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Kersley Mansion
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Kersley Mansion

Stanbury Village [57,58] - [58,59]

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Back Place School Kersley Mansion
(dining room)
Kersley Mansion
Lorenzo General Hospital
the Hervey Building Kersley Mansion
Kersley Mansion
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the Higgs Monument
Dugan Way
the Geake Building
Batting Way
Chalderwood Bank

Basic Info:

  • All Mansions are 2x2 squares, with interior descriptions representing several types of room (kitchens, lounge, billiard room, etc.). Tagging a Mansion earns 1 XP with the Tagging skill.

Kersley Mansion is a 4 square mansion in the suburb of Stanbury Village. Like the rest of the Stanbury, it has a rich history.


Kersley Mansion: A Stanbury Village Heritage Site.

The mansion has often been ransacked and fire has gutted the basement level, which is littered with unidentifiable equipment. Evidence of zombie occupation is seen in the gore splattered liberally over the onyx walls and luxurious furnishing. There are a surprisingly large number of hot tubs throughout the property as well as cupboards and boxes filled with puzzling items such as hundreds of novelty toys, instruction manuals in many languages from a specific 1992 VCR player, golden apples, fake perpetual-motion devices, and so on. Those who stay in the mansion complain of odd buzzing and humming noises, unexplained rumbling, flickering lights, and bad mobile phone reception. The building has been gutted and refurbished with new high powered showers, new luxurious furniture and best of all, new 10 person hot-tubs.


Stanbury Village was the ancestral home of the Kersley family for generations, but the Mansion itself was only constructed after the Second World War. Nonetheless, its walls, basement and hot tubs have seen remarkable changes over the past 60 years.

Since the outbreak it has been home to the Department of Homeland Security, The Elite, Gingerbread Men, and the Allied Travellers Organisation, but its close proximity to Ridleybank caused it to be overrun with depressing frequency. Since the Allied Travellers Organisation' dissolution in early 2008, its former leader DanceDanceRevolution took up residence in the mansion, caretaking it with the help of other notable individuals for around a year and a half. Now it is but a low-priority target of The Kilt Store as they help keep the rest of Stanbury Village safe for survivors. Notable events here include the Malton Block Party and the ATO's Housewarming Party.

It remains the headquarters of the Allied Travellers Organisation, who maintain the wiki and kept status reports up to date. The ATO were known to hold parties and receptions in the famous mansion.

More historical reading can be done at the Stanbury Village History page.

Barricade Policy

Kersley Mansion follows the Stanbury Village Barricade Plan. Survivors should barricade all areas of the mansion as heavily as possible.

The barricade plan requires all corners of the mansion to remain at EHB to keep any visiting zombies on the outside only. Typically, the surrounding buildings of Kersley Mansion are put at VSB as organised and maintained by the Allied Travellers Organisation.

Current Status

News reports more than two months old should be placed on the News Archive page.