The Dark Order of Armageddon

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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

The Dark Order of Armageddon
The Dark Order of Armageddon.jpg
Abbreviation: DOA
Group Numbers: 32
Leadership: The Dark Pope, Maximus
Goals: The total and utter annihilation of life within Malton.
Recruitment Policy: The UD forums.
Contact: The Dark Pope, Maximus, Duranna


The Dark Order of Armageddon (DOA) is a zombie death-cult created by a mysterious elderly man who refers to himself as the Dark Pope. The goal of the DOA is to exterminate all traces of life within the city of Malton. Often seen shambling through the streets of Malton as undead corpses, the Dark Order is nonetheless far more dangerous than the typical zombie pack. Upon being revivified by Necrotech doctors, members of the DOA will immediately begin plotting to eliminate any nearby survivor. Guided by enigmatic and demonic doctrines perpetuated by the Dark Pope and his lieutenant, the ArchBishop Maximus, living DOA members will use any method at their disposal to extinguish the lives of living beings. Stories are perpetuated among survivors about the DOA's use of heavily armed living agents to complement their undead legions when invading safehouses, where they then proceed to massacre the inhabitants in a purification ritual of agonizing death. All members of the DOA are violently hostile, utterly evil, and possess absolutely no fear of pain or death. Whether they are Dead Or Alive, the Dark Order will never stop hunting survivors.

Sightings (Current Activities)

(UPDATED 4/07/06): The Dark Order of Armageddon has finally become the feared army of shadows they have always dreamed of becoming. Death-cultists and zombies from every corner of Malton have dedicated themselves to the Order's mission to purge the world of the disease known as Life. They are using Feeding Groans to attract large numbers of feral zombies to their nightly Purification Rituals.

After devastatingly effective campaigns against the living in North Blythville and Shore Hills, rumor has it that the Dark Order of Armageddon has arrived in the suburb of Havercroft to continue their dark rituals of death and destruction.

South Blythville still calls itself home to many agents of the Dark Order both living and dead.

Living DOA have also been spotted in Brooksville, where reports suggest they have killed many survivors in over a dozen of that suburb's safehouses. It is unknown whether the DOA has an organized group of cultists in that area, or if the survivors are being killed by lone DOA agents or even impersonators.

A large assault force of zombies (composed of many different zombie groups and wandering ferals) appears to have either killed or driven off the majority of the survivors residing in Marven Mall. The Dark Order hereby extends its thanks and gratitude to any undead soldiers who helped extinguish the filthy life that plagued that building.

There are rumors of DOA agent sightings in numerous suburbs, some far away from the areas mentioned above. It is possible the Dark Order has sent out lone agents to further its agenda and spread awareness of the group's existence.


Believing Necrotech doctors to be the greatest detriments to God's desired Armageddon, the DOA is targeting NT centers and exterminating any living survivors in or near them. It has been documented that the DOA is not adverse to eliminating any other type of survivor however, --the Dark Pope has declared all life to be sin, and the Dark Order's task is to cleanse the world of that sin. Only when everyone on Earth is dead can the Dark Pope and his Order rest peacefully in the flames of damnation they so desire.

As zombies, members of the Dark Order wield a wide variety of skills and tactics. The DOA has achieved a sort of primitive group hive-mind, much like many of the other known zombies groups in Malton. All of the DOA's members are guided towards each other, and towards the Dark Pope (who appears capable of controlling or commanding both his undead and living brethren, although this has not been proven scientifically). They often use unprecedented levels of coordination to smash through barricaded buildings, and many survivors believe the undead snarls and growls they utter are excerpts from the Dark Pope's sermons and teachings. Highly territorial, the Dark Order will arise and attack the same locations night after night. They appear intelligent enough to identify survivors they've seen before--especially ones who have thwarted their efforts. Strangely enough, the Dark Pope's doctrines seem to guide the actions of undead DOA members--they attack Necrotech centers frequently, and appear to actually hate the living with every fiber of their being.

As survivors, members of the Dark Order are highly dangerous to other survivors. The Dark Pope has declared that all DOA members must be willing to temporarily bear the sin of life, so that they can use life to kill life. Often, unwitting Necrotech doctors will revive a DOA member, only to have their kindness repaid by a shotgun blast to the face. Living agents of the DOA have been seen firing flares into the sky to attract zombies, providing first aid kits to the undead, spreading fear and paranoia among survivors, and of course stepping over barricades and killing every living being they see. The greatest asset of any living DOA agent is that they have absolutely no fear of death. Death is a glorious state the Dark Order continuously thirsts for, and if they are not killed in retaliation by the survivors they hunt, they are equally likely to hurl themselves out windows, or sacrifice their living flesh to the zombies wandering the streets. Bounty Hunters and Bounty Lists have thus far proven ineffective against the Dark Order--for how can one punish someone who actually wants to die?

Necronomicon (The Book of the Damned)

Unholy Commandments

I. Thou Shalt Not Zerg or Alt Abuse

These are the only forms of illegal play, and we abide by the laws of the Holy Creator, Kevan.

II. II. Thou Shalt Not Fear Spies

Living agents of the Dark Order shall spy if it suits their purposes.

III. Thou shalt Not Fear The Whiners

The Dark Order knows it is doing what must be done--the opinions of outsiders are meaningless.

IV. Thou Shalt Always Kill

All survivors must be killed. The Dark Order shall spare no one.

V. Thou Shalt Love Darkness, whether Living or Dead

Even when alive, agents of the Dark Order shall continue to plot against the living.

VI. Though Shalt Use Life To Kill Life

All members of the DOA shall use any survivor skills they see fit to eliminate survivors.

VII. Thou Shalt not Fear the Bounty List

Placing Bounties on the Dark Order is useless, for the DOA actually desires death.

VIII. Thou Shalt use Revivification for the Greater Good

When revivified: scouting, spying, falsely accusing others, tagging and preaching are the preferred methods of life.

IX. Thou Shalt Not Tolerate Infidels

Zombies waiting for revivification are the ultimate evil and must be eliminated.

X. Thou Shalt be Respectful of our Code

The Dark Order does not require that others believe in or follow our codes.

Heretics (Repeat Offenders)

The Dark Order has proclaimed the following survivors to be guilty of interfering with the DOA's mission to rid the world of the evil that is life. Anyone who can provide information leading to their whereabouts will have the gratitude of the DOA. Beware, these survivors are dangerous and evil. Their souls must be cleansed and their living bodies must be eliminated at all costs. Also, the Dark Pope has declared that devouring the souls of these survivors will increase the strength and purity of any DOA member.

---The Kill List---

testpilot --Info on whereabouts not yet available -- This survivor has been found guilty of multiple counts of conspiring with others to spread the disease of Living. He and anyone who grants him shelter will be hunted and eradicated.

SCGhost --ELIMINATED 3/19 (South Blythville) -- The Holy Tools of a DOA Missionary have again cleansed the world of the evil that is SCGhost. The DOA knows that such a corrupt soul as his will surely rise again. The DOA continues to pray that SCGhost will one day repent his sins and give himself to blissful damnation.

Xerick Killgrav --ELIMINATED (South Blythville) -- Spray painted remarks indicate Xerick likes to refer to himself as a DOA Slayer, but that title did not save him from being purged of evil within hours of being announced as a heretic. The DOA is aware of the intense evil emanating from his corrupted soul and is prepared to issue repeated blessings upon him if such becomes necessary.

McBride --Last seen in the Tompson Mall (Lockettside) -- This survivor's wretched soul is so drenched in sin it is actually making many members of the DOA physically ill. Such terrible evil stands out like a shining beacon in the dark city of Malton--McBride must be purified in the most painful manner imaginable.

Alfredo Fettucini --Last seen in the Lovelock PD (South Blythville) -- Another classic example of how life is a corrupting force that must be eliminated, this survivor barely appears capable of basic rational thinking and decision making. Obviously the filthy life running through his veins has poisoned his mind. He will be hunted and made an example of by the DOA.

Doberman guy --ELIMINATED 2/23 (South Blythville) -- Doberman guy remained wholly ignorant of the DOA's mission to save the world, right up until the very end. His soul was sent to the peaceful damnation he deserves during a DOA Purification Ritual.

Dark Knights (Council of Leaders)

(Image submitted by cultist Kill_Dragoon)

Left to right: MaximusZX, The Dark Pope, Duranna

The Dark Pope

UD Profile: Dark Pope
DOA Position: Pope. Unholy pontiff. The Infallible Abomination.
Background: In life he was the Cardinal of the Catholic church in Malton. He wasn't a nice man. He'd risen through the ranks through backstabbing and treachery. He did many... unchristian things in his life. Then one day, during mass, the giant cross hanging above the altar fell on him, and Jesus smiled.

It was darkness. He didn't think that was what the afterlife would be like. He'd never thought there was an afterlife. Then a voice spoke to him.

"Hell is full."
"Where you belong. Your age is so wicked you've filled my temple to the brim. You shall return to Earth and, as I did here after the fall, transform it to match the pits of torment.
You are my emissary, my dark pope. You will usher in Armageddon."
"I'm to make a Hell of Earth?" If he'd had a face, he would have smiled.
"Once you've done this, you may rest in sweet damnation."
"It will be my pleasure."

ArchBishop Maximus

UD Profile: MaximusZX
DOA Position: ArchBishop.
Background: A former car salesman of little achievement or notoriety. Max was the first to be initiated into the DOA by the Dark Pope, who filled Max with truth, purpose, and darkness. Max is now the Dark Pope's dedicated second in command: an unwavering ArchBishop who will stop at nothing to achieve the goals of the Dark Order. Utterly cunning and ruthlessly cruel, Max will do absolutely anything to eliminate living humans, no matter how underhanded or amoral.


UD Profile: RunningfromDOA
DOA Position: Deacon of Death
Background: Once a successful lawyer in Malton, focusing on those cases that resulted in people winning lots of money for stupid reasons. Some called him a shark, others said he was out for blood. When the outbreak first hit, Duranna died while running from a zombie horde. Shortly after rising as a zombie, he was hit by the car of another survivor and his brain was damaged enough that no necrotech doctor has managed to find a cure for his disease. As he started to remember aspects of his life, he realized he had not changed that much. Now he really WAS after blood. His anger for necrotech doctors stems from their inability to help him at the beginning of the outbreak. He met the Dark Pope and Archbishop Maximus while hopelessly battering at a Necrotech Center and has been with the DOA ever since.

Known Associates of the Dark Order

The Mockers (allies): This vicious pack of zombies usually never leaves their home suburb of Mockridge Heights, but they have ventured beyond their borders to team up with the DOA on more than one occasion. It was the Mockers, the DOA, and several other zombie groups who sacked Brooksville several months ago--it was a widespread zombie invasion the suburb has yet to fully recover from. The Mockers have been spotted in South Blythville recently.

Mrh?Brnhr.Graaaagh! (allies): These strange zombies (their name translates to "All Zombie Team" in the language of the undead) are dedicated to playing a game they colorfully refer to as "The Blood Bowl". They have associated with the DOA during the early stages of the Dark Order's formation. Mrh?Brnhr.Graaaagh! has played their deadly game in Mockridge Heights, Greentown, and Brooksville. They currently appear to be beyond the DOA's circle of awareness.

The Amish Liberation Front (allies): The DOA shares no formal association with the ALF, but the Dark Order highly respects this group of Amish survivors for their dedication to cleansing Malton of the Sin of Life. The ALF is composed entirely of living agents who specialize in assassinating highly-skilled survivors.

DeathValley.jpg Scorched Earth
This User or Group supports the Scorched Earth Policy & acknowledges that all revive points must be razed and their inhabitants killed.