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Johnny's Malton Bar Guide
A comprehensive list and short description of all remarkable bars I encounter in the entertaining city of Malton.

Scenic Malton Bar Tour

This tour spans from Dunell Hills all the way over Rhodenbank, and ends in Peppardville. To complete a Bar Tour, you have to visit all bars in order, starting at Club Meade in Dunell Hills and ending at The Kerle Arms in Peppardville.

Not on route

Club Meade

This nightclub in Dunell Hills is claimed to be the only one open for business in entire Malton. In 2006, ex-DHPD member PsychoPhil took over the establishment, and has since provided its patrons with a variety of live entertainment, activities and a wide range of alcoholic beverages. Most renowned were the "Zombie Toss" and "Poodle Toss" in 2006. They also maintain a radio transmitter, which we advise only using before drinking their Malt-On label.

The Acott Arms

While shot down in The Malton Good Beer Guide, the Acott Arms in West Becktown does have some things going for it. The derelict mechanical bull, which infamously was the source of several lethal injuries in 2007, and the worndown interior provide for a scenic environment, fit for the more adventurous patrons. The bar also was the site for an agreement between RELCAC and 5punk, which hoped to end the bloody conflict between the two groups but failed in 2007, after a 5punk member gunned down the President of Relcac. While less entertainment is provided, history geeks and adventurers can consider themselves to be well taken care off.

The Preston Arms

This East Becktown public house is one of the many that have reopened under new management after the Malton Incident. It has a "no fighting" policy which is enforced by its staff, and offenders will be thrown out regardless of group or affiliation. The slogan "Beer 'n Brains" could be wrongly interpreted, as this is a survivor-run bar (after the open-door policy backfired, as zombies couldn't read the "No biting"-signs).

The Splain Arms

Most recently the property of retired MFD Engineer Griffik and a history going back to 1898, this public house in Richmond Hills still offers drinks to many an MPD Officer or MFD Engineer. With a decent amount of beers and wine on tap, two floors available to the public and a plethora of MPD and MFD memorabilia, the Splain Arms is well worth the visit.

The billiard table at the Griffard Arms

The Giffard Arms

The first bar to be opened by Griffik, Matson Jade and friends, this is one of the two MPD and MFD waterholes open for business in Richmond Hills. Formerly abandoned, the bar has seen several refurbishments, usually after zombie patrons frequented it, the most recent of which was in 2008, when its famous pool table and dart were installed. While not retaining as many MPD and MFD memorabilia as its twin, the Splain Arms, this bar does provide enough entertainment and liquors to justify a visit.

The Crabbe Arms

Built in the 1950s, the white exterior of this public house has been preserved quite well, despite some bullet holes and broken windows. While occupied by The Sun Organization, who used it as an HQ, it was claimed to have only fallen once to the zombie hordes, and on that occasion, it took the force of the Eastonwood Ferals to conquer it. In the same period, the bar was famous for a generous policy that stated that all who would sleep there would wake up fully healed. In 2008, the zombie forces of Sanitarium and Lebende Tote took a break from their film festival and destroyed the Crabbe Arms in between two movies. The legend of the healing capacities of the bar has lived on, stay a night and see for yourself!

The Talbott Arms

Once a quiet and cosy local, The Talbott Arms in Millen Hills became a trendy bar in pre-quarantine Malton. Spewing out dozens of drunk clients a night, the Malton police forces had a hard time maintaining public order in the neighborhood. These days, The Talbott Arms is mostly known for its potent Belfast Carbomb recipe.

The Talbott Arms

The Pitcher Arms

Established by Henry 'Pitcher' Rowles in Raines Hills, the only real fun to be had here is to have your name written as high on the scoreboard as possible. What scoreboard, you ask? The one that displays how fast you can down a pitcher of beer. The current record holder still is the original owner of the bar, who was famed for doing so in under 1 second. Good luck to all!

The Trigg Arms

The Trigg Arms, a well established Pashenton social stop has faired well in the wake of the zombie invasions of Malton. Having gone through multiple managers and under many names, its latest owner is Zombra's Pub. The franchise has been running the pub since 2007. Current Happy Hour is between 3-7 Monday to Fridays, with trivia nights every Monday, and the occasional band will play on Saturday.

The Ablett Arms

Considered by most to be one of the best bars in Rhodenbank, which is host to several dart competitions for survivors. This bar has seen some post-Malton Incident events occur as well, since it also was the place the Rhodenbank Civil Defense Corps was founded. As part of the Rhodenbank Highway, this building is to be maintained at VSB, so that every survivor has access to its facilities.

The Batt Arms

The Batt Arms is a small pub located in the suburb of Rolt Heights. The Batt Arms is the home of crooked bar-stools, chipped mugs, and heady beer. Just now instead of a bartender pouring your beer you have to step over his dead body on the way to the tap, or a waitress' corpse on the way to the bathroom, or dead bar patrons on the way out the door. Seriously people, why hasn't this place been cleaned the place out yet?

The Burchell Arms

The Burchell Arms is a traditional English pub located in the suburb of Rolt Heights along the border with Pescodside to the east. The Burchell Arms also boasts comfort in times of trouble and cool refreshing beer, all provided by the bar's regulars. The pub is home to the survivors known as the Burchell Arms Regulars. Survivors wishing to contact these veteran zombie hunters are asked to drop by the bar and leave them a message.

The Buckrell Arms

A two story Pub with a restaurant on the first floor and a Bar Room on the second, It is the current home of the Buckrell Arms Troops. The first floor is kept cluttered to slow down intruders, as well as storing the generator, while the Bar upstairs is occupied and holds the radio transmitter. Because the first floor entrance of the building is completely ruined beyond repair, the only entrance on foot is a staircase leading up to the second floor Bar, located on the South side of the building, a little to the west. A large window faces out to the west of the Bar Room, with the Bar located on the eastern side of the room, Granting full visibility from the Bar of the entire room. Free Runners can enter through the western window either by jumping from the west, or by jumping onto the roof from surrounding buildings and swinging down through the window.

The Wardropper Arms

A series of three connected stout greystone buildings in Spracklingbank, that served as a Regimental Headquarters to the Malton Airborne Militia before the outbreak. A lot of history to be found here, and if not for the history, feel free to visit the Pepperd Museum and look for some A-Team memorabilia.

The Kerle Arms

Founded in 1910, this typical German bier stube in the center of Peppardville still has several classical German beers on offer for the thirsty survivor. Being one of a kind in entire Malton, this bar has seen its part of history under the ownership of Germans, Swedes and Malton survivors alike. If you like a good German brew, this is the place to be!

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