Southall Mansion

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[49,8] - [50,9] (bic) (statuses) (update)
Southall Mansion
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Southall Mansion

[[East Boundwood, Lamport Hills]] [49,08] - [50,09]

the Sheppard Building a junkyard the Leary Building Martha General Hospital
Beedall Cinema Main Hall Ballroom Rolls Road Police Department
St. Philip's Church Study Dining Room a warehouse
Dorrington Road Railway Station a factory Ames Row Helliar Alley

Basic Info:

  • All Mansions are 2x2 squares, with interior descriptions representing several types of room (kitchens, lounge, billiard room, etc.). Tagging a Mansion earns 1 XP with the Tagging skill.
Southall Mansion


Southall Mansion is a four block mansion located in the historic rural North Malton area of East Boundwood and Lamport Hills. The history of Southall Mansion is unknown before the period in which the Southall family took control of the land in the early 1800s, though some of the original stonework suggests that the mansion is much older. The Hall is one of five mansions in Malton, and is notable for its impressive main hall and ballroom, as well as the ornate masonry that adorns the dining room and study.


  • PhilosopheKnights.jpg The Order of the Philosophe Knights maintains the mansion as their primary residence in the fight to reclaim Malton's culture and dignity. They are known to work with some groups whilst denying others access to this location.
  • Zompic.png /Zom/ maintains Southall Mansion as their primary residence.

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"Why so large a cost, having so short a lease, dost thou upon thy fading mansion spend?" — William Shakepeare