Hagger Auto Repair

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Hagger Auto Repair
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Hagger Auto Repair

Mornington [10, 69]

a factory
Sambone Park wasteland
Penning Way Railway Station
Hagger Auto Repair Buck Road Railway Station
a factory
Bristol Way
Moon Bank

Basic Info:

  • Auto Repair shops have no internal descriptions.
  • Auto Repair shops can be barricaded normally.



A homely, average-Joe, down-to-Earth, auto repair shop. (At least it used to be.) Broken windows and shorted circuits are now par for the course. On occasion the floor is stained with blood, meaning "DO NOT ENTER".


Consistently voted in the Top 15 Garages in Malton, Hagger Auto Repair, owned and operated by its founder Eddie Hagger, has been a staple of Mornington commuting life for nearly a decade. In a world of corporate owned gas stations, Eddie dared to be the outlier. Through a shrewd marketing strategy of bikini car washes (staffed by off-duty nurses from nearby St. Innocent's Hospital) and all-you-can-eat donut buffets, Eddie built up a solid customer base. Eddie's friendly demeanor made his business the number one peer-referred business in the whole of Malton. When the outbreak came, Eddie was recorded on his surveillance cameras defending his shop until his shotgun shells ran out. The building now sits empty, a shallow husk of what the place used to embody. But if one listens closly, one can hear the echoes of hydraulic lifts grinding, nurses giggling, and donuts crunching.

Barricade Policy

Extremely Heavily Barricaded.