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Power Stations in Malton.

Power Station

Power stations were presumed to provide electricity to Malton's power grid. With either the grid or the stations no longer operative, these large structures are now largely desolate, though they do provide several useful items.

Power Stations

There are only two power stations in Malton, making them incredibly rare. Krinks is a 2x2 structure of four blocks, and Tolman consists of two blocks. Power stations do not provide any game mechanic to power buildings like portable generators, they are presumed to be damaged beyond repair or lacking the raw materials needed to generate energy. It is also likely the power grid is down. If the city received power from other stations outside the borders, these connections would have been cut off by the external military manning the quarantine. The buildings are interesting for their rarity, and provide some useful items but survivors often seek their key resources elsewhere.

Current Status

The status of Malton's power stations can be found on the wiki. Individual danger reports can be found at the Big Building Information Center along with other large buildings. These reports are not guaranteed to be accurate.


fire axes
fuel cans
lengths of pipe
portable generators


a pair of safety goggles
a <Tolman/Krinks> Power Station overalls
a <colour> overalls1
a pair of <colour> jeans2
a pair of <colour> boots3
a pair of steel toe-capped boots


  1. limited to blue, dark blue, red, dark red, dark green, brown, dark brown and grey.
  2. limited to pale blue, blue and grey.
  3. limited to black and brown.

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