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Malton's eastern border seen from Club Frossard in Penny Heights

The border is the impenetrable edge of a playable map in Urban Dead. Each of Urban Dead's three cities (Malton, Monroeville, and Borehamwood) has a border. All three are perfectly square and approximately the same size. As similar as they are, however, there are some notable differences listed below:


Malton's map is a square of 100 blocks by 100 blocks. When a player reaches the border of Malton, the player's in-game minimap will change in layout. A player at the eastern or western border of Malton will see a minimap 3 rows tall but only 2 columns wide. Similarly, a player who reaches the northern or southern border of Malton will see their minimap remain 3 columns wide but shrink to 2 rows tall. A player at any of the 4 corners of Malton will see their minimap shrink to 2 blocks x 2 blocks.

If using binoculars, the additional view will be similarly shrunken to account for border blocks. Using binoculars to look in the direction of the border from an adjacent tall building is possible, but no map will be displayed.

Borehamwood's northern border seen from the banks of a river in the countryside

Monroeville and Borehamwood

The borders of both Monroeville and Borehamwood are displayed slightly differently from Malton's, but are equally impenetrable. Both the Monroeville and Borehamwood maps are considered to be 98 blocks x 98 blocks. However, the map also consists of a border that appears on the minimap as black squares. Players cannot enter these black squares. When a player is adjacent to the border, the following message is displayed in the game's location description:

You have reached the impassable edge of the quarantine zone, with layers of razorwire, low fencing and concrete-slab walls blocking your way.

Similarly Impenetrable Map Features

The border of Malton is unique in that no other map feature functions the way it does. No other map feature alters the number of squares visible in the game's minimap. If a player's minimap is anything but 3x3 blocks, that player must be in Malton, and at the border. The borders of Monroeville and Borehamwood, however, are less unique:

  • Player movement is similarly restricted at the walls of both of Malton's forts. However, unlike the black border squares of Monoeville and Borehamwood, players may ultimately reach squares across a forts walls by traversing through the fort's gatehouse.
  • A terrain feature that resembles the borders of Monroeville and Borehamwood even more closely is Borehamwood's river. The river consists of deep squares which cannot be entered. Unlike the city's border, however, players may click on deep river squares and will receive a message:

The river is too deep and strong to cross here.