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Abbreviation: aRSe BuCKEtz
Group Numbers: Who Knows?
Leadership: Was Talunex. Now?
Goals: PAI!
Recruitment Policy: Add Sanitarium To Your Profile
Contact: Check In Desk or irc://


Sanitarium is a roving mob of zombies dedicated to pulling faces, distressing animals, spoiling parties and trashing safehouses.

Founded in November 2007, Sanitarium is off it's meds and trampling flower beds all over Malton.

Three Simple Rules

Number 1. Put Sanitarium in your UD profile.

Number 2. One Character Per Person. This means you can only have ONE character raiding with Sanitarium. That's ONE. Just the ONE. No more. All recognised forms of zerging or multi abuse will see you kicked from the group and banished into the wilderness. That isn't fun. This group is.

Number 3. No Combat Revives And Intentional Revivication. If you awake to find your lungs full of air, you are not acting in our name. If you plan on spending any more than 23* seconds breathing you are to remove Sanitarium from your profile.

This means NO DEATH CULTING and NO PLAYER KILLING. We are AGAINST such practices.

Also. We don't want to know what you've seen. We don't want to know what you've done and we don't want to know what animals you've interfered with along the way.

This means NO SPYING. We are AGAINST such practices.

Rahr Zhrah! - Rule 3!

Anyone in Sanitarium seen in harman form becomes a priority target. This means you will become the focus of our rotten band of brothers and sisters. You will be devived first. All mission objectives will be suspended if one of our Comrades is seen in harman form. You will be de-vived before the mission resumes. So either jump, or buy rot... it makes so much sense when you're off your meds.

All patients with the Death Rattle skill are to gesture to our revived friends, rattle "Rahr Zhrah!", before deviving said revived friend...

* 23 seconds is the internationally recognised time taken to Jump From A Window and then select Yes! I Am Sure.


Yes. Our angry mob grows all the time. Head over to the forum that we currently call home. We have recently moved to a new hospital and it can be found here. Call into The Asylum and especially The In Patients Check In Desk. Alternatively you can use the discussion section of this wikipresence to send your characters details to the Sanitarium.

If you like real time co-ordination we have our own room over on irc://

Patients and staff are on hand to answer your questions. Serve pai. Administer your favourite medications, and introduce you to the delights of not giving a fuck, on a professional basis.

If you do not wish to commit to any form of organised nonsense just add Sanitarium to your profile. That is the only level of commitment we require!

Current Operations

At this moment in time we're over in Ridleybank. Should be a laugh...

Completed Objectives

Sanitarium Test Card.png










Proposed PAI Skills For The Wiki

Proposed Sanitarium Skill List

In the spirit of Sanitarium and bringing our ethos to the Urban Dead community we request that Kevan introduce new skills to keep the game fresh and interesting.

These skills would open up a new skills tree and would only be available to zombies with Brain Rot. Purchasing Brain Rot would allow a zombie access to the new skills once the XP was available.

First of all the PAI needs to be introduced to the game. The item would be classed as follows.


Damage 1 points (2 points with ABAHNZZ PAI ZMAZH)

Base accuracy 20% (60% with ABAHNZZ PAI ZMAZH)

Encumbrance 2%

Locations Hotels (6.4%), Cinemas (3.6%), Monuments (10%), Cemetaries (1%?), Roads (?%)

Comments: As with the other low damage, low accuracy weapons, it is funny in most situations. Other than having a slightly higher encumbrance factor, it is identical in statistics to the crowbar(ish) The pai is purely a tool for zombies to PWN their meatbag opponents. To be hit with a PAI would be classed as a PWN.

PAIs are sticky and mushy melee weapons, so they can only be used by brain rot zombies, if they had one in their inventory, at the time of their death, or they have found one using the crude search option. However, since they are superior to unskilled zombie attacks, they are of comedic use as weapons.

The Pai Skills Tree.


PAI ZMAZH (100XP): Brain Rotted Zombies with the PAI ZMAZH (PAI SMASH) skill would be allowed to smash a pai into the face of a survivor. There is a 20% Base Accuracy with this skill, for 1 damage. This costs 1AP with a 1XP reward.

ABAHNZZ PAI ZMAZH (100XP): Brain Rotted Zombies with the ABAHNZZ PAI ZMAZH (ADVANCED PAI SMASH) skill would be allowed to smash a pai into the face of a survivor, but with an improved accuracy. This improvement would be 60% accuracy for 2 damage. This skill would only be available with the basic option. This costs 1AP with a 2XP reward.

Using this skill on a building or monument results in a -3XP reward. This is designed for Brain Rotted zombies with more than 10,000XP (pure vanity) to waste it and potentially return their bragging rights to zero. This will not incur negative XP.

GAH'BAH'Z (100XP): Brain Rotted Zombies with the GAH'BAH'Z (COFFEE) skill would be allowed to make coffee, in a powered building. This is not an offensive skill and therefore causes no damage. This costs 1AP and generates no XP reward.

ZAHNZ (100XP): Brain Rotted Zombies with the ZAHNZ skill would be allowed more dance options than the generic gesture moves. This improvement would allow the ZNAHG H!BZ (SNAKE HIPS) option which would allow the zombie to gyrate and thrust it's pelvis in addition to the general pointing. This costs 1AP (2AP to Brain Rotted Zombies without Lurching Gait) and generates no XP reward.

BAH HRA BA'ARR (100XP): Brain Rotted Zombies with the Death Rattle and the BAH HRA BA'ARR (BUY A VOWEL) skill would be allowed to make a more concise and understandable Death Rattle. This improvement in zombie linguistics would allow them to communicate more easily. This is not an offensive skill and therefore causes no damage. This costs 1AP and generates no XP reward.

Under Construction Stuff

This page will be undergoing a revamp over the coming decade.