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Auto Repair Shops in Malton.

An uptown auto repair shop.
An uptown auto repair shop.
Auto Repair Shop

Auto Repair Shops used to be Malton's garages. With cars made useless since the Malton Incident, they are now primarily a good source of fuel for generators.

Auto Repair Shops

Auto Repair Shops are tactical resource points, known to be the best source of fuel cans which can be used to power portable generators. Powered generators then provide lighting improving search odds which provides survivors a big advantage when searching. Working generators also provide other benefits in certain buildings. These include allowing the operation of a radio transmitter if one has been installed or the operation of the mobile phone mast if one is present. They are also required to make use of the NecroNet Access and Surgery skills in NecroTech buildings and hospitals respectively. Buildings containing mobile phone masts will provide cellphone coverage to their suburb when powered.


fire axes
fuel cans
spray cans


a pair of safety goggles
a <colour> overalls1
a pair of <colour> jeans2
a pair of <colour> boots3
a pair of steel toe-capped boots


  1. limited to blue, dark blue, red, dark red, dark green, brown, dark brown and grey.
  2. limited to pale blue, blue and grey
  3. limited to black and brown

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