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Pyke Auto Repair
EthrDemon (talk) 03:25, 13 May 2020 (UTC)
Pyke Auto Repair

Pegton [86,52]

Sellek Way Fire Station Beagly Auto Repair McDonald Drive Fire Station
the Rowcliffe Building Pyke Auto Repair Errington Way
Cowing Way Police Department Somerville Boulevard Hubbard Avenue

Basic Info:

  • Auto Repair shops have no internal descriptions.
  • Auto Repairs can be barricaded normally.

Warning: images on this page are not for the squeamish.


Welcome to Pyke Auto Repair! Be murdered While-U-Wait.

Pyke Auto Repair, a decrepit building even before the outbreak, is one of four Auto Repair Shops in the suburb of Pegton. It is surrounded by several building types including a Necrotech Building, two Fire Stations, another repair shop and a Police Station.


The workshop doubled as a barbecue pit.

A Pegton loner and demobbed Vietnam veteran (where he had worked as a mess-tent cook and vehicle repairman), Peter Pyke drifted in and out of various jobs before opening Pyke Auto Repair in 1975. Although a mediocre mechanic (his ambition had been to be a world-class chef), he managed to scrape a living for two decades before his dark secret was revealed: he was a serial killer responsible for killing and eating two dozen men and women over 20 years.

Pyke had used his workshop as a front for his heinous crimes, luring non-Pegtonians with offers of free oil changes and cheap repairs. His modus operandi involved using a compressed air cylinder to fire a bolt into the victim's head as they sat in the driver's seat prior to taking their car for a post-repair test run. Pyke then dismembered his victims, freezing various body parts for consumption later, and dissolving others with battery acid.

Pyke was caught by pure chance, when burglars broke into the workshop office while Pyke was in the middle of hacking his latest victim to pieces. In exchange for immunity for their own crimes, the terrified burglars testified against Pyke and he was sentenced to solitary confinement in Fort Perryn's maximum security cellblock.

Pyke's whereabouts since the outbreak are unknown, but his murderous and cannibalistic deeds are thought to have inspired generations of so-called Pykers (also known as PKers) and flesh-eating zombies.

Pyke's last victim. The arm was intended for a fricassee.

Barricade Policy

Keep at EHB.

Since Pyke Auto Repair is next door to the Rowcliffe Building, it is a source for the fuel cans needed to power the Necrotech Building.

Current Status

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