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Jormungandr.png Misconbitragnarok
This user can see the end fast approaching.

About me


  • Zaruthustra - Level 30 Doctor, currently working his way up to the top serial killer in Malton with Red Rum.
"Life itself is essentially appropriation, injury, overpowering of what is alien and weaker; suppression, hardness, imposition of one's own forms, incorporation and at least, at its mildest, exploitation."
  • Nips McBite - Level 38 Corpse, making the world safe (for zombies) with the RRF.
"R!ng R!ng R!ng R!ng R!ng R!ng R!ng, banana hraaaan! Harharharharhar."
  • Westfall - Level 38 Private, currently leading a feral army to take over Crossman PD, with unexpected success.
"I can't believe I signed up for this."