Nuttycombe Auto Repair

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Nuttycombe Auto Repair
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Garage added in 1947
Nuttycombe Auto Repair

Heytown [79,35]

Inder Library Jarnell Walk a cemetery
Club Swabey Nuttycombe Auto Repair the Vellacott Building
the Usher Building the Godson Arms Cornelius General Hospital

Basic Info:

  • Auto Repair shops have no internal descriptions.
  • Auto Repairs can be barricaded normally.


Nestled between The Usher Building and Cornelius General Hospital, Nuttycombe Auto Repair is protected by the Mad Craskers and is very important to survivors in the Craske Triangle. Club Swabey is the current Entry Point to access this resource building. Mester Square is the Revive Point for this area.

The Mad Craskers Forum maintains a thread dedicated to the current status of this and surrounding buildings. Additionally, the Heytown suburb page provides regional building status at a glance.

Jack and Martha Nuttycombe, taken one year before quarantine


The Nuttycombe family owned this Auto Repair Shop for five generations. When built in 1923, it was surrounded by trees. By the 60s Malton had grown and cleared them all away. In the 70s, the gas price wars with nearby Woolf and Hickling shops made the Malton newspapers. When Club Swabey opened in the early 90s, they rented parking spaces from the Nuttycombes. The Nuttycombe family stayed after the quarantine was issued, refusing to give up the tiny turf handed from father to son for eight decades.

After the fall of Malton, a diary was found on a fuel scouting mission by the Grazny Vecks. After reading their sad tale, the Vecks asked the Mad Craskers to enshrine it in a special display at the Craske Museum. The diary describes that the family lasted for at least several weeks. The abrupt end of the diary implies that Jack and Martha Nuttycombe and their 3 children were probably 'recruited' by the shambling hordes.

First known picture of Nuttycombe Auto Repair

In August 2007 the Mad Craskers we're pleased to announce that Nuttycombe Auto had become the Northern Wing of Craske Museum, and is now open for visitors with an interest in modern works. In the spirit of much urban regeneration, such as can be found in the English cities of London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool, this once industrial space has now been reclaimed as an art gallery space. The collection at Nuttycombe is eclectic, focusing on new and emerging works, as a balance to the traditional collection housed in the main building.

As a homage to this building's industrial past, you'll find the gift shop is still well stocked with fuel cans, spray cans, and Crasker's Secret Stash Beer.

Why not include a trip to Nuttycombe as part of a full day itinerary with the displays at Craske Museum?

Recently, it was used as the main base of CAYPR Radio. They still need to make a definite base as of yet.

In Game

Barricade Policy

Nuttycombe Auto Repair is to be kept Extremely Heavily barricaded at all times to consistently provide fuel for the power-hungry Mad Craskers's blenders and beer coolers, as well as for the tastes of some of their members.

The 'Combers

Once, the 'Combers were Heytown residents who lived in Nuttycombe Auto Repair, were dedicated to maintaining the barricade policy at Club Swabey and reviving those who crawled into the club. They were well known for their hospitality and readiness with a meal, continuing the friendly reputation of the Nuttycombe family who were here long before, but died out some time ago.

Current Status

March 19th, 2009 Nine zombies have moved into the building, and boy is the landlord going to be annoyed at his tenants! They sat on all the cars until there were dents in the hoods, smashed in all the windshields, and they *ate* the windshield wipers like licorice! I think the insurance company's going to call it a total loss. -- BLusk 14:01, 19 March 2009 (UTC)

Historically part of the Craske Triangle and defended by the Mad Craskers and Holy Order of the Pint.