Condon Boulevard Fire Station

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Condon Boulevard Fire Station
hajen (talk) 20:11, 26 March 2024 (UTC)
Condon Boulevard Fire Station

Williamsville [38, 93]

Krinks Power Station Woodhouse Grove Merryweather Boulevard
Krinks Power Station Condon Boulevard Fire Station the Eastwood Museum
the Reddrop Monument the Bullor Arms the Jervis Arms

Basic Info:

  • Can be barricaded normally.

Barricade Policy

Per Williamsville Barricade Plan this Fire Station is kept at VSB++ (Very Strongly Barricaded +2) to allow shelter for low-level survivors and provide access to nearby buildings.

This is an Entry Point for Krinks Power Station. Unless under active zombie attack, do not over-barricade.


This is now a limited service MFD station. Staffing levels are nominal and "Safe Place" signs have been removed.

Multiple revive points are available in Williamsville but the cemetery at 34,97 is most active.


Condon Boulevard Fire Station was built to provide fire protection to Krinks Power Station and the surrounding community.

Through a cost sharing arrangement with Malton Power and Light this station was originally staffed with six paid call firefighters and two career paramedics. Apparatus included:

  • dual purpose pump ladder (fire engine)
  • aerial ladder platform
  • chief's vehicle

All apparatus are now missing and presumed destroyed.