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Razing Infernal Powers
Abbreviation: R.I.P.
Group Numbers: 4
Leadership: Poor Sol, Evgeniy
Goals: Only beauty and mass executions will save Malton!
Recruitment Policy: Humans and good zombies
Contact: Use our forum.

Razing Infernal Powers

Welcome, stranger! Let me introduce you in our Order. We are small religious order, currently based in south-west part of Malton, in Spicer Hills suburb. There we have our sanctuary, located in House Auto Repair. We trying to build human-and-zombie paradise in this part of town and get ready for returning of great Rovoam the Saviour. Also we have St. Helena's Hospital under protection and trying to take Bowring Way Police Departament.

Rovoam the Saviour

Coming soon...

Sinners List

Someone, known as Belle Boyd.


Sunday: Zombification

Monday: Preparation and realization of mass terracts

Wednesday: Meditation

Friday: Ritual Suicides

Active members