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The Malton Vietcong proudly follows the 'Lucy Liu, Guns, and Chicken Policy'.

The Malton Vietcong
Abbreviation: The MV
Group Numbers: 2
Leadership: Comrade 47, Lee Hong
Goals: Run this town!
Recruitment Policy: Open to any one
Contact: Contact Comrade 47 if you feel like it...


know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 28.95 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: On the move.

The Malton Vietcong was founded as a paramilitary organization, on the 1st of January, 2008, by ex-gang member Comrade 47. Corrupt police officer Lee Hong joined soon after. Comrade 47 will use this gang to give shelter to hunted PKers. The Polish Mafia had set up base in Malton in 1987. The mob had most of its members killed or go missing after the outbreak of Malton. Several surviving members attempted to leave Malton during the early stages of the outbreak, but the helicopter they were flying was shot down by the military, to contain the infection. The chopper crashed, and only two men survived: Comrade 47 and Lee Hong. They disbanded the now-decimated Polish Mafia, and formed a new organization, The Malton Vietcong. This would serve to fill the void left by The Polish Mafia, and attract new members.

Our weapons of choice would have been AK-47s, one of the finest guns ever made, but since the quarantine, we are unable to import them. My personal favorite weapon is the fire ax, and I encourage you all to use axes as well. They are, with proper training, highly effective killing machines.

We are in need of many classes of soldiers, including base defense, front line infantry, recon, undercover work, suicide missions, assassinations, Shadow Company special forces, officer protection, propaganda, raid-and-pillage conductors, commanders, communication, bounty hunting, recruitment, resource gathering, emergency revivalists, medical aid, and more. The Malton Vietcong is arranging for a trial run of domesticated zombies for use against our enemies.

Quartly Library used to be a hideout of The Malton Vietcong, but since Roftwood went to hell, we've moved.

Shadow Company offers bounty hunting services. We currently have one hunter-killer in active duty, ready for hire.

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This user or group is associated with The PKer Alliance
Soviet.png Not One Step Back, Comrades!
This group thinks that the Soviet Union was awe-inspiring during WWII


January 2008

  • 23/01/08: Lee Hong has been appointed the head of Shadow Company, our special forces.

Febuary 2008

  • 01/02/08: We have officially waged war against the disgusting Columbine Kids.
  • 02/02/08: Comrade 47 has secured a radio transmitter, and reserved a dedicated frequency.
  • 06/02/08: Lee Hong gave a speech at a police station near-by the site of the Feral Undead massacre.
  • 15/02/08: Operation Hardhat is a go. The Stanbury Village area is now to be cleansed of zombies, and revivals for fallen comrades are set.
  • 21/02/08: Comrade 47 has released a Malton Vietcong video game, for the Super Pretendo Entertainment System, called Freedom Fighter Fighter . It's mostly propaganda.
  • 27/02/08: Operation Hardhat has ended. It was a partial success.

March 2008

  • 18/03/08: The Malton Vietcong has joined the Player Killer Alliance, after an invitation (from what I constructed) from Secruss. Comrade 47 had this statement; "I'm sure that our [The Malton Vietcong's] new relationship with the PKA may damage our ties with anti-PKing groups, of which we affilate ourselves with."
  • 21/03/08: We finally have our one group image! Additionally, we've also added some neat pictures that almost show breasts, finally putting my cache of pseudo-porn to good use!
  • 22/03/08: The Malton Vietcong is proud to present the Lucy Liu, Guns, and Chicken Policy!

April 2008

  • 15/04/08: The Columbine Kids have targeted Comrade 47 for repeated PKings. Comrade 47 has fled Lockettside, and is attempting to gather more troops.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get invited to Shadow Company? To be even considered, you must have advanced firearms training, radio operation, free running OR advanced hand to hand combat skills. Only then will Commander Lee Hong and General Comrade 47 consider accepting you.

U guyz r n00bz!!!!! Y r u makin a trenchcoaters group, n00bz? To help eradicate people like you. Next question.

What do you do in Shadow Company? It's our special forces unit. You are placed under the command of Lee Hong. You will be assigned a position (such as medic or infiltrator) and you are expected to hone your skills at that role.

Can I join? Yeah, sure. Knock yourself out.

Can I be in Shadow Company? No.

Are you from Vietnam? No.

What do you have against the Columbine Kids? They just went too far.




Affilated Organizations



Medal of Honor Recipients

Malton cong medal of honor.jpg

Brave men and women who have either saved an MV officer's ass, or otherwise done a great deed for The MV and/or mankind.

  1. Fiery Cross, 05:00, 23 February 2008 (UTC). Comrade 47, the MV general, was sleeping in the Whale Building. As he slept, the building came under siege by a lone zombie. Unable to defend himself, Comrade 47 was saved by Fiery Cross, a man who rebuilt the barricades and healed Mr. 47, and ran into the evening. Comrade 47 woke up, learned of this heroism, and decided to give Fiery Cross some recognition for this deed. Fiery Cross, this Bud's for you!


The following members have attacked/assassinated MV members, attacked MV HQs, sabotaged MV operations, or otherwise threatened the safety of MV members.


  2. DragonBlue
  3. Sargaes
  4. DinkyE
  5. Nougami
  6. Malenfant
  7. Valeria Messalina
  8. Felic2
  9. Xyko



  • Operation Hardhat: The revival of four fallen men in Stanbury Village, and the formation of an HQ. STATUS: Partial success, HQ not formed.

Member's Registration

  1. Comrade 47, 01/01/08. Rank: General. Status: Combatant
  2. Lee Hong, 01/01/08. Rank: Shadow Company Hunter-Killer

Theme Song and Mascot

Our new Malton Vietcong mascot is Eddie the Partying Stormtrooper! He's the evil minion who loves to party! He can't shoot for shit, but he sure knows how to ROCK OUT!!!


Our new theme song is yet to be determined.

Lengthy Legal Disclaimer

The Malton Vietcong is not related in anyway to The Vietcong, The NVA, or Fox News. Some programs run longer or shorter than the times indicated below. Do not leave in direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. Contents under pressure. Harmful or fatal if swallowed. No animals were harmed during the making of this film. Best before 01/06/84. Use only in ventilated areas. Snapping fingers may not cause food to appear. Not for individual resale. Packaging includes 95% recyclable materials. Halle Berry was in Die Another Day, with Pierce Brosnan ,who was in The World is Not Enough with Sophie Marceau, who was in Braveheart with Mel Gibson ,who was in Lethal Weapon 2 with Joe Pesci,who was in JFK with Kevin Bacon. Your results may vary.