Rolt Heights Barricade Plan

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This is the Barricade Plan for the suburb of Rolt Heights.

This diagram shows what levels buildings should ideally be barricaded to in order to provide protection in the form of Extremely Heavily Barricaded buildings, whilst designating entry points in the form of Very Strongly Barricaded buildings. Please note this plan indicates the preferred levels of barricades, and not the current levels.

If you wish to discuss alterations to this plan, please use the talk page.

If you need to edit the barricade plan, go to Template:Rolt Heights Barricade Plan. If changes are made, please be sure to also edit the Barricade Policy section of the page for any buildings affected.

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Ubpicon1.gif UBP-Compliant Barricade Plan
This barricade plan is compliant with the Uniform Barricading Policy. This plan was last reviewed on October 11, 2009.

80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89
10 Phillipps Grove Railway Station
Tennear Lane
Broke Bank
Goringe Way
a factory
a carpark
Wray Towers
Eaves Drive
a carpark
Dennehy Lane
11 Bird Lane
a factory
Merchant Bank
a factory
Scammell Park
Kerswill Street
Risdon Towers
Powell Square
a warehouse
Cruickshank Square
12 Horsford Park
Broadbent Plaza Railway Station
a carpark
Cayley Library
a carpark
St. Anne's Church
St. Peter's Church
the McMurtrie Building
Younghusband Square Police Department
13 Sonven Towers
Dunsdon Lane
a junkyard
Brewin Lane
Brymer Avenue
Baylie Library
a cemetery
a cemetery
14 Whitlock Road
Vyse Crescent
Hartley Library
the Gummer Arms
Kelloway Drive Railway Station
Bullor Library
Lugg Street
the Batt Arms
Lovell Auto Repair
St. Herman's Hospital
15 St. Romuald's Church
Collis Street
Goodson Towers
Banfield Park
Roles Way Railway Station
Mare Towers
Club Tompson
Club Webbe
Land Park
a junkyard
16 a cemetery
a factory
the Lanhdon Building
Club Brien
the Fevin Monument
Rolls Avenue
Schreiber Drive Police Department
17 Salsbury Walk
Downs Boulevard Fire Station
Ayliffe Street Police Department
Club Cosenes
Bromilow Library
Horder Avenue School
a carpark
a warehouse
the Burchell Arms
18 St. Arnold's Church
a cemetery
Hardy Row
Windle Crescent
the Riddell Museum
a warehouse
Copeland Alley
Beele Walk
Armstead Library
19 the Gold Monument
the Margesson Hotel
a factory
Silverius General Hospital
Fanning Cinema
Gillman Road Railway Station
the Gwinn Building
Giverd Street
the Snooke Arms
Pettey Square
80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89

Extremely Heavily Barricaded Very Strongly Barricaded No Barricades
Auto Repair Shops Hospitals Other (non-TRP)
Factories and
Power Stations
NecroTech Buildings Unbarricadable
Forts and Malls Police Departments
MPM: Mobile Phone Masts RP: Revive Points



  • Changed Arnolds to VSB due to needing an entry point next to revive point - Boyd
  • Factory at [81,11] is VSB in accordance with [Newgrounds] barricade plan for NW Rolt --BBM 23:44, 11 September 2006 (BST)
  • Looks solid. The only big suggest I'd make is setting Cayley Library (84,12) to VSB. --Gilant talk|DEM 02:13, 14 October 2006 (BST)
  • The Junkyard (89,15) was downgraded to VSB to serve as a new BAR entry-point. A factory in Pescodside was concurrently raised to EHB to protect its resources (old entry-point). --Mobius 18:53, 20 December 2008 (UTC)
  • Further adjustments made to match the BAR's barricade plan (after all, they're watching these buildings). Lovell Auto Repair raised to EHB, Club Webbe lowered to VSB, St Herman's Hospital raised to EHB, Schreiber Drive PD raised to EHB, Armstead Library lowered to VSB, and the Gwinn Building lowered to VSB. --Mobius 21:14, 22 December 2008 (UTC)