Cayley Library

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Cayley Library
EHB+0, dark.
AndyMatthews (talk) 15:30, 4 February 2022 (UTC)
Cayley Library

Rolt Heights [84,12]

a factory Scammell Park Kerswill Street
a carpark Cayley Library a carpark
Brewin Lane Brymer Avenue Baylie Library

Basic Info:

  • Libraries have no internal descriptions.
  • Libraries can be barricaded normally.

Cayley Library.jpg


The Cayley Library is an ultra-modern library located in the suburb of Rolt Heights.


None, it's just a library. Go read a book!

Barricade Policy

This building should be Extremely Heavily barricaded at all times. This is in accordance with the mutually supported Rolt Heights Barricade Plan set forth in agreement with local survivor groups. This building is meant to serve as a safehouse for Malton's veteran survivors.

It should be noted that as no specific survivor group monitors nor maintains the barricades associated with this barricade plan, so therefore it is not considered to be enforced. As such, survivors should always expect to find the barricades set at varying levels depending on the survivors inside the building. For the most part though, survivors should always expect to find this building over-barricaded rather than under-barricaded simply due to survivor nature.

Current Events

November 15th, 2009 - Observation from across the street indicates this building is powered and in survivors. Unknown barricade status though. --OO Willie 04:10, 15 November 2009 (UTC)