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Rolt Heights [87,13]

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Basic Info:

You are standing in Goethe Memorial Cemetery (West).


Goethe Memorial Cemetery (West) is located in the suburb of Rolt Heights, and is one of the newest and oldest cemeteries in Malton. All of the graves within are of some of the oldest original residents of Malton, some dating back as far as 1778, but due to urban renewal projects before the "Malton Incident", it was decided that bodies from some of the oldest individual cemeteries around Malton be moved and re-interred to a new collective site. Goethe Memorial Cemetery was constructed for this purpose.

This relocation had been somewhat controversial, with some citizens insisting that the graves remain in their original locations, while more real-estate-minded individuals were of the opinion that valuable city space could be freed up by simply burying them outside of the city limits.

Visitors were encouraged to visit during the day, but despite this very few people ever frequented the cemetery, except for the occasional senior citizen. Various elementary schools used to take children on tours here from time to time or during art classes as many of the old headstones placed in the cemetery used intricate carvings and sculptures.

Originally security was kept moderate, due to teenage vandals who seemed drawn to the place, with high concrete walls being erected around the entire cemetery to dissuade nighttime visitors. A small building stands near the west entrance that once served as a historical building and would have at one time served to house the cemetery's security guards, usually never more than two guards a night. This building might have been used as a limited hiding place in the days after the outbreak, but it has been thoroughly ransacked, its doors ripped off, windows smashed, and with nothing left inside that might be useful to barricade the building. As such, survivors avoid the building as it's no safer there than sleeping outside.

Some would say that the old residents of Malton do not rest easy in their graves. Legends dating back before the zombie plague claimed that the dead were restless after their relocation and made this fact known through odd noises and whispers that could only be heard in the cemetery late at night. Since then some survivors also claim that the buried are restless because their bodies are far too decayed to get up and move, but they still long to harm the living.

Whatever the case may be, all of Goethe Memorial Cemetery has a haunted reputation.