do seem pretty decent, I agree. Also, some old enemies in the Iocaine Powder seem to be awake and kicking again... Well, at least things aren't terribly boring around here. Greye Mortand 08:19, 26 February 2009 (UTC)

16 February 2009

What the hell is going on here? I know I wrote stuff very recently and now it's not here. Was it that offensive? Anyway, new group *Order of the Pure Blood* has set up shop in the NE corner of Spicer. Name's kinda creepy, but they seem pretty cool. We'll see. Another group called *The Mayflower Snack Shoppe* or some such rubbish is in town PKing and talking trash. Yawn - at least we'll burn through some ammo, it was getting really quite anyway. --Akdov 21:20, 16 February 2009 (UTC)

26 November

Nothing much new to report since the wedding. The happy couple is still happy. We need another special event. --Akdov 16:02, 26 November 2008 (UTC)

26 October 2008

All seems to be quiet again. Lets get some action or drinking going on, folks. -Doc McGuffin

11 October 2008 Had to edit this in, since we rarely look in here. St. Swithun's was the rare location of an honest-to-God wedding between Blackwatch regulars Greye Mortand and Femlafrog. Not only was it well attended by regulars and onlookers alike, it was broadcast on the station frequency. Rev. Ovalord presided, and did a very touching ceremony, and then there was a rowdy party afterwards, with much drinking. Any rumours that the groom fell asleep immediately after the ceremony is LIES I tell you! Greye Mortand 22:14, 11 October 2008 (BST)

1 September 2008 Whooeee, nobody checks this place any more...heh. After the wiki hounds set us to inactive, despite us being VERY active in-game, we finally noticed after a couple of weeks and decided to reactivate the site. We'll see how long this lasts. In other news, Spokane Chowder has reappeared, and ousted us for a bit, but after their reinforcements left town, they melted away into the darkness. was a good fight though, gotta give them that. Not so much PKing, just good old-fashioned human vs zombie fighting. Greye Mortand 03:14, 2 September 2008 (BST)

14 August 2008

Right, we got flattened again and are currently regrouping.

31 July 2008

OK, so the surf has settled the jellyfish are early ... lotsa folks let themselves get kilt in the ocean so far this year ... big storms offshore and a failure to consider the enormity of gaia ... godspeed to you all ... to *us* - good past few weeks - eight foot egg/thrust was my big love ... to the rest of you - wake up and pay attention dammit !!! --Akdov 00:18, 1 August 2008 (BST)

21 July 2008

Bracing for a possible attack heading this way. But mostly just sitting around drinking beers and whatever other alcohol comes this way...and there seems to be a lot of it flowing in. Hoping for some action sooner or later. -Doc McGuffin

25 June 2008

The area is for the most part clear. Only one or two zeds ambling around at any one point. Rumours of trouble in New Arkham are popping up occasionally, but f*ck them, they're all the way over there.

9 June 2008

Right, we've been sadly lax regarding our self promotion ... some would argue that this is in part (really entirely) due to akdov's temporary removal from the general public. Greye, Doc, and Murderhammer can pick up the slack dammit Write Boys WRITE !!!! - jimbo honohan

6 June 2008

Many congrats go to all the peeps that stuck around during the battle to retake back our home. It's been quiet for about a week now...although rumours of the idjit Globetrotters spiced things up we're busy spreading skulls around and stocking up. Oh, and killing idjit people who like testing pistols on people. Docmortand 09:08, 6 June 2008 (BST)

27 MAY 2008

Yeah, we are decidedly lame regarding our WIKI maintenance...whutuvit?...

18 May 2008

Well, the zombie wave has come and gone...sort of. There is still many break ins, but we seem to have weathered the main to chase away the idiots. By the way...anybody notice Papa Zito of Chowder fame is part of the idiot zed crowd? On my friend list, Papa is the only Chowder who hasn't idled out. Bravo, git. --Docmortand 07:08, 18 May 2008 (BST)

6 May 2008

F the globetrotters - by the way Doc, Those girlies got run down and killed back, in kind, just lovely thank you. Props they are organised, efficient and mobile ... but ... we turn to more pressing matters like the "not the big bash" zombie hoard that just rolled through spearheaded by the PKing Malton Asstrotters ... we knew it was all a ruse to waste ammo and supplies, but we couldn't help retaliate ... come again girls ... huh huh. Oh, sorry about the wait for revives to all you folks in Dickin Park .... we will get to ya ... these things always seem to happen when life outside Malton kicks it up a notch for, well, at least me and my mine .... anyhoo, life outside Malton is getting Sunny, wetsuit is almost gone ... Galactic is going on 1:30am Friday night at Mountain Jam this year ....

22 April

We just got smoked by the Malton Globetrotters in a major PK offensive. As one of three that I saw that got killed...and probably there is more...I move that these idiots get put on the KOS list ASAP. --Docmortand 02:33, 22 April 2008 (BST)

1 April

Things are pretty much back to normal. A few zeds wandering around, but the massive waiting line at Dickin Park has been cleared; now it is time to return to the rigorous task of consuming alcohol and getting baked.

19 March

Looking better now. Getting things back in order. It really is simply a numbers game. Oh, thanks for the clarification -- WanYao, (see below, and you're welcome, feel free to post you drivel on our WIKI ... sometimes I wish this was real life so i could record myself beating people like you down my block with a bag of fish guts).

Oh, and Murderhammer - thanks for the contributions to the WIKI. Finally someone else in this retarded group with something to say. There was some speculation amongst Laffs and Max that your newest additions were actually me during a martini fueled blackout ... but then they realized you could spell and articulate in proper English - and that was that - their concession - "oh good there's another moron to help keep you (me) company." --Akdov 22:38, 19 March 2008 (UTC)

13 March 2008

Well, that all went downhill. Zeds have ruined the Police Department and The Button Building, over eighty outside, including those at the park. Much like The South, we will rise again. Unlike The South, we will actually rise again.

10 March 2008

The big bash is slowly working its way over to the Spicer Hills area. A few survivors have already cut and run. But Bowring stands strong in its dedication to total inebriation. As of March 10 at 19:58 no large hordes have been sighted, and most of the scouts were seeing triple...

For your information, the Second Big Bash is not in Spicer Hills. It's nowhere near Spicer Hills -- it's in Edgecombe at the moment. --WanYao 01:12, 9 March 2008 (UTC)
  • Sorry, Murderhammer, who is highly incompetent, though very good looking, believed it was the Big Bash. He was wrong, and he is sorry.*

10 January 2008

Wow. It's really quiet in Spicer ... kinda creepy. Akdov suggests sending a fire team to Caiger Mall to pitch in up there. To be voted on. And who really wants to make that treck?

03 October 2007

We never seem to edit this section. Well, Spicer was a war zone, then it wasn't, now it will soon be again. The complex at the Eastern border (which we don't have the staff to defend any longer) fell in a day. The survivors out there seemed to cut and run. Oh well.

25 July 2007

Spicer Hills is back under control of the living thanks to the efforts of Blackwatch and our Allies. A relatively new group named R.I.P. has laid claim to our HQ. Strange... Anyway, The home distillery is back on line and we are once again cranking out that magical liquor made of old radiator fluid and stale candy. Warning consumption may cause irritability, hallucinations, projectile vomiting, blindness and death.

21 December 2006

All sorts of odd characters rolling into town. Our guess is that when the Chowders left OUR suburb (claiming victory in retreat), they rolled up some n00bs, leveled them up and are using them as DL spies - bacause the attacks have begun. Yawn. No matter. With or without your crappy new spies this area will remain under our control or at worst (when we get otherwise distracted) in relative chaos. The Chowders will continue to "pwn" nothing but a mouthful Blackwatch's smirking revenge.

With all due respect to the Chowders - we all have begrudgingly come to admit - that without them Blackwatch would likely have grown bored and quit the damn game. Rock on dudes - and Pabalazoo, you are a true PK poet - one of your last PK speeches got IM'd to all, and to all a good night.

30 November 2006

So with the Chowders claiming victory in retreat, Spicer Hills has grown quiet. A few "Drunken Dead" and some other group we can't recall wandered through without much incident. Scattered zombie activity in central Spicer but that's it. Blackwatch members are not initiating violence against random zombies unless attacked, or if they are tearing down barricades. Instead Blackwatch is directing zombies to Dickin Park for revives. Barbeque, beers, bocce ball, and horseshoes in Dickin Park on Sundays is back so come one come all. Lawn Darts is OUT following the incident with Kooky McSpook.

26 October 2006

Holy Cow !!! Some members of Blackwatch who had grown bored with the current situation wandered off on little walkabouts. It has been reported that at least two were PK'd in distant suburbs by folks from Philosophe Knights, and Red Rum. (Both groups admitting to, no embracing, noooo ... WALLOWING in their objectives as PKers - take note Chowders, just come out of the closet). Both PKers indicated knowledge of the Blackwatch - Chowder tit for tat .... Well All Right !!! I think we owe this one to the Chowders. Big props kids, we've gone National or Maltonal ... whatever.

With everyone's favorite tag maven - the one and only Ultimate Jack Spicer - having tagged everything that doesn't move in Spicer Hills, we suggest you don't fall asleep - you may be next. We've got to recruit this cat.

19 October, 2006

With the outside support withdrawing from Spicer Hills on the message: "See ya around, give a call if you need any help", Iocaine Powder actually managed to kill some Blackwatch and OAR survivors while playing as ZOMBIES! Finally. Good job girls, it's about time. Blackwatch members are not killing IP zeds, just the little Zerg-Bots they leave in ransacked buildings to prevent barricading. Oh, and their human PKers. Things in Spicer Hills and Old Arkham are otherwise stable, but for the area around Bowring P.D., which has become a relatively predictable stalemate. For all the bragging and self promotion, Iocaine Powder has proven to be little more than a nuisance. The only thing they "pwn" is an overzealous PR department. Admittedly, they do have really funny profiles and do give us something to talk about, but that's really about it. Blackwatch did face a "legit" "highly organized" enemy once in the Ridleybank Resistance Front who rolled through Spicer and had the area dancing like a Brooklyn pigeon coop hitting tar beach at noon in August - until they left it in shambles - but this ain't that.

It has been suggested, and we agree, that this Iocaine Powder is actually a group of imposters. Everyone knows that Iocaine Powder comes from Australia. Everyone knows Aussies LOVE their beer. These alleged Iocaine Powder members have shown marked disdain for our love of beer, and have been known to smash full bottles of beer. This is a sin no Aussie would ever commit. Ever. This crew is obviously not from Australia - clearly not Iocaine Powder. Not knowing this group's true origins, they shall henceforth be known as "Spokane Chowder". Yeah, mostly because it rhymes, but also, because Spokane is a beautiful city in Washington State near the American Rocky Mountains, and a local delicacy in this region, would be a lovely bowl of "Rocky Mountain Oyster Chowder". The chowder is chock full of those famous "Rocky Mountain Oysters" - so the name seems to fit like a glove. (For those of you from across the pond, and anyone else who may not know, Rocky Mountain Oysters are otherwise identified as Moose 'nads. And - Yes people do eat them! EEEEeeeewwwwww!!!!). So belly up folks, what you do smell is a steaming bowl of Moose 'nads.

If anyone reads this - don't believe the crap Spokane Chowder is posting in the PKer boards about Blackwatch and OAR - We Don't PK. Except for PKing the Chowders - those Mary's we PK. And since they are really a PK group anyway - it doesn't count.

22 September, 2006

Regarding Iocaine Powder's Latest WIKI Updates

BAAAAAHHHHHHHHH AHAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA ..... oh, oh AAAHHHHH HA HA HA AH HA HA HAAAAAA haha ahha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa ...... oh, oh, ... oh stop wait, AHHHHH HA HA HA HA HA AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BAH HA HA HA AAAAAAAAAahhahhhhahhhhhh ... oh, that's funny ....... wait, wait, what's this now?

"We're a Zombie Group, no we're a Human group ... no wait, WE'RE BOTH !!!" "We're a floor wax AND a dessert topping."

The fact is, IP uses human players to scout locations and to kill other human players. DUH ! What did you think that means? AAAAHHH HAHHAHAHAHAHAaaaaaaa oh boy. - THAT makes Iocaine Powder PKers.

The fact is, IP tags up Lies about Bowring Blackwatch being PKers, and now, they've taken some of IP's characters and edited their profiles to say they are members of Bowring Blackwatch - Uh, "Dotts" ?? Nobody told us that the former Iocaine Powder member "Dotts", who incidentally PK'd many members of Bowring Blackwatch had joined our group. AAAAHHHH ha haaaaaa hahahaaaa RIIIGHT. O.K. Luca Brazzi, welcome, come right in!! Wait, she didn't even talk to anyone, she just changed her profile!!! - That makes Iocaine Powder Liars.

The fact is, that there are TONS of brand new low level zeds (and humans) who arrived in the area with Iocaine Powder's declaration of war. These low level zeds have no group affiliation, never seem to attack anyone, but always seem to end up standing in ransacked buildings that have just been routed from within and without by upper level Iocaine Powder members, for no other reason than to prevent re-barricading. Uhhhh, yeah. - That makes Iocaine Powder Zergers

The fact is, that members of other human groups have questioned members of Bowring Blackwatch about Iocaine Powder and this little unprovoked war they've declared. Blackwatch members have advised others that IP plays as a PKer group as well as a zombie group, and they should beware. IP now claims that Blackwatch members are "whining" - huh? IP pointing their finger and calling Blackwatch "whiners" for advising other groups about the facts of IP's tactics, could be classified as "lying".

The sad fact is, that throughout this little incursion, Bowring Blackwatch members have been forced to resort to PKing members of Iocaine Powder because there is no other tactic to maintain the balance. Bummer. Blackwatch continues to maintain a no PK policy for everyone except IP, and an open door policy for any humans who wish to come by have a few beers, kill a few zombies, play a little bocce ball, do some reading ... whatever. Welcome. Although things are admittedly a little bit sporty right now, and there's not much recreational time these days with this whole little war thing.

And a big thanks to all the groups and individuals (We know who you are !!) who have selflessly come to support the good fight in the battle for Spicer Hills and Old Arkham.

16 August, 2006

The claims of PKing are silly and deceptive. PKing is not tolerated by Blackwatch members. The main objective of The Bowring Blackwatch is to drink beer and the occasional "Orange Whip" when Uncle Buck scrounges the ingredients from the mall.

War has been declared upon our humble territory by Iocaine Powder, a Zombie Group. This is unacceptable because they destroy our generators which means warm beer, and no "Orange Whips" as they require a blender, which requires power.

Members of Iocaine Powder have been hiding in our buidings, as survivors, amongst the living. They never bring beer, chips, pretzels .... nothing! Normally this isn't so bad, we willingly share our beer with others, however, these guys are also wrecking barricades and generators. (see above). Worse, we suspect they are responsible for smashing full bottles of beer - Imagine?

Blackwatch members have reported killing at least 9 members of Iocaine Powder playing as survivors in our buildings over the past few days. This begets the obvious question: "If Iocaine Powder is a Zombie Group, why are so many members alive and mingling (empty handed) amongst the survivors in the very territory upon which they've declared war?"

16 August, 2006

Members of the Blackwatch have been accused of "killing innocents" and have been PK'ed in retaliation for killing zombies. Look, if you are a member of a zombie group, especially one that attacks NT buildings, Hospitals and other largely populated buildings, guess what? YOU'RE GOING TO GET SHOT. SURVIVAL IS THE POINT OF THE GAME.

Don't cry over spilt milk.

Just to clear the air for any bystanders involved, the Bowring Blackwatch of Spicer Hills does not condone PK'ing, and anyone caught doing so on a repetitive basis is blacklisted. But if someone attacks us (zombie or human), or is a unknown Zombie, they will be killed. The same goes for generator smashers, and all other assorted wankers and tossers.

We are currently at war with Iocaine Powder. Being a human and spying out our buildings will offer no immunity. Our humans will kill their humans, our zombies will kill their zombies.

That's how war goes.

July 13th, 2006 - The Blackwatch's policy of ZK'ing until revived is still in place-HELP IS ON THE WAY- don't give up HOPE- This morning members of the Blackwatch ZK squad have liberated the NT building and will now focus on ZK'ing all Unknown Zombies out in front of Bowring PD- The Blackwatch appologizes to all zombies Zk'ed because they were not on our contact list who were calmly waiting for a revive-once we are all human agin stop by Bowring and we'll give you a few cold beers to smoothe everything over- If you are a friendly Zed waiting for revives- get in line at Dickin Park - remember "Get Pricked at Dickin"- is the official revive Policy of the Bowring Blackwatch, and affiliated groups. -user: gus1173

July 2nd, 2006 - Due to Kevan's unmitigated love for zombies, we of the Blackwatch were unable to hold against the undead tide. Despite the support of the Peacekeepers and no few freelance survivors, the entirety of our territory was swept clean of life by the rotters. With no other recourse, the members of the Blackwatch are now fighting the invaders the only way we can...AS zombies. -user: Eric Youngblood

June 27th, 2006 - One or more zombie groups has entered the Blackwatch's territory and is aggressively attacking any and all held buildings. Members of the Peacekeepers have joined the Blackwatch in an attempt to repel the invading horde. Rumors that former Blackwatch XO Kooky McSpook is among the invaders are still unsubstantiated. -user: Eric Youngblood

June 2nd, 2006 - The Blackwatch has attempted to set up a second base of Operations on the eastern Border of Spicer Hills/Williamsville at the Learmond Walk Fire Station. At the moment the FD is fully barricaded but un manned- Blackwatch supplies were wiped out in a failed attempt to retake the NT building nextdoor from the Williamsville Zombie gangs, Blackwatch will be re-grouping over some beers at Bowring HQ to discuss a new plan. -user: gus1173

June 1st, 2006 - With the military finally unjamming the radios, the Bowring Way PD's Radio has been unearthed and now is functional! The operating frequency is 27.57 - Get those handhelds out and join the airwaves! - Greye Mortand

April 26th,2006 - The RRF seem to be all but gone, mop-up operation are in progress- the power is back on at Bowring, and the Beers are once agin cold at Bowring PD- the NT building and Hospital are back online as well, good job fellow citizens! -user: gus1173

April 22nd, 2006 - The RRF seem to have moved on for the time being, so the area is slowly returning to normal...assuming anyone knows what "normal" means. -Greye Mortand

April 16th, 2006 - The RRF Excursion into Spicer Hills has caused many zombifications, some holdouts remain. -Greye Mortand