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[51,36] - [52,37] (bic) (statuses) (update)
Alner Mansion
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Rumors circulate that the mansion is haunted. The Alner Household has been based here since early 2013. Filthy Jenkins, a moderately known hobo and guinea pig for Radio Free Malton is said to have originated here. The mansion is sometimes regarded as one of the last stops for survivors moving in to Ridleybank.

Alner Mansion

Roachtown [51,36] - [52,37]

the Portman Building Date Drive Hasell Way Tar Auto Repair
Mussabini Way Alner Mansion
Alner Mansion
Vaux Grove School
Townsend Walk Alner Mansion
(billiard room)
Alner Mansion
Hoffman Walk
the Haim Building Club Pearce Glanfield Cinema Fey Alley Railway Station

Basic Info:

  • All Mansions are 2x2 squares, with interior descriptions representing several types of room (kitchens, lounge, billiard room, etc.). Tagging a Mansion earns 1 XP with the Tagging skill.



Lord Peter Alner, owner and builder of Alner Mansion decreed in his last will that upon his death, which occurred in the Great Fire of 1912, his very large collection of exotic pornography from all ages and corners of the world be donated to the Fluck Library.

Lord Peter was an avid collector of many exotic artifacts, but sadly, most of his collections were sold after his death to relieve the considerable debts of his primary heir, his nephew Arthur Roachwood. It would later be repurchased by Frederick Alner, and inherited by his son Damien, but would be abandoned for the last time after Damien's death. When the mansion was abandoned it fell into disrepair, and most of the remaining artifacts went missing over the years, in the hands of burglars and of children entering the mansion on a dare.

Strange rumors abound about the cause for Lord Peter's death, and later it was said that an unpleasant mood hung about the mansion. Whether there is any substance to this or not can only be answered by the survivors attempting to stay alive inside.

Starting in Spring of 2013, a new group, the Alner Household began operating in Roachtown from the Alner Mansion.

Recent Events

November 17-18th 2020 - The Last Beerhah spent the night of the 17th partying under the glass ceiling and behind the glass walls of the conservatory room. The following day, The Last Beerhahteers reportedly & accidently fell down into the secret Alner Mansion basement maze and had to figure their way out of the 3 (not-so-challenging) stages of the maze before being able to resurface. Reports also suggest this entire experience may have been massively drug induced & hallucinated. --ZombGG (talk) 04:22, 22 November 2020 (UTC)
As of May 2014 - a group of zombies has been focused on ruining and holding the Alner Mansion, and gradually spreading to the surrounding buildings. While locals, including the Alner Household have been trying to hold them off, they're struggling due to their small numbers.

News older than six months can be found here.

Alner Mansion
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In zamgrh, this location is known as Ahnarh Manzhanbarn.