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Zombie Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses a zombie strategy.

NOTE: This is an in-game movement. It is not a Wiki Policy or an official rule of the game.

What is the SEP?

Due to the increasing coordination of revive points across Malton, the Scorched Earth Policy was created to better hasten the ascendance of your terrible zombie overlords. With revives now constituting a serious exertion on the part of the scientist, revive points have become a central part of harman strategy. Despite encouraging zombie growth numbers, many of them are still shambling over to Yagoton and other hives of villainy to be brought back to life. This is obviously unacceptable, and the following plans have been instituted to halt this menace.

  1. All revive points must be corrupted by brain rotted zombies as fast as possible to prevent the Mrh? Cows from using them effectively.
  2. All other non-SEP zombies at the points should be killed, lest our enemies dispose of you and continue their work.
  3. Nearby necrotech centers must be smashed and preferably occupied to prevent their use.
  4. All tags directing people to revive clinics must be sprayed over, preferably with grim portents about the doom of humanity.

Supporting Players

  1. User:The King of England
  2. Zaruthustra-Mod
  3. TheTeeHeeMonster
  4. Zombie
  5. Guardian of Nekops
  6. Hypnotoad
  7. Mr Mushroom
  8. akhrin
  9. Teia
  10. GuesssWho
  11. Sonny Corleone
  12. Morzas
  13. Bullgod
  14. Marydeluxe
  15. Krew13
  16. Alekseiko
  17. Coolo
  18. permazombie
  19. Agentbbs919
  20. not_themilkybarkid
  21. 6zed9
  22. Captn O'Fahey
  23. DreadHeadDead
  24. DrBirkin
  25. Mouse Creep
  26. Mrner
  27. TexasXdooM
  28. groundskeeper tuttle
  30. kstar22
  31. Ibrahim Wassi (mrh? graaaah! zambahz)
  32. Adnexed
  33. General Lucian
  34. HeavenlyDeamon
  35. Eric Blackburn
  36. Black Tomb
  37. Colton Lindsay
  38. Nitalo
  39. Monstroso
  40. Vicious Zombie (alt of Obamacain )
  41. Aaarrgh
  42. Topsid
  43. TexasXdooM
  44. RinKou
  45. Devourer of Brains
  46. Xyu
  47. Paynetrain
  48. Zarak Goldleaf
  49. User:Nastasha

Supporting Groups

  1. Zombie Liberation Front
  2. Ridleybank Reclamation Forces
  3. The Dark Order of Armageddon
  4. Black Hunter Group
  5. Mercenaries of Malton
  6. Predators
  7. Lebende Tote
  8. Zambah! Anarchy Militia
  9. St. Anastasius' Royal Guard
  10. Infected Swarm
  11. Lawn-Mowing Teens of Malton
  12. Leighton Kru
  13. Jenova's Witnesses
  14. EVIL
  15. Scurvy Scroungers
  16. The Living Dead


To put a template on your group or user page put {{ScorchedEarth}} or {{ScorchedSmall}} on the page.

DeathValley.jpg Scorched Earth
This User or Group supports the Scorched Earth Policy & acknowledges that all revive points must be razed and their inhabitants killed.
DeathValley.jpg Scorched Earth
This user supports the
Scorched Earth Policy.