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Fire Stations in Malton.

A fire station with several trucks inside.
A fire station with several trucks inside.
Fire Station

Fire Stations were the base of firefighters before the outbreak. They yield a few useful items, but since these do not need to be replaced, they are not particularly important buildings.

Fire Stations

Fire Station are famously not Tactical Resource Points. They are perhaps the most popular non-TRP building type in the game however, with survivors often using them as safehouses or entry points. They provide no particularly useful diminishable items, so you are unlikely to visit them often. They do have some useful items however so are worth a visit from new characters. The fire axe can be found here, and is generally regarded as the best melee weapon in the game. Additionally, one can acquire handheld radios and listen in to radio transmissions. The firefighter class starts in a fire station, it is generally considered the best starting class for survivors as they start with an axe and the Axe Proficiency skill, which gives them a reasonable chance to hit enemies. Fire Stations also come with many unique clothes, another reason they are a popular type of buildings.


fire axes
flare guns


a gas mask
fireman's helmet
a <colour> T-shirt1
fire fighter's jacket
high-visibility jacket
a pair of <colour> trousers2
a pair of blue jeans
a pair of black boots


  1. limited to white and dark blue.
  2. limited to black and dark blue.

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