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Workers who Struggle in Solidarity
Abbreviation: WWSIS
Group Numbers: 10+ and Growing
Leadership: General Secretary
Goals: The WwSiS is an initiative to unionize radical workers (m/f) who will fight for infrastructural integrity (power, barricades, and radio contact). Solidarity with the living and recognizing that the shock of the epidemic can be used by bosses and bigots to try and control the rest of us.
Recruitment Policy: Please contact the forum
Contact: IRC Channel

Workers who Struggle in Solidarity

This trade union, often referred to as the WWSIS, originates from the city of Betaville, Canada. The founding statement has very likely been written by an unidentified engineer from the Betaville suburb Verdun Springs. The text states that the goal is to "unite radical workers (m/f)". The membership of the union is varied, with both students, lawyers, teachers and medics active alongside engineers and even scientists. The trade union therefor can be characterized as cross-sectional and lacks a bureaucratic apparatus. The size of the funds in the war chest of the union is unknown. Its capacity to sustain strike action remains unclear. So far no public statement has been made on who its elected officials are.


Besides the fight against zombies, the WWSIS sees another fight. The founding statement claims "the shock of the epidemic can be used by bosses and bigots to try and control the rest of us." This line in the WWSIS foundational text seems to imply that both the divide between life and (un)death, as well as those between classes are important to its founders. This view is summed up in the slogan 'Neither zombies nor bosses, but workers power', which its members are known to have been spray painting on city walls. The slogan 'Better red than zed' is also often used by its members.

From Betaville to Malton

In the city of Betaville the WWSIS has been a stable and growing force, and is amongst the three biggest survivor groups. It contributes to the struggle by up keeping power plants, Internet services and the clearing of zed nests. They have been seen using combat revivification against the plague, but have no public revive point that they support at the present. The Betaville core of the organization is made up of such people as Amir, Jelle K, OmeH, John Block, Pinta and Lanath. Their area of operation is the Krinks Power Station and the Tolman Power Station where they have installed generators and transmitters, and are instrumental in maintaining power and safety.

Radio Station

The official and registered radio station of the WWSIS is LURCS at 27.18. They keep the Krinks and surroundings updated. Anyone in the Krinks is allowed to use the transmitters to send updates on the buiding and its surrounding area.


  1. Amiiir (Military)
  2. C o u g h S y r u p (Military)
  3. Comrade Joe (Military)
  4. Jack Youx (Military)
  5. John Athix (Civilian)
  6. Joshua Buker (Scientist)
  7. MedicatedBabyHeads (Scientist)
  8. One Funky Infidel (Civilian)
  9. silasw3 (Scientist)
  10. Zyckde (Civilian)

30 September 2010 All members are alive. One is MIA. The others are spread out between Dakerstown, Williamsville and Dentonside.


Foundational statements can be found on their forum. Its members are rarely in an irc channel, but if they are they tend to go to this link.

An example of a LURCS News broadcast.

Wwsissmallblue.jpg Wwsissmallblue.jpgWwsissmallblue.jpg
Emergency Radio
Wwsissmallblue.jpg Wwsissmallblue.jpgWwsissmallblue.jpg
"WWSIS" is licensed to broadcast on freq. 27.18.

This frequency is registered by the WWSIS. Due to circumstances at the Krinks Power Station, Tolman Power Station and their surrounding area, licenses are freely available. WWSIS encourages the use of 27.18 and IRC in the struggle to keep the Power Stations free of zombies and hostile survivors. Click here to get one

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