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Hi there, stranger. Let me buy you a drink. Woah.....okay then, let me get myself one.

My name is Jesus Sante and I'm the current Owner of the Burchell Arms located in beautiful Rolt Heights. Do you know the Burchell Arms Regulars? We can drink ANYONE under the table. We also protect Rolt Heights and Pescodside from Zeds, PKers, zergers, and the like. Swing by sometime and I'm sure you'll be suitably entertained by our antics.

Me, I like drinking beer, cracking skulls, drinking whiskey, and securing revive needles when I have the time. My turn-offs are infectious bites and zerging. I frequent our Otto Street Revive Point, so you may see me there if your luck turns bad. As Owner, part of my duty is to help forge and maintain diplomatic relations between the BAR and other survivor groups. Please contact me if you're interested in discussing a mutually beneficial relationship.

I'm also known to belt out some karaoke on our frequency (26.97MHz), so tune in if you're in the area. Even better, stop into the pub and give it a whirl. Our only rules are no groaning, no promoting the accursed Rogue's Gallery list (you know who you are), and no Michael Bolton.

Jesus Sante

Profile: I'm sexy and I know it

Sex: Male

Affiliation: Burchell Arms Regulars

BAR Assigment: The Revive Corps (reserve)

Forum: The Burchell Arms Regulars

Rank: Owner

Awards: BAR Frequent Forum Formulator Award, 2010 King of Marihuanatag

BAR Ally.jpg Burchell Arms Regulars (Member)
Jesus Sante supports the BAR, often literally.
DulstonAllianceAlly.jpg Dulston Alliance (Allied)
Jesus Sante is a staunch supporter of the Dulston Alliance.

Balance scale.jpg Fair Tactics Player
This user has signed the Coalition for Fair Tactics Player Pledge.
Beer.jpg The Blessed Day of Beer
This user or group is attending Biertag and should not be held accountable for his/her actions on the night of July 8th.
TBNT.png TBNT Radio Listener
This User Supports The Burchell Newscast Team, and their ongoing fight to bring us Beers and the light of knowledge.
Mpd.png Johnny Twotoes
Jesussante is a friend of Johnny Twotoes, he's also a bit schyzofrenic.

Bender-Loser.jpg Screaming Bender 2012 Loser
PKer? Zombie? Accidental press of the "jump out the window" button? Whatever it was this survivor was not the last Regular standing in the Screaming Bender 2012.